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What's your story?
If you've been forced to opt out, or simply work long hours and are fed up, let us know

Did you know?
Most people at work are legally protected from working more than 48 hours a week if they don't want to. Read more

Time's up for long hoursTime's up for long hours
Download our leaflet on the opt-out (pdf file)

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The TUC's It's About Time campaign aims to put long hours and work/life balance at the top of the workplace agenda.

Long hours, greater pressure of work, flexibility that only suits the employer and stress are the biggest problems in today’s workplace.

We don’t just need to change the law. Attitudes and culture have to change as well. But the law sends a powerful signal. Ending the opt-out would mean a 48-hour limit would apply in almost every workplace.

Managers and employees would have to look at the way they organise work. The law would become easier to understand for both employers and staff, and simpler to enforce.

We believe the more that ministers and Europe hear about real abuse the easier it will be to win that change. That’s why we want to hear your long-hours experiences, particularly of the opt-out.

Tell us your long hours horror stories

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The most recent documents available in this 'TUC in action' area are:

TUC on EU working time rules decision
Commenting on the failure of the Social Affairs Council of the EU to agree today on plans to tighten up on the use of opt-outs from the 48-hour week, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “This was a missed opportunity to ensure that UK workers are properly protected against the dangers of overwork.

UK 'doesn't need long hours opt-out'
As European ministers meet to discuss the future of the UK's opt-out from the Working Time Directive's 48 hour limit on the average working week, the TUC has today (Tuesday) published a new analysis of official figures showing that the UK 'does not need an opt-out' any longer.

Government forced to tighten rules on work breaks
The TUC today welcomed the European Court of Justice (ECJ) judgement on the rest break rights established by the EU working time directive. '... Employers will now have to do their utmost to ensure their staff get the breaks they are entitled to.'

TUC welcome government ban on ‘rolled-up' holiday pay
Commenting on today's change in rules on paid annual leave (Friday) banning rolled-up holiday pay (where holiday pay is already included in workers' hourly rates and people are not actually paid when they take any leave), TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “By acting swiftly on the recent ruling from the European courts that rolled-up holiday pay breaks EU law the government will make it harder for bad employers to cheat their staff out of their holiday pay.

Managers top 2006 long hours league table
Senior managers have overtaken teachers to leap to the top of the 2006 unpaid overtime league table published by the TUC on Work Your Proper Hours Day (Friday).

Take on the long hours culture at workyourproperhoursday.com
The TUC has today launched a dedicated website to take on the long hours culture ahead of Work Your Proper Hours Day on Friday 24 February.

Older documents 7 - 12


Carers and Parents Coalition
The Equal Opportunities Commission have organised a coalition to champion the rights of parents and carers. The TUC is pleased to be part of this coalition.



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