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Stem Cell Research    Enhancement Act
Child Interstate
   Abortion Notification Act
The Unborn Child Pain    Awareness Act
Holly's Law
Alternative Pluripotent
  Stem Cell Therapy Act
Abortion Non-
   Discrimination Act
Informed Choice Act
Human Life Amendment
Supreme Court

110th Congress

The Susan B. Anthony List realizes how important it is to have your voice heard by Members of Congress in our nation's capital. 2007 promises to be a busy legislative year: without a pro-life majority, we will have to work harder than ever to advance the pro-life agenda.

The new pro-abortion leadership in the U.S. House and Senate is dedicated to rolling back the pro-life successes we have made over the last decade. They want funding for abortions overseas, more money for Planned Parenthood here in the U.S., and taxpayer-funded embryo-destroying stem cell research. And this is only the beginning.

In response to these new challenges, the Susan B. Anthony List is redoubling its efforts to be your voice for the unborn on Capitol Hill. Click here to contribute to our preservation of the pro-life agenda in the 110th Congress.

The Susan B. Anthony List never stops lobbying on Capitol Hill for critical measures that protect the unborn, women and children. We are also intensifying our efforts to fight anti-life legislation at every stage of the legislative process.

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