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Having shed some light on Al Ain City and its characteristics and inhabitants, we come again to talk about the beginning and the first spark that led to the formation of Al Ain Sports Club, one of the lofty citadels of sports in the UAE.

By the early 1960s and the beginning of the educational boom, many children in Al Ain joined schools to receive knowledge and be abreast of all modern and useful information so as to apply the ideas that were in conformity with the traditions and habits of our oriental society.

The young men used to see the British soldiers playing football, a widespread and popular sport that was not introduced to this quiet city yet. They soon learnt the principles and rules of the game and turned from mere watchers and fans to actual players but at the school level and here was the beginning.

After great interest in football had been shown, Al Ain people began ambitiously to think of establishing a team for these young men that would be peculiar and go beyond the mere practice at school but be still within the limits of the hobby that combined those young men to practise football.

Al Ain nationals were little ambitious to practise their new game. The beginning was at school but they dreamt of having a simple ready-for-use playground, a mere playground that would satisfy their ambition and change the dream into a reality. The first playground was set up for Al Ain nationals to be the core for forming a team in the strict sense of the word and then a club to be developing with the lapse of time to be one of the sports edifices in the UAE.

The first playground came into existence but was not similar to those found in such countries that practise the game professionally. The first playground made available to Al Ain nationals was very simple and in line with their aspirations. It was set up on the main street near the Clock Roundabout. There, the first playground was demarcated and took the shape of a square sandy plot of land but was very satisfactory as a start.

In August 1968, the dream came true and the idea changed into a tangible reality. Thanks to a number of people from Arab countries, the club was established and it was only natural for the club to be given the name of the city that was loved by its nationals. Despite the scarce financial capabilities at that time, the young men were determined to play football and carried on enthusiastically and earnestly. They used to meet and think while having the most important elements of success, namely determination, perseverance and spirit of challenge.

After the club had been established, the founders thought it was necessary to have a permanent headquarters for the club. Taking the existing capabilities into consideration, there was no solution other than renting a house made from bricks located on the current Khalifa Road so that the founders would meet in it and discuss matters of their own.

All the founders co-operated for the progress of their club and undertook to do their duty, each as per his own capabilities. They used to render the necessary services starting with preparing and charting the playground, cleaning the club headquarters and washing clothes and ending with all tiny matters.

There was full self-dependence which contributed to protecting the tiny entity from collapse, while the financial costs used to be borne by the founders, each as per his own capabilities. Thus, everybody collaborated as part of the spirit of co-operation for which Al Ain inhabitants were known.


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