Turkey's Initiative to Resolve Armenian Allegations Regarding 1915 Print

On April 10, 2005, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan invited Armenian President Robert Kocharian to establish a joint commission of historians and experts from both Turkey and Armenia to study the events of 1915 in the archives of Turkey, Armenia and relevant third countries around the world.
The joint commission would share its findings on the disputed events of this time with the international community.  This initiative would shed light on this period of history and be an important step in the normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia.

Additionally, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül invited the United States and other countries to contribute to this commission by appointing scholars to investigate this tragedy and open ways for Turks and Armenians to come together.

Turkey’s Joint Historical Commission proposal was the subject of a April 23rd advertisement in several major U.S. newspapers.  To view this advertisement, please click here.

The following documents contain the details of this landmark proposal and related materials: