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HH Sheikh Khalifa’s limitless and continuous support helped promote Al Ain Club in terms of its structure, facilities, championships and accomplishments and behind every progress and prosperity achieved by Al Ain Club, there appeared HH Sheikh Khalifa with clear imprints on every corner of the club.

It was the first time that the founders found permanent headquarters that belonged to the club in HH Sheikh Khalifa’s gift. The headquarters were a low-cost house in Al Jahili District and were the nucleus from which the gigantic entity of Al Ain came into existence.

Although they were relatively far at the time, the headquarters were the source of an overwhelming joy for everybody, and in continuation of his support, HH Sheikh Khalifa provided the founders with a Land Rover in 1969 to serve the club and the team.

The appearance of the main features of the club sparked a drive for the development in football but an attempt to make progress would only come through contact in a bid to gain experience.

The first match by the already established Al Ain team was held with the British soldiers with a view to gaining contact. However, thanks to the spirit of persistence and challenge that associated the birth of Al Ain Club, the team won the match and its performance was beyond the expectation of the team’s rival, which helped the team enter the world of football.

The team began to gain more football skills and later a volleyball team and another for table tennis were formed and followed the example of the football team.

The teams started to be in contact with other teams through friendly matches with the different teams of Abu Dhabi. Apart from the sports activity, however, there was a cultural and media activity.

The first wall newspaper was then issued and a theatre for the club was set up.

In 1971 and after the club’s circle of activity had been expanded, HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan ordered new headquarters for the club to be set up with modern specifications that would take into account the expected development of the club in the following years.

As a result, the third and main headquarters came into existence and are still there in Al Sarouj District. The headquarters continued to develop year after year to be a comprehensive sports edifice and the source of pride of all UAE and Arab sportsmen.

The objective lay in setting up the club’s facilities and premises in successive phases. The first phase was carried out at the end of 1971 at a total cost of Dhs200,000 (two hundred thousand dirhams). It comprised an administrative building composed of a hall, a library, a store, three bedrooms and a restaurant in addition to the playground.

By the lapse of time, the headquarters expanded to include Khalifa Stadium as well as subsidiary playgrounds, single game halls, outdoor playgrounds for group games, a mosque, a swimming-pool, tennis courts, a clinic and other premises, noting that the administrative building was subject to continuous development.

Two more buildings to house the staff were set up near the club and more constructions followed including Al Qattara branch, which comprised Tahnoun Bin Mohammed Stadium, an indoor hall and subsidiary playgrounds in addition to five outdoor branches of the club in Al Yahar, Al Mugam, Mezyad, Zakher and Al Hayar and outdoor headquarters for the football school.

More constructions are planned from time to time to keep pace with Al Ain Club’s aspirations. The constructions, however, passed through many stages, the most important of which were:


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