Life aboard the space station: Anderson enjoys routine

In outer space, Nebraska's first native-born astronaut sleeps standing up. He eats vacuumed-sealed meals but doesn't mind the taste - or the other rigors of the confined space aboard the International Space Station. But there is something Clayton Anderson misses: being outdoors. Anderson talked about his life in space during a brief phone interview Friday as he orbited about 220 miles above the Earth.


Nebraska Air Guard unit trains for tough deployment

Joining a team of nearly 200 Air Guard members from seven states, a group of Nebraska Air National Guardsmen will be guarding a key U.S. air base at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, for about six months. In a matter of weeks, they will be serving under towering peaks of Kyrgyzstan's Tian Shan mountain range – not Texas' Franklin Mountains — at a key base for many of the U.S. air missions into Afghanistan.


Citizens patrol group to fight Omaha's gang violence

A national citizens patrol group has opened an Omaha chapter in response to an uptick in gun violence. A recent visit by Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa was the second trip to Omaha this year by members of the group. Guardian Angels is a New York-based organization founded 28 years ago. The group trains citizens to do patrols.

Man in critical condition after drive-by shooting


Bellevue city attorney's pay scrutinized

The stage has been set for what could be round three in the bout between Bellevue Mayor Ed Babbitt and City Attorney John Herdzina. Earlier this year, Babbitt tried appointing another attorney to replace Herdzina but lacked City Council support. Then he vetoed a payment of more than $23,000 to Herdzina's firm. The council voted to override that veto. Now, in the latest sign of the rift between Babbitt and Herdzina, the mayor is questioning how the attorney's pay and benefits are handled.


Q&A with bridge inspector: Job takes high-tech, hands-on methods

Many of today's federal bridge safety standards were developed as the result of a catastrophic bridge collapse over the Ohio River in 1967 — the same year that the failed Minneapolis bridge was opened to traffic. Questions about bridge inspections arose in the wake of Wednesday's deadly collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge. Brian Leshko of Pittsburgh, leader of HDR Inc.'s national bridge inspection program, discussed how bridge inspections are conducted.

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