Utah 1850/1851 Mortality Schedule 

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    What is a "mortality schedule"?  When a census was taken, the enumerators were to collect information on all persons who had died during the previous 12 months.  This information is included on a mortality schedule.

    The U.S. 1850 census was begun 1 June 1850, and was to be completed within five months.  Since Utah didn't receive official word until January, 1851 that the Territory of Utah had been organized by Congress, the Utah Census was taken prior to 1 July 1851The 1850 mortality scheduled was to include deaths from 1 June 1849 through 31 May 1850, but because Utah's census was taken late, it includes deaths through 1 July 1851.

    Enumerators of early census's were not known for their meticulous records.  Errors and omissions were fairly common.  If a person was listed, it was likely they belonged there; but if a person was not listed, the possibility remains that they were missed -- as deaths were often under-reported.



Bidwell Robert W. M 56 New York January fever born 29 Aug 1795 at  Stillwater, Saratoga, NY; was at Haun's Mill Massacre; arrived SL Valley 14 Sep 1850; Bountiful resident; died 4 Jan 1851; buried Sessions Settlement Cemetery (Woods Cross)
Camp Elmira E. F 6 Tennessee June cholera   
Catlin Elizabeth M. F 23 Pennsylvania July cholera   
Catlin Sarah K. F 3 Indiana June 1849 cholera daughter of George W. Catlin
Foot William M 41 New York December erysipelas   
Game Samuel C. F 14 Illinois December lung fever female??
Gates Daniel M 34 New York June cholera occupation:  tailor
Goodwin Levi S. M 3    July cholera   
Hancock Riley James F 26 Vermont March erysipelas female??
Hogan Charles B. M 2 Iowa April poisoned Alt. Name:  Charles Peter Hogan; born winter 1847/1848; died summer 1849; parents:  Eric G. M. & Halga Hogan; ate poisoned parsnips; buried Sessions Settlement Cemetery (Woods Cross)
Knight Marion E. F 1 Iowa October drowned   
Lamb James H. M 7 Missouri July cholera   
Lamb Samuel B. M 18 Indiana June 1849 cholera   
Mower Mary A. F 1 mo. Utah March hives   
Myler Calvin C. F 1 Iowa August unknown female??
Rex Joel M. M 12 day Utah October hives   
Lamoreaux Abigail M. F 8 Illinois June 1849 cholera daughter of David B. Lamoreaux
Wilcox Almira L. F 3 Iowa June cholera   
Wilcox Henry M 37 New York June cholera   

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Some information came from "A Brief History of Farmington" by George Quincy Knowlton, 1956

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