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Amateur Radio License Plate Fees

This report was compiled from data given to ARRL HQ from ARRL State Government Liaison volunteers. If you know that any of this information is incomplete or incorrect, please contact the Regulatory Information Branch at HQ. Internet messages may be sent to Some of this information (as noted by asterisks) is dated, so any assistance in updating it is appreciated.



Initial/Renewal Plus Usual Registration Fee



$ Free/Free

Available to any amateur if VHF or UHF gear is installed in a vehicle See


$ 24.50/3

For information, see


$ 25/25

$25 initial application fee/ $25 annual renewal, in addition to regular registration fees. Applicant must have a valid amateur operator license from the Federal Communications Commission. The plate number is the FCC assigned call sign. Requires Special Plate Application form # 96-0143. Amateur plates may be ordered on line at:


$ 2/0

Private passenger vehicles and pickups only. Waiting period of 6 weeks


$ 21/none

For information and forms, see:


$ 2/2




Only issued for passenger, commercial, combination, camper or motorcycles. Processing time--9 weeks See|30154|30260|30261|


$ 10/Free

District of Columbia $ 52/25 The District of Columbia does not issue license plates specifically designated as amateur radio plates.  However but it will issue an amateur radio callsign on what they call a "personalized" license plate for an initial fee of $52 plus an annual display fee of $25.  The annual fee is in addition to the regular registration fee.  Replacement personalized plates are $10 per set and the old plates must be returned.


$ 5.00/1.50
(service fee) 2.50
(postage fee) 1.30

For information, see


$ Free

--"Amateur Radio" listed on tag. Fixed five-year cycle; must at beginning and every five years. Application period is Jan. 2-July 31 See and



Must apply through county Civil Defense office.Takes 4-8 weeks See


$ 5/free


$ 4/free

"Ham Radio" appears car, truck or motorcycle plates and they will all be replaced and upgraded in 2003 during the normal renewal cycle. Special brochure available. Apply by sending a copy of your amateur license and current DMV registration to: Secretary of State 501 S. 2nd St. 541 Howlett Building Springfield, IL 62756 Tel: (217) 785-6901


$ 9/0

See Copy of amateur license required


$ 5/5


$ 1/1

Passenger or trucks. Same call sign/tag permitted on cars and trucks. See


$ 40/25


$ 25/Free

Additional processing fee of $6.50 plus license plate fee based on the value of the vehicle Renewal every two years


$ 15/15


$ 5/5

Plates renewed every two years. See



Processing time is 3-4 months. Passenger vehicles and non-commercial trucks only (law pending to include other types of vehicles), For the form, see


$ 2/free

--Novice operators not eligible for ham plates --The Michigan state law itself authorizes amateur radio operators to receive police frequencies in their vehicles. A ham plate is NOT required, or even mentioned in the law. The amateur radio license plate is purely optional. -- For the application, see --For $7.00 you can get a graphic plate with a picture of the Mackinac Bridge (instead of the plain white lettering on blue background for $2.00)


$ 10/free

Can have plate on second car with "dash #"




$ 20/20

Affidavit required stating that Amateur holds an amateur license


$ 5/

SGL is state legislator. Tags expire Dec. 31



Passenger, camper, or truck. Processing time--4-6 weeks



Plus usual registration fee

New Hampshire

$ varies

Fees based on the book value of car

New Jersey

$ 15/free

More than one car can use a ham call (eg. W2WEC-2)

New Mexico

* $ 3/3

New York

$ 23/5

More than one ham call can be used, but must be altered (KB2HQ-1) Effective May 1, 2003, most New York residents must have obtained new license plates, but this does not apply to ham tags. For information which shows pictures of the current ham plates which will not expire, see For information on the re-issue policy and a picture of the Liberty plate which will expire, see

North Carolina


--Must have a current FCC amateur radio license. --Vehicle must be titled in ham's name. --Must have "purchased a portable radio unit suitable for use in emergencies." --More than one vehicle may be licensed with the same call (with suffix "-#"). --Tag says "Amateur Radio" and call sign. --Requires DMV form MVR35 downloadable from:

North Dakota

$ Free/ Free


$ 10/10


$ 4/3

Applicants must show proof of their FCC license in order to have license plate issued to them. See


$ 8/free

Show copy of ham license. For the form, see


$ 20/free

Takes 12 weeks to process. US PA Form MV 904

Rhode Island

$ Free

See More Information

South Carolina

$ 2

Plate valid until the following Oct. 31st Plate valid for one year

South Dakota


$4 mailing charge if not pickuped up; Plates permitted on one car only; For form, see


$ See Web site

Available to: Owners or lessees of passenger motor vehicles who are residents of the state of Tennessee and who hold an un- revoked and un-expired official amateur radio license issues by the FCC.  Multiple tags may be ordered (e.g. WA4VZQ, WA4VZQ-2, WA4VZQ-3)

Annual Fee: $46.50 or $21.50 - Auto; $39.50 or $14.50 - Motorcycle. If the applicant is a member of emergency or rescue squad or ARES, the additional $25.00 is waived.


$ 2/1

Can have the same plate on multiple vehicles. Must have transmitting equipment in vehicle. Title need not be in vehicle. A plate available only for cars and light trucks. See


$ 5/none



Under 23 V.S.A § 304(b)(2), special amateur radio plates are available to Vermont amateurs of any license class as a subcategory of “Safety and Service Organization” plates. Amateurs desiring amateur radio license plates must fill out and submit form TA-VD-128, available at There is a one-time $10 fee. Amateurs need not have any radio equipment in the vehicle to be eligible, though it appears the plates may only be affixed to passenger cars and light trucks.


$ 1/1

Amateur equipment must be kept in the vehicle. Amateur must own the vehicle


$ 5/

Processing time of 6-8 weeks See

West Virginia

$ 5/

All plates expire July 1





$ 30/

Obtain Amateur Radio plate application from DOT office.

NOTE: Most states require a copy of an FCC amateur license as well as proof that tax has been paid on the vehicle. They also require that the title is in the ham's name. The license fees, in most cases, are in addition to the usual registration fee.

* The information needs to be updated or confirmation that it is correct. The information is updated as received from amateurs in a particular state.

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