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Passenger flights at Biggin Hill are not the same as those available at major airports. Government policy calls for smaller airports to meet local demand and, in the case of Biggin Hill, to accommodate only 250,000 passengers in and out each year. This is because the road network is not considered suitable for higher levels of traffic.

This restricted use suits the specialist market that the airport serves, with passengers flying on air taxis, corporate shuttles, private charters, VIP and Government missions, utilising the range of aircraft that are within existing noise restrictions.

To make better economic use of corporate aircraft and available seats, and to avoid the major airports, business jet operators are now developing high-quality air taxi and shuttle services where the purchase of an individual ticket is possible. The latest big aircraft examples of this are the transatlantic services offered by Silverjet, EOS and MaxJet, all of whom offer exclusive first and business class travel. Such high-quality services are increasingly seen as the future for the smaller business jets too, providing point-to-point travel within Europe for 4 to 35 passengers, all of whom have paid a high fare for specialist, top-quality service.

Biggin Hill is currently prevented from allowing passengers to buy tickets for flights in and out of the airport. This restriction was placed in 2001, following a Court of Appeal ruling sought by the London Borough of Bromley, as freeholder, to prevent the airport from allowing any of its 125,000 authorised flights to be used in this way. However, the Master Plan has followed more recent Government policy and we hope that Bromley Council will, in due course, once again allow individuals to buy a ticket to fly from Biggin Hill, as they could do until 2001.



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