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Kai Borgeest, Dr.-Ing. 
Hamburg University of Technology 
Dept. of Measurement Engineering/EMC 
Harburger Schloss-Strasse 20 
D-21071 Hamburg 
Email: borgeest@ieee.org 
Tel: +49-40-7718-2240 
Fax: +49-40-7718-2382 
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Project: Computer Aided Design of Nonlinear Protection Circuits for Special Applications
Subproject: Measurement of Extremely Low Nonlinear Distortions
Another Project about Shielded Multiconductor Transmission Lines
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... and since 1 May 1998 I work for Bosch in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.
I left this department on April 30. These pages will not be actualized in regular periods after. I have passed my main project to Thomas Weber.

Disclaimer: The pages behind this one contain a good deal of technical information, but some of them also a small amount of personal opinion. All personal opinions are my own and not official statements of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. 
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