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Nicola T

Name: Nicola T (Miss Bobby Zamora, West Ham)
Age: 24
Lives: London
Occupation: Page 3 Model

Nicola and Bobby

  • Nicola met Bobby two years ago. She was completely unaware who he was and what he did. It was only until several months later that Nicola actually realised how high Bobby’s profile was. 
  • Whilst at Bobby’s flat with friends, Nicola spotted a massive folder of DVDs that Bobby had so she asked if she could borrow one and then slipped her number on a note into the empty DVD sleeve. Bobby texted her to persuade her to take him out for a meal in exchange for the DVD.
  • Whilst away on pre-season training, Bobby sent her 182 red roses to celebrate their six month anniversary (“One rose for every day he has loved her.”)
  • Bobby has a huge black and white print of Nicola’s bare boobs above their bed.

Nicola’s Vital Stats

  • Nicola likes to shop on Bond Street and at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent.
  • Her favourite item of clothing at the moment is her black Topshop leggings and her Roberto Cavalli jeans.
  • She dresses her Highland Terrier in pink girly clothes even though it is a boy!
  • Her favourite holiday destination is Tenerife as it isn’t too far away and the weather is always good.
  •  Nicola drives an Audi A3 which is her own car but sometimes she drives Bobby’s Range Rover Sport.
  • Nicola owns a Chloe handbag worth over £1,000 but says she only buys one expensive handbag a season.
  • Nicola says her must own beauty product is anything by Dermalogica.
  • Her fashion icon is Victoria Beckham for the smart look and Lindsay Lohan for the casual look.
  • Nicola became a Page 3 model after winning the Sun newspaper’s first ever ‘Page 3 Idol’ competition, nearly four years ago.

Nicola on her team, Bows

“I hope my team will win because I haven’t slept for weeks worrying about everything so we have to win to make it worthwhile! And we will because as a team we get on really well and are all really passionate about what we are doing.”


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