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 The Sherlock Holmes' series
New mysteries inspired by the characters and adventures created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. At the heart of Victorian England, only you can take up the challenge: you are Sherlock Holmes!
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Adventure PC game - November 2006
In the third case, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted assistant, Dr. Watson, are investigating a mysterious kidnapping case. Almost immediately, they are confronted by a formidable organization that worships a primal god, Cthulhu. This bloodthirsty sect seems to be ready to do anything in order to carry out its mysterious work against which only the great detective has the strength to fight. It is up to you to uncover the threat that is menacing humankind; it is up to you to stop the activities of this organization. A story which melds Holmes' rationalism with H.P. Lovecraft's supernaturalism, "The Awakened" leads you from the undergrounds of London to the isolated summits of Switzerland, from the sweltering bayou of New Orleans to the dense Scottish fog… Guaranteed thrills.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring / The Case of the Silver Earring

Adventure PC game - October 2004
In the second installment, a concert to which Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend, Dr. Watson, have been invited turns into tragedy: a murder is committed before their very eyes. Our famous detective is on the case immediately, but the suspects' list gets longer and longer, while other crimes are being committed… Will you succeed in uncovering the truth before other innocent people suffer? An amazing plot, written by a true Sherlock Holmes fan, in a unique environment.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:
The Mystery of the Mummy

Adventure PC game - September 2002
You find yourself in a puzzling universe full of interesting twists: an isolated mansion, where a mysterious mummy seems to live - and that's not all you have to watch out for. Your skills as an investigative sleuth will be tested as you attempt to uncover the truth, exploring the cursed rooms, solving the many puzzles and riddles. A strange murder, uncertain leads, an illusive enemy, and the disappearance of the famous ancient mummy… the plot is thick with the wonders of Ancient Egypt. This game will be released on DS Console in 2007.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes versus the king of thieves

Adventure PC game - release Q3 2007 - under development
In the fourth chapter, our favourite detective, Sherlock Holmes, receives a strange letter signed by a famous gentleman thief. The latter challenges Holmes to prevent him from doing the incredible robberies that he has planned to do here, in London, with the purpose of humiliate England itself. With patriotic fervor, the English detective decides to stop the Frenchman but the task will not be easy: Lupin's skill, his numerous disguises, and his audacity transform this chase into a matter of honour and integrity for the two men. Two wits are fighting together in 19th century London where even the Queen Herself could have cause for concern!

 The Jules Verne's series
Refreshing adventures inspired by the work and the characters of Jules Verne. Those family games seduced children and grown-up!
Journey to the Center of the Earth

Adventure PC game - September 2003
2005: somewhere above Iceland. Ariane, a determined photojournalist working for a big travel magazine is shooting photos from a helicopter. Just as she lands on a ledge of Snaeffels' volcano, the helicopter is destroyed by falling rocks. Without knowing what happened to the pilot, Ariane is stranded from civilization. While attempting to find a way out to search for help, she falls into a crack; she awakens on a beach with… pterodactyls in the sky! You are in the center of the earth, in an unknown world that exists outside of time. What will you do? Tell your story to the world? Or preserve this world from man's greed?

80 Days

Adventure PC game - October 2005
If you remember Phileas Fogg and his race around the world, you probably know what "expect the unexpected" means! It's 1899, and Oliver Lavisheart, a young Englishman who recently came back from America is lucky: his eccentric uncle, a famous "compulsive inventor" has plans for him! He will allow Lavisheart to escape an arranged marriage by sending him on a trip around the world… in return for a small favor: find and bring back four proofs of inventions he accomplished in four different cities around the world, in less than 80 days! Of course, the game quickly gets complicated when our hero meets the son of Inspector Fix, who tries to prevent the 80 days race from completing… For your missions in Cairo, Bombay, Yokohama and San Francisco, you will have to be clever; do not rely on the lags by train, ship, and dirigible to rest! You are on an exhilarating and entertaining race where you should let nothing stand in your way. A dynamic new adventure game!

 The adventure continues!
Encouraged by our successes in problem-solving and adventure games, as well as our passion for the fantastic world of the 19th century, we have started to work on Dracula.
Dracula : Origin

Adventure PC game - Release in 2008 - work in progress
How did Dracula become a vampire? He was a passionate, deeply religious man, but was broken by his wife's suicide; the soul of the woman he worshipped was damned! Crazy with grief and rage, he damned himself by choosing the Devil. He hid the profound suffering of the loss of his love and became an immortal monster, devoted to destruction. His inconsolable sorrow and his infinite hate carry him to search eternally for revenge; thus, he discovers that there exists somewhere an antediluvian manuscript with the details of a ritual , a ritual that would show how to awaken the infernal souls. At last, Dracula thinks he has found the way to bring back to life his love from beyond… for starters. You are Professor Van Helsing, and your life is devoted to the elimination of Dracula. You must prevent Dracula from finding and using the manuscript; you must help everyone who crossed paths with the count and refused to serve him; you must eliminate Count Dracula. The inquiry leads you from London to an Egyptian necropolis, from a Viennese palace to a cursed monastery, to finish in the famous lair of Dracula. A delightfully gothic adventure game.

The Awakened
The new interactive game on PC with impressive 3D world, inspired by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
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80 Days
Absolutely interactive, real time 3D adventure PC game, inspired by Jules Verne's most read book!
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The Silver Earring
A new inquiry on PC inspired by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
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Journey to the center of the Earth
GPC adventure game on the discover of the extraordinary lost underground world of Jules Verne - world where time stopped, a long time ago...
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The mystery of the Mummy
Explore a mansion full of Egyptian magical; PC game inspired by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Web site

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