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Productivity and Partnership

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Union Leaders Find their Wings at Airbus
Airbus at Broughton in north Wales will be the venue on Wednesday 14th January 2004 for the General Council of the Wales TUC. Airbus is acknowledged as an exemplar employer in Wales, which takes a strategic approach to working in partnership with its workforce, championing better skills, innovation and supporting a host of smaller businesses in the region.
14 January 2004

The Partnership Institute welcomes the latest announcement from the DTI Partnership Fund
Linda Kelly, Director of the TUC Partnership Institute, speaking after the announcement
5 September 2003

TUC & RDA seek ‘world class workforce' for South East
A joint conference between the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) and the TUC Southern and Eastern Regional Council (SERTUC) is today bringing together business and union leaders to debate workforce development issues in the South East.
28 November 2001

TUC Response to McKinsey Productivity and Partnership
Productivity and industrial prosperity are key priorities for the TUC as part of the promotion of social partnership and the positive role of trade unions in the workplace. This TUC report is an initial response to the McKinsey report. The TUC will be responding separately to the constructive agenda, developed by the DTI and built on in the Pre Budget Report, as part of the wider productivity debate encouraged by the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
12 February 1999

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