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Infected Interview
Dean Martinetti, Producer for Majesco Entertainment
(November 14th, 2005)

Where did the idea come from for the game?

(Dean Martinetti)

The dark, dark minds of Planet Moon Studios. It started simply enough as a game of tag…then after some talk and some more talk, blossomed into what we have today which is a great and simply addicting game.

Could you tell us about the mad cow mode?

(Dean Martinetti)

I could but then I’d have to kill you. (Laughs) basically one person is the cow…they become the cow by picking up the cow icon in the middle of the map…then the rest of the players have to hunt down and kill the cow…once you die, the cow icon pops up over your body and whoever is closest picks it up…they then become the cow….from there its rinse, lather and repeat…good stuff and VERY addicting.

What kind of replay value does the game have?

(Dean Martinetti)
I think this game has serious replay ability…you have different classes of medals you can get (bronze, silver and gold) but you also have combo % , best aerial combo, fastest time and much, much more…you get a list of your stats after every mission…so obviously you would want to have the top stats right? Especially if your stats are being posted by the game on the web….I mean right there you have bragging rights if you totally kick ass. I have a combo percentage of 145% and I am not happy because according to Aaron Loeb the producer at Planet Moon Studios that is crap and he has a higher rating…

How was it working with the PSP?

(Dean Martinetti)

Any new platform is daunting at first…you have to learn the in’s and out’s of it,…what it can and cannot do and exactly how far you can go with it while still maintaining proper framerate and fun factor of course….we hit some snags in the end though Planet Moon Studios is just an AMAZING team to work with…they did things that people today still cannot figure out on the PSP.

Could you tell us about the humor in the game?

(Dean Martinetti)

It’s dark, it’s unruly and its very un-P.C. which I love. I think the best comparison is to movies like Shaun of the Dead and Dead Alive….with a hint of Monty Python for good measure. Again, Planet Moon are a bunch of silly sods…they love to laugh and they love to have a good time and it shows…some of the best moments I have had in the industry have been working with them.

How many people will be able to play in multi-player?

(Dean Martinetti)

You’ve got your 2-8 player ad-hoc and your one-on-one infrastructure or internet mode….

Could you tell us about the WiFi capabilities?

(Dean Martinetti)

Full-blown, lag-less game modes to play including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Savior and Mad Cow. Also, in infrastructure mode, the ability to track your ‘virus’ online. So, your custom virus or avatar can literally spread across the world through infrastructure play. Groovy you say? Indeed.

Could you explain the lab to us?

(Dean Martinetti)

The lab is your HUB so to speak. It’s where you go to get the latest info on what is currently available to you and what is going on as the story progresses. You get your reports from the outside areas you have not hit yet on what is going on and you also get to upgrade your weapons, health, stamina…etc.

What types of enemies are there and what can they do?

(Dean Martinetti)

There are different types, I wouldn’t call the big zombies “bosses” more than hulking masses of dead flesh. We didn’t want to do the whole boss thing…everyone does it now…a lot of games, even the ones that have simple and direct gameplay follow the same pattern. We didn’t want to do that…we just wanted chaos, pure and simple chaos so that is what we went for. But you have people from normal walks of life…business men and women, guys dressed as Santa for the charities…construction workers…and average people just walking the street. So you have a good mix…plus other cops.

With one of the unlockable characters being Bloodrayne, will she have her own storyline?

(Dean Martinetti)

No, she follows the same storyline…it just happens that officer Stevens looks like our beautiful Rayne.

How did the members of Slipknot end up in the game?

(Dean Martinetti)

All 9…they were very excited about it when we talked to them…there is another guy from another band in the game as well…but he is a secret until I see someone post about him in the forum… ;)

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the game?

(Dean Martinetti)

the soundtrack kicks ass, you have the hard and heavy stuff like Slipknot and Chimaira and you have great break beat / Electronica like Junkie XL and Pimp X…you can customize your avatar and spread the avatar like a virus to other PSP’s and it stays crunchy….even in milk.