Table of content

  • Genetic terms
  • Dominant genes
  • Genetic notation Siamese
  • Siamese gene
  • Agouti gene
  • Tabby patterns
  • Bicolours
  • The Red gene
  • Black & brown colours
  • Diluted colours
  • The Silver gene
  • The longhair gene
  • The sex gene
  • Breeding in populations
  • Standard of the breed
  • Color chart
  • In this serie you will find a simple explanation about the genetics of Oriental cats. I have tried to keep the explanation as simple as possible so everyone can understand. Therefore I have only mentioned the most important parts which are  necessary for cat breeding.

    Genetics Orientals breed

    A genetic wonder

    Edited by Henk Keers

    Simple genetics by Henk Keers & Eveline Preiss
    Genetics for cat Breeders by Roy Robinson
    Articles by Pat Turner, Susan Ann Bowling, Stephe Bruin and Henk Keers



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