Welcome to the Corridor!

What it is . . . why it’s important

The Technology Corridor is a multi-county region combining the culture and the commuting patterns of the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City metropolitan areas and its neighbors.

From energetic cosmopolitan metro areas, friendly communities to the beauty and serenity of the University of Iowa campus, scenic vistas, gentle rolling hillsides and pastoral tranquility, the Corridor is a melting pot reflecting diverse businesses, populations and cultural communities.

The Corridor is more than a roadway, passage or route. The Corridor is the historic heart, focal point and business hub of eastern Iowa. There are extraordinary advantages, coalitions, services and career opportunities that make living, working and doing business in the Corridor compelling.

Sharing a vision

The Corridor’s unique partnerships and collaborations bring powerful potential that encourage an atmosphere of innovation and advancement for every business – large or small – and every resident regardless of origin, background, age, preferences or affiliations.

And, the Corridor’s public and private cooperation and partnerships exist in every government entity, community and human service organization. Our young professionals are uniquely mentored and contribute to our region’s future through remarkable volunteer leadership opportunities.