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Alan Keyes makes lesbians horny.

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richardthripp (5 days ago)
Nobody holds a candle to Ambassador Alan Keyes.
SuperPais (6 days ago)
What appearances ??Draculecom the girl was laughing a lot, lol.Oh the dysfunction

Many teens can´t keep a coversation, thats all.
nonfictions (1 week ago)
Coming out of the closet and saying, "I'm gay" is not the same as saying "I like having sex in the blah blah position." I doubt that Keyes' daughter was explicit about what she does with her partner.

And what about all the hetero pervs out there? Ugh! I can't stand this guy!
GetMeThere1 (2 weeks ago)
This is hilarious! That girl was lovin' that talk!
lionman227 (2 weeks ago)
Draculecom (3 weeks ago)
The girl's genuinely curious, it's so obvious she wants to go 'there' but has to keep up appearances for daddy. Oh the dysfunction...
luevas (1 month ago)
caller: 'will you show me your pussy?'
christy: 'show her what?'
caller: 'hello? I said pussy!'

n2cora (1 month ago)
LOL! Commentators and issues bloggist are very funny! They get so worked up over things--What is the difference between going public being gay and going public against people going public to be gay?
bobgee1999 (1 month ago)
This guy's daughter is thick as a brick.
Tedthebadassbear (1 month ago)
This is so funny
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to johnplex
Added:  September 09, 2006
From:  johnplex
I talk to Catholic George, who is a b... I talk to Catholic George, who is a big Alan Keyes man. Alan Keyes ran for president in 2000, in 2004 on a radio show he referred to gay people as "selfish hedonists". The comment caused the Republican candidate to lose the Illinois Senate race, even Republicans voted against him. Three months after that, his daughter went public to say she was gay. Your friend, Johnplex. (more) (less)
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