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Al-Moujez-an-Iran (Iran Briefing)
September 2006, Volume #16, Number 1

Section I. Opinion

  1. Letter of the Publisher
  2. Editorial: Throwing ashes in their own eyes

Section II. Special News - from Our Own Files

  1. Ahmad Batebi, the jailed student activist, will remain in jail
  2. A look at Mr. Ali Abadi’s past, the millionaire that became deputy to President Ahmadinejad
  3. A special mission for President Ahmadinejad’s media team

Section III. Iran in This Month

  1. The Iranian response to the United Nations Security Council resolution 1696 which orders it to stop uranium enrichment activities. A comprehensive report on the latest developments in the Islamic Republic’ nuclear program and the possible sanctions that may follow if it refuses to abide by the demands of the international community.
  2. Our Eyes and Ears: news in brief
    * Military exercises or political ones?  
    * Cartoon competition!
    * It is now the turn of the NGO's to come under government scrutiny
    * Completion of the appointment of fundamentalist ambassadors to Iran's embassies abroad
    * Iranian Writers Association issues a statement on the increase in censorship
  3. Satellite dishes are taken down again in Tehran
  4. Sadegh Larijani, a member of the Guardians Council, says the government does not have its legitimacy from the votes of the nation
  5. Increased censorship of the press
  6. A member of the foreign affairs council of the European Parliament says: Iran is more dangerous than North Korea

Section IV. Economic Affairs

  1. Islamic economic growth that is against capitalism reaches a dead end
  2. An economic pact to export natural gas to China, worth 100 billion dollars, is signed by a close relative of Ahmadineja'’s advisor
Section V. Behind the Limelight
  1. Is this the end of Rafsanjani's power and influence?
  2. When the defense lawyer becomes the prosecutor
Section VI. Human Rights
  1. The complaint of Akbar Mohammadi's father to international human rights organizations
  2. Who is frightening Shirin Ebadi?
Section VII. Regional Affairs
  1. The unexpected war in Lebanon, a war with no winners


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The death of the imprisoned student Akbar Mohammadi is the beginning of further oppression against civil society.