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Welfare and Society

Tax Credits

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Tax Credit Claim Forms: avoiding common errors
Advice on how to avoid common mistakes in filling in the tax credit claim form.
PDF version available for download
17 November 2006

Direct Payment of Working Tax Credit
Payment via employers of WorkingTax Credit will be phased out between November and April. This briefing looks at the implications of this change.
PDF version available for download
2 September 2005

Tax credit overpayments
A briefing on the rules about recovery of tax credit overpayments
PDF version available for download
13 December 2004

Benefits and tax credits must increase to end child poverty
Working and Child Tax Credits and ‘out of work' benefits must be increased to meet the government's target of eradicating child poverty by 2020 and halving it by 2010. In its submission to the government's child poverty strategy review, launched at a seminar today (Thursday), the TUC says that ‘making work pay' through tax credits has lifted thousands of families and children out of poverty but children in families reliant on benefits are being left behind.
4 December 2003

TUC launches leaflet on tax credits
Workers on low incomes will be able to get advice on the Working Families Tax Credit from today when the TUC releases its new tax credits leaflet.
6 April 2000

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