Merscom Announces D.N.A

Casual game available online in October at Merscom Arcade

CHAPEL HILL, NC - September 26, 2006 - Merscom announced today that D.N.A will be available for online distribution in early October for $19.99. Developed by 5TH Cell Media, D.N.A is an innovative twist on the puzzle genre.

Instead of the match 3-color system and grid system found in many popular online games, D.N.A uses a color combination system. Additionally, D.N.A features a unique storyline and a stylishly detailed setting that lay the groundwork for experimental gameplay in three different modes. In D.N.A, players help biologist Dr. Rose Thompson with her unusual experiments to create new flowers and help save others from extinction. Users combine different colored proteins and create entirely new cells. With each chain built, hybrid molecules grow into a variety of amazing flowers.

"D.N.A is a fantastic game that is perfect for our customers," said Lloyd Melnick, Director for Merscom. "It is the ideal casual game-fun and accessible, but unique, which is consistent with what we strive to create with all our games."

Players choose from Eternal, Puzzle and Action modes to add variety to their DNA experiences. Simple, intuitive point-and-click play helps players master the game within minutes. With 67 levels to complete, D.N.A provide hours of original, addictive gameplay. When finished, players can save their scores and compare with other high-scoring DNA fans.

"D.N.A is the next evolution of casual gaming," said Joseph M. Tringali, General Manager at 5TH Cell. "We set out to create an innovative and engaging casual action-puzzle game, and are quite thrilled with how it turned out. D.N.A is more than just 'match three'; the unique 'shape combo' game mechanic is fun and accessible to users of all ages."

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