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Iraqi Women Campaign to Amend Constitution

Hundreds of Iraqi NGO's signed a letter requesting US Rep. Nancy Pelosi to show support to their struggle to amend the constitution to protect the rights of Iraqi women and their families. Read letters below:

WAFDI's Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Iraqi Women's Movement Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Read the Articles of the Iraqi Constitution

You can support Iraqi women in their effort by writing to your representatives demanding of them to show support to this important issue. Please send them a copy of the Iraqi Women's Movement Letter posted above.

Doctors Without Borders Provides Free Treatment to Injured Iraqis

The French international organization "Medicines Sans Frontiers" or Doctors without Borders announced that they are currently providing free medical treatment to Iraqis injured in Iraq. In collaboration with the Jordanian Red Crescent Hospital, MSF provides reconstructive and plastic surgeries, eye surgeries, and orthopedic surgeries. Iraqi patients who are seeking such treatment must provide their information and pictures of their injuries to the organization and must have a valid passport and are able to travel to Amman, Jordan. All expenses are paid by MSF. For more information on how to get treatment please contact MSF directly at the following link


UNESCO Nominates
Universal Value Property
The Iraqi city of Sammara was nominated as an "outstanding universal value property" and as a site on the List of World Heritage in Danger.  Read more...
WAFDI Members Mourn the loss of one of its Sisters

It is with great sorrow that WAFDI announces that Mrs. Aida Sharif Ussayran has passed away on June 27, 2007. Mrs. Ussaiyran was a strong advocate of Iraqis human rights and had served as the Deputy Minister of Human Rights in Iraq. To pay condolences to her family, you may contact them on the following contact inforamtion:

Fax 0442084391980

Tel  00492111794537

by email at

Inspiring Words: Former Iraqi Minister of Women's Affairs Speech

The Iraqi Minister of Women's Affairs Dr. Azhar Al-Shaikhly gave a speech expressing her support and encouragement to the women who refuse to let the challenging situation in Iraq impede them from achieving success in their careers and personal lives. She applauded the role of women as peace makers in the embattled nation of Iraq. Read the Minister's speech in Arabic. 

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