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    What is a "mortality schedule"?  When a census was taken, the enumerators were to collect information on all persons who had died during the previous 12 months.  This information is included on a mortality schedule.  The 1860 mortality schedule lists deaths from 1 June 1859 through 31 May 1860.

    Enumerators of early census's were not known for their meticulous records.  Errors and omissions were fairly common.  If a person was listed, it was likely they belonged there; but if a person was not listed, the possibility remains that they were missed -- as deaths were often under-reported.

    *Note in the comment section that there are several birth place listings that are questionable.  This information is in the process of being verified.

Allen Mary A. F Illinois 1 mo. January childbirth  
Cloud Sylvia P. F New York 2 October cold  
Cook Robert M New York 2 October teething Parents: David & Jennet Hunter Cook; born 23 Mar 1859; died 14 Oct 1859; buried So. Weber Pioneer Cemetery
Cotterell Elleaner F England 41 December childbed  
Cotterell Martha C. F New York 1 mo. January cold question birth:  1 mo. old/born NY?
Crosby Hannah C. F Illinois 16 October Dysentery  
Dalrymple Henry M New York 1 mo. January unknown question birth:  1 mo. old/born NY?
Dalton Erastus B. M New York 1 February burnt  
Dalton Janthus F New York 3 mo. January arysipilas  
Dalton Mary  F New York 1 May inflamation  
Dustin Nancy M. F New York 1 mo. October accident  
Fackerell David M New York 1 May brain fever  
Henricks Catherine F New York 1 mo. April canker question birth:  1 mo. old/born NY?
Kenizet Elizabeth F England 54 January consumption  
King John M England 26 January snowslip occupation: laborer
Miller James B. M New York 1 mo. May unknown question birth:  1 mo. old/born NY?
Porter Alma M New York 3 mo. September inflamation  
Rice Lauelen F New York 1 September unknown  
Rollins Franklin M New York 1 mo. April unknown question birth:  1 mo. old/born NY?
Rollins Moroni M New York 5 mo. April cold-head  
Rounds Meloine M Michigan 3 September canker  
Stoddard Louisa F New York 2 April scalded  
Wood Thomas M   15 February consumption possibly Thomas, an orphaned Indian boy who was raised by Daniel Wood.  Born abt 1844; died 30 Jan 1860; buried Daniel Wood Cemetery, Bountiful

 *Comments made by Annette Nelson, Davis County Coordinator, webmaster for this Davis County GenWeb page.

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