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Branching Out
“If you want to take your mission in life to the next level, if you’re stuck and you don’t know how to rise, don’t look outside yourself. Look inside. Don’t let your fears keep you mired in the crowd. Abolish your fears and raise your commitment level to the point of no return, and I guarantee you that the Champion Within will burst forth to propel you toward victory.”
- Bruce Jenner

I find this quote so incredibly inspiring! I realized that I have only ever really done what feels comfortable in my life. I have never put myself in a position where I’m doing something that I have never done before. I have done this knowingly because the idea of looking like I don’t know what I am doing scares the heck out of me. After realizing this, I feel that limiting myself is ridiculous!

I am just shooting myself in the foot because… how can I ever grow if I never challenge myself. How can I ever know the depths of me if I spend my whole life skimming the surface and doing what is comfortable. So, I have decided to branch out. I will be directing episode 20 of Smallville this year, and I am so intimidated! It’s silly. I know that I have eight months to prep and that I have the most amazing crew of people around me that will do everything in their power to help me make something awesome, but getting past that ego that drives me has been a huge challenge. Ignoring the voice inside my head that is screaming “You have no clue how to do this!” has definitely been a challenge.

As I start to do more and more work on building this skill in myself, the voice is starting to soften and I am actually really enjoying the process. I liked this quote so much because it talks about “abolishing you fears” and “raising your commitment to the point of no return!” There is something so empowering about that phrase! So I am raising my “commitment level to the point of no return”!

I have now announced it to all you lovelies and I can’t go back on my word. It’s that silly pride thing that is actually helpful in this situation ;) I am taking on something so foreign but I have made a strong decision to enjoy the learning process! Who knows, maybe I will become a fabulous director and just have two careers! Woah… let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Thanks for all the support you provide! I love hearing from you every week. You have no idea how much joy I get out of reading your thoughts on this website!

Ciao to all

ps… Oh yeah! And check out Miss Tabby’s site, allisonmackonline.com. She is doing some really awesome stuff for my birthday! I am collecting funds for a foundation that I am starting and any support is so so so appreciated!


  1. Comment by Phantos:

    Outstanding! Good luck on your directorial debut. I look forward to seeing it.

  2. Comment by Isa:

    I’m positive the episode will be as fantastic as it possibly can. I wish you many great things in the future and I know you will get other oppurtunities to show your talent.

    God Bless You!!!

  3. Comment by Maude:

    Hi Alli !

    I just cant wait to see how you will direct this episode… It’s gr8 to try new a challenged …

    Wish u luck… But we all know you dont need that xxX

    Maude L

  4. Comment by Elizabeth Moser:

    Wow Allison that is brilliant news. I am so happy to see you branching out like this. It as you say such a brave move. I think you will do an excellent job. If you can direct just half as well as you act you will have no problems. I hope you get a good script to work with.

    Funny that you should write this blog today, as I myslef was having a discussion about my development in work. I am on a graduate training programme and recently thigs have become stagnant. Today I was discussing the things that although they may be difficult I really need to do if I want my career to progess. My time on the programme is coming to an end and I need to be fully aware of my talents, to ensure that I find myself working in a role I will enjoy and more importantly be good at. So I should really be testing my limits, instead of at the moment, they have found one thing I am good at and leaving me their because of shortage of staff. It does not do me any godd nor the company. I need to challenge this and make it change, but that all takes courage.
    Congratulations to you for having that courage to set up to the plate. I hope to follow in your footsteps

    Liz x

  5. Comment by Bayardo Elizondo:

    Hi there Allison I am a loyal fan of the show… When reading your story all I can say is “WOW”? Go for it Chloe I know you will do fantastic. I cann’t wait to see it. Concerning your foundation I am always up for a good charity fund… Count me in….. One last thing about your Birthday, Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY….. Have lots of fun and if you can let me know how it when… God Bless and keep reaching for the stars I know you will make it…. :)

    P.S If you can just send me an email : Belizondo@gousawireless.com

  6. Comment by Birdmanjhl:

    Hi, Allison.
    Your honesty is so refreshing. Fear is something that prevents us from taking on new responsibilities, seeing new sights, meeting new people, trying out fresh ideas, etc. It is so easy to continue doing what feels comfortable. I know, I am certainly guilty of this. When I do overcome fear and attempt something new, usually some very good things happen. On an earlier topic, I posted how I went on a mission trip to Jamaica and worked with a team of builders to construct a home for people living in horrible conditions. First of all, I am a teacher, not a builder…so the thought of helping build a home and working with others who were better equipped for the task than I, was a bit frightening. But I thought to myself, hey, I am not afraid to work, I can swing a hammer and saw a board…I’m going to give it a try. Well, the experience was life-changing. My wife and I plan to go on another trip next May…she’ll work in a medical clinic and I shall do my best to swing that hammer again (this time hit more nails than fingers), saw some boards, sweat buckets, and return a happier person for having done that.
    Congratulations, Allison, on agreeing to direct. By committing, you have sealed the deal and won’t back out. That’s a really good thing. When you finally agree to do something, it takes SOME of the pressure off because committing is sometimes the single hardest decision to make. Once you do that, you have more of a focus and can concentrate on the task at hand. And like you said, you can’t go back on your word. :)
    I’m anxious for the new season of Smallville.
    Thanks for sharing again, Allison.
    God’s blessings to you.
    John L

  7. Comment by Jeremy:

    This is excellent news! With Michael and Tom having directed their own episodes I have been hoping for a long time that you would take up the challenge and direct an episode of your very own. It is an inspiration to see you reaching out to new and challenging experiences and breaking out of your comfort zone.

    Now, let’s hope the script doesn’t include any exploding babies, time reversing crystals or strippers. On second thought, I am fine with strippers.

  8. Comment by Ed:

    Hi Allison! If you’re even half the director that you are an actor, the episode will be incredible. You really inspire me. Thank you for everything.

  9. Comment by Sammy:

    *Squee* That’s so exciting. I’ve been wondering ever since your interview whether you would direct an episode this season. I guess all the finger crossing paid off :)

    I’m so so looking forward to your directorial debut and I’m sure you’ll do just great. I’m sure the fact that you’ll be working with familiar people will be of great help.


  10. Comment by davidh1113:

    Hi Allison,

    Wonderful news!!! As the ole saying goes, “you never know what you can do until you try”, and I applaud you taking on the task of directing. From what I read on Tom and Michael’s comments on directing, it sounded like they really enjoyed it and I hope you do too!!

    Do not worry about not knowing what all is going on, I remember a person at work was moved from working out in the field to working in the office. I spoke to him a couple of days after he had started his new position, and he was really nervous saying that he felt like he was walking in a dark room looking for a light switch. I reminded him, much like you pointed out Allison, that he has a great team of people working there and that things will make more sense over time. I also told him not to beat himself up trying to learn everything at once (I am guilty of doing this myself, ;) , guess I need to take my own advice), and to give himself time. Well, just as I said, the person I’m talking about picked up things in good order and is doing very well in his new position.

    I hope you have a lot of fun directing, just don’t let your co-stars give you too much trouble!! ;)

    Kind regards.
    David Harvey
    Morrisville, NC

  11. Comment by luigi:

    congratulations, good luck, no stop, continue exploring new ways,
    I wait for your answer.

    from the dark side of the moon (uruguay - shangri-la)
    luigi SHINEFLOYD

  12. Comment by Jason:

    It’s about time to see you directing. This is going to be great stuff, and it’ll open a whole new world of possibilities to you professionally. Kudos, congratulations, mazel tov, bon chance, etc.

  13. Comment by Jason Lichterman:

    HI Allison your an amazing actor. I have followed your storyline of Chloe Sullivan ever since season one. I just know that you will do an outstanding job. By the way, I just want to say Happy Birthday.

    P.S. Can you send me an email:

  14. Comment by Jimmy Valentime:

    I really enjoyed reading your stuff, you are a really good writer, I am surprise you didn’t go to college your writing has a very solid structure and your very good at convey your point of view and having a “voice ” that is distinctive.

    When you have solid amount of writing you should try and get them published, it be fun to read your thoughts in a more serious venue.

    I am an Alternative rapper (my music on my page doesn’t really show that though) …But I write about Hip-hop and larger society for a website.


    I did a blog about people being harsh and negative towards your goals…which is the oppisate of what you are saying…

    The ability to spew Hatred anonymously, has taken control of our generation. We would rather speak negatively about others, plotting for their down fall, rather than try our hardest to go out and get what we want for ourselves.

    When I graduated from high school, one of the speakers said the following….

    “People who will attack you for progressing and succeeding, usually do not Hate ‘you’, as much as they let their own self-loathing and insecurities blocking them from their own greatness.”

  15. Comment by Christina:

    Allison I have to say that is awesome news!! I can’t wait . I’m so excited for you. You’ll do wonderful, you’re a woman of many talents so I know you won’t leave us dissapointed.

    Your blogs always keep me wondering, and they rise questions into my mind regarding myself as a human being. Thankyou so much for instilling this in us.

  16. Comment by Lyle:

    This website was already up when I sat down at this computer at my University. Never watched “Smallville” nor do I really recognize you… but, congrats on this new opportunity and good luck.

    Try to have a gourmet breakfast every morning for your crew while you direct this episode! A happy crew is a productive crew.

  17. Comment by Maria:

    Hello allison,

    I think that its pretty cool that you’re going to direct an episode! i cant wait to see how you do!

    Now to the quote. LOVED IT! that quote is amazing! and the thing is ive been like that recently. I have been thinking about at how i do things that are comfortable and i never do things that challenge me. well i just did! for months some people at my church have been asking me to sing infront of the people but i always say no because, i dont know, i cant sing infront of people, i can sing n my bathroom, in my house But when asked to sing ifront of people i never do that because when i do sing infront of people i want it to be in the best of my ability i dont want to do a crappy job but then thats just an excuse so i dont sing lol. So when they asked me again i said you know what i am going to sing i want to challenge myself to see if i can do it. And i did it i dint sing a solo i sang with a group but its a start and after it,people said that i sang great and they want me to do it again! The best thing of doing things that are hard its when you know youve achieved it i think that just having that feeling makes it all worthwhile. So i decided that im going to keep doing things that challenge me and now im preparing myself to do a solo. WISH ME LUCK! and im going to wish you luck on your directorial debut! though you have nothing to worry about if you’re that good of a director as you are an actress, honey youre going to do just fine!

    Adios, allison

  18. Comment by Eh,Man?You-El?:

    Dear Allison,

    The quotes you choose to present reflect a search for deep significance and personal authenticity. I’d say, in persuing this path you are already demonstrating just these qualities.
    In undertaking your latest directing role. I have every confidence you will excel but I also suspect your efforts to “psych” yourself into following through - to “push your commitment to the point of no return” may be at odds with (what appears to me to be) your well-balanced, grounded and spiritual nature.
    I think the conflict may be in a type of “false” modesty. Many people who are grounded, or spiritual, or both, do not want to pursue “grand” adventures or positions or accomplishments because they fear other “more worthy” people may be “left out” if they take on some exalted role. C.S. Lewis wanted to dispell this notion by suggesting the dsigner of a cathedral has as much reason to be humble as a bricklayer and a bricklayer has as much reason to rejoice in his work as an architect.
    You have a job to do and I wish you joy in the doing of it, in the celebration of completing it, in the sharing of it and even in the anxiety of worrying about it.

    In the quote below, I hope you will see a description that can be very well applied to jsut the kind of Director you have described as most enjoyable to work with - the kind of Director you would like to be - the kind of director I have every faith you have already become.

    [God] wants to bring the man to a state of mind in which he could design the best cathedral in the world, and know it to be the best, and rejoice in the fact, without being any more (or less) or otherwise glad at having done it than he would be if it had been done by another. [God] wants him, in the end, to be so free from any bias in his own favour that he can rejoice in his own talents as frankly and gratefully as in his neighbor’s talents–or in a sunrise, an elephant, or a waterfall. He wants each man, in the long run, to be able to recognise all creatures (even himself) as glorious and excellent things.
    Author: C. S. Lewis, Source: The Screwtape Letters

  19. Comment by Lydia:

    Congratulations to you, for facing this challenge. With your drive, possitive attitude, joy, intelligence and perseverance, I’m sure you’ll do a terrific job. Good luck.

    In the past, I froze when I found myself in a position where I had to do something I had never done before. And I rarely wanted to try out something new.
    Now, I’m a changed woman. I have worked very hard and I have come a long way (and for most part, I have you to thank for it ).
    It is not easy but I have become more confident and I meet my fears head-on. I listen to my inner voice.

    Being alone discouraged me from traveling. I have saved up money (and I continue to put aside money for my next trip) and I’m going on a guided tour through West-Canada next year. The tour ends in Vancouver but I’ll be staying one week in Vancouver on my own. I’m really excited but also terrified because I have to change planes, I’ll have to find my way in a foreign city… It is a huge challenge.
    I wanted to become a translator or interpreter but I thought it was aiming too high. I didn’t completely give up my interest for languages though and now I’m multilingual (Dutch-French-English-German). But, I want to broaden my knowledge of foreign languages. I know it is going to be difficult and probably tiring but as of September I’ll be following Spanish lessons.
    Three weeks ago, my boss asked me to get his trainticket. In the past, I would have felt sick of nervousness but on that particular day, I took a deep breath and I whispered to myself I could do it (and I added that I should imagine myself being in Vancouver because there I’ll be on my own too). So, I asked for a taxi, at the station I looked around, read the message boards and not only did I find the ticket-dispensing machine, I also managed to figure out how to get his ticket out of it.
    I don’t have much of a social life and I’m a bit of a loner. But, I’m gradually breaking out of my shell. I hesitated to introduce myself on AMO and ask if it is okay to keep in touch. Sometimes, I still think ‘I hope they’ll like me’. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive replies. I have met (so to speak) really wonderful people and they have a special place in my heart.

    These are examples to illustrate that little victories are empowering. Each time you overcome fear or doubt and try to do something new, it gives you strength and confidence to continue.
    You might not always succeed but that is okay. It is still a victory because at least you have tried and you did give it your very best.

    It feels good to read you enjoy our comments.
    I’m always looking forward to your next blog entry and I find delight in reading your thoughts.
    You have given me so much encouragement, guidance and joy. With your help, I have become a much stronger and happier woman. I have embraced who I am and I’m no longer afraid to pursue her dreams and to speak her mind. I begin to live my life truly and honestly.
    Thank you Allison.


  20. Comment by Charlie:

    Allison, I am quite excited about this development for two reasons. First, you are brilliant on Smallville as an actress, therefore you know how things work and will transition easily into directing. Secondly, I think this means Chloe is still alive around episode 20! I could be wrong, but it gives me hope. :)

    Good luck!

  21. Comment by Rafael Lopes:

    woowww!!! Hi Allison!!! It`s my first post in here!!!! I love oyu soo much….and I belive in your potential….you can do this!!!! I belive in you!!! I`m from Brazil!!! yeah….here has very Chloes`s fans….!!
    I adore Chloe….Lois…SMALLVILLE!!! and now…with this news of ALLISON`S DIRECTION…..I`m soo happy!!! well….I`m going now….good lucky there Allison Mack….you are a very good actress!!! bye bye!!

  22. Comment by Lea:

    that’s one of the things i would love to do… challenge myself… i really feel im starting to get stuck… and this quote is making me think a lot… thanks for sharing…

    i think you will be a great director… why? you know the show, the characters and every single thing of Smallville… you’re going to be great… i cant wait!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way… directing should be a nice present :D

    from Mexico XOXO… Lea

  23. Comment by Debbie:

    Yes! Good for you Allison. I think you will be an outstanding Director. Won’t it be like directing your family? You guys have been working together almost 7 years now. All your fans are cheering you on. Remember to have fun!

  24. Comment by Matt:

    Hey, Allison - I wish you the best of luck with your directorial debut! You are an excellent actress and the comments posted on your blog are inspirational…I only hope I can grow to be so wise and eloquent. I didn’t TV stars could be down-to-earth, but you’ve pulled it off!

    Good luck, and keep up the great work!

  25. Comment by Rachel:

    Good for you Allison! We definitely need more female representation in the director’s chair . I’d be love to hear from you on your thought process as you prepare for your directorial debut. I’m sure Tom and Michael will give you lots of good advice, but I’d also love to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes angst you get to experience as a first-time director. I’m sure you’ll do great with the support from the cast and crew. Way to step out of your comfort zone. You can only learn from this!!

    - Rachel D.

  26. Comment by A . Simpson:

    This is fantastic news, I remember asking you when you appeared at the Asylum con here in the UK if you had thought about directing !!

    So, best of luck in your directorial debut, and I’m sure that all the team on Smallville, will support you all the way through!

    Thanks again for coming to the UK !!

  27. Comment by Kyle:

    Experiencing something outside of ones comfort zone is always tough and apprehensive. Funny thing is, a person does it all their lives on smaller scales without ever realizing. Growing from childhood to adulthood is in itself a enormous challenge.

    The basic principle when trying to accomplish new heights is confidence. If a person has confidence it erases the “fears” and “inhibitions” of a personality. Working past the negative emotions allows to focus on the latent potential; and we can accomplish anything.

    I hope you do well on your directive debut. I’m looking forward to the episode! Danke.


  28. Comment by Joy:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so incredabley happy for you its almost ridiculous! I remember reading in an interview somewhere a while ago about you directing an episode and you said something about not being interested, and I was like “well darn” and now I’m sooooo happy for you! And episode 20? Thats forever from now and will be the end of the season where all the good eps are :p…No pressure ;) Just kidding, I’m sure you will do great ;) No, more than great, I just can’t think of a word, but you will do it.

    On the subject: I think that challenging myself is one of the biggest fears I have and I think that self consciousness (yeah, can’t spell) can be a factor in doing this and thats why it makes challenging myself so difficult for me. You can’t help it when your brain screams at you to turn around and go back in your comfort zone, but you can help whether or not to go by its advice, which can be difficult. But I guess thats the reason they call it “challenging” yourself, not “comforting” yourself, huh?

    So, your birthday is getting closer and closer! I hope your excited! And I hope that all is well for you :D
    ps. glad to see “ciao” is back

  29. Comment by megan:

    Congrats!! that is so exciting!! Don’t let Tom and Micheal give you to much grief when you are the director, you know how boys can be.

    I think the superpower they gave your charater is amazing and I can’t wait to see where it takes you this season!!

  30. Comment by Marilyne:

    Hi Allion !
    Well well, looks like you’re gonna be the next lucky one to scream “action” soon!!! I just can’t wait to see that. Until then, I just wanna say that you are an amazing actress, you really are!, and that you and of the rest of the crew and actors make Thursday nights seem so far away from each other !…and I can say that a lot of a my Quebec fellows really enjoy the show and as french canadians, improve our English with shows like this and have a blast doing it!!!
    Can’t wait for the 7th season to begin!

    Marilyne Leblanc

  31. Comment by Kenny U.:


    I am an avid fan of SMALLVILLE. I really hope it runs for more seasons. We have seen in the past how other hit series tire and retire, only to look for work down the line. Unfortunately, it is too late by then. The public has too few series that they actually watch. I don´t know of many people who do NOT watch your series. Some episodes are lame, but the majority are enough to keep you coming back for more. You are an outstanding star and I wish you well in your directorial debut. Keep it here.

  32. Comment by Meghan:

    Hello Miss. Mack,

    I am excited for you to get your opportunity to direct a show. I am sure you will be a natural in this position. I feel this way because as an actress myself, we take direction from various directors and it’s only in our nature to adopt some of their processes. I cannot wait to see the episode you direct. Best wishes on the upcoming season and all the endeavors you bark upon.

  33. Comment by Ferbs:

    Hey. You’re ridculously gorgeous… Just FYI.

  34. Comment by meg:

    Yaye!!!! You’re directing an epsiode!!!!!!!!!!!! What a learning experience for you!!!!!!!

    Tell Tom Welling thanks for the push for us!!!!!!!!!! :)


  35. Comment by Darwin Seed:

    The Irish philosopher Edmund Burke said that “No passion so effectually robs the mind of all it’s powers of acting and reasoning
    as fear.”

    Perhaps an addendum to this quote should be “No passion so robs the mind of all it’s powers of acting…and directing…and reasoning as fear.”

    It has also been said that one cannot have fear and faith at the same time. A choice then…must be made.


    How many directors does it take to change a light bulb?

    There are a variety of answers to this query. Many you probably have heard, and many more you may GET to hear in your honor!

    Which is good…because humor is a powerful tool in overcoming fear…And I know whereof I speak…because I have spent some time in overcoming fears…

    Including fears regarding looking goofy while learning something new.

    This relates to humor when you recall that James Thurber said “Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.”
    This was of course a fancy way of saying: “SOME day I’m going to look back on this and laugh!”

    If you laugh WHILE it’s happening…you save a lot of time and fast foward your progress. Eliminating the emotional chaos at the source!


    By accepting your goofiness! Embrace your goofiness! Your goofiness is a fond friend! A friend you should not be embarrassed to be seen with! A lovable, huggable character quality which is endearing to your friends and disarming to your enemies…

    Because remember: “Turning the other cheek IS a kind of moral ju-jitsu.” Gerald Stanely Lee

    Think like Benedict: “I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me…


    …Shall quips and sentences and these paper bullets of the brain awe a man (or woman) from the career of his (or her) humour?

    That you will recognize as being from Shakesphere’s play MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING…

    Which in the end, is of course…all that this kind of fear is. Much ado…about…nothing!

  36. Comment by bourdieu:

    It would be very interesting if you wrote about the creative and intellectual process you go through in this directorial role.

  37. Comment by david s.:

    i also am looking forward in anticipation to your directorial bebut knowing that you, as always, will do a fantastic work of art. I know everyone will agree with me.
    I agree with your words and the quote. Your weekly inward yourney will become easier as you progress further and further. It will be akin a carnival ride where the vehicle once over the crest gathers momentum and nothing can stop it. Only you can stop yourself from achieving the prise. Remember my advise from last week[C#39 7/17] The CHISTIAN walk is an inward journey but most CHISTIANS to stick head in the proverbial sand and attempt to use the mind of human reasoning rather than to submit their spirit unto the eternal SPIRIT of GOD. Unless we are willing to lose our self life we will not gain our life in him.(MATTHEW 16:24,25;JOHN 12:25) Finally,there is an eternal truth. One can not transfer outward that which is not first within them. And,”every thing begets after it’s kind” Until next week your friend. K.D.S.

  38. Comment by Chell:

    Congradulations Allison!!!! I will look forward to seeing your directorial debute!!!! It’s about time dear :)

  39. Comment by Sandra:

    Wow! I’m so happy you finally decided to direct an episode (although I hope this doesn’t mean we will get Chloe-lite episodes pre and post episode 20). I’m sure you will do very well and the episode will rock. I hope you get a good story for episode 20 (not like Ageless or Promise..blah).

    Anyways, Can’t wait for the new season!

  40. Comment by Carmen:

    It’s always a challenge when you are trying new things because you do not know how it is going to end. If we stay in our comfort zone, we will never know what is outside of that zone. If you are willing to try something new. who knows what the outcome will be in the years to come. I recently graduated from college and I wrestled for four years and the traveling we had to do and the interviews that we went through, and the media which was all new for because I come from a small town in Pennsylvania. Since I was in college and wrestling, I didn’t really have a social life and tv was not in my schedule, but my family all Smallville fans and I just started watching it and I am now on season 3…trying to catch up for lost time by renting each season from our movie rental store. I think it is a great show and everyone is doing an incredible job acting. Good luck this year and remember the people who are successful in life look at something new and are able to complete it. It doesn’t matter how you do it; what does matter is that you are able to say that you did all that you could do and you are proud of yourself.

  41. Comment by Ant:

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Each one gets me thinking, often about situations in my own life, like this one.

    For a while I’ve been toying with the idea of branching out my career to something I will enjoy more but will be completely different to what I’m doing now. It would mean starting out with zero experience, and there has always been that question - “can I *really* do it?” - holding me back. But reading this has encouraged me! Perhaps it’s time to start “rasing my commitment level” too.

    I have no doubt episode 20 is in good hands. Hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to watching it! Roll on season 7, I want to see what Chloe does with this new power…

  42. Comment by Celinha:

    Hi, Allison! I love your job in SMALLVILLE!!! Good luck in this stage of its career in Smallville. Bye, bye… from the Brazil

  43. Comment by Amy:

    hey Allison,
    I’m excited that you have the optunity to direct a show, im sure its going to rock, I myself has always wanted to become a director or something on that line, which makes you all the more inspiring to me, breaking out of the comfort zone is always an scary but usually very rewarding expirence, and acomplising it is the most amazing feeling, Good luck in the next season, I can not wait to see it espically the ep your going to direct!
    best wishes for your birthday


  44. Comment by Verito:

    Leí un comentario de Michael Rossenbaum que decía que se había olvidado de decir “Acción”….. en Freak, y que todo era risas y bromas… “¿Quién es éste?… le decían. Por lo que veo es un grupo muy unido y divertido, estoy segura que para esta nueva empresa necesitas de ellos, nada mejor que tus colegas y amigos para el apoyo.

    Por lo que he leído de tí, eres muy capaz y multifuncional, has hecho otras cosas, además de actuar, y con muy buenas críticas. Así que adelante…

    “El que no se arriesga, no cruza el río”

    Perdona mi inglés… yo hablo español


    I read a commentary of Michael Rossenbaum who said that he had forgotten to say “Action” ….. in Freak, and that everything was laughter and jokes… “ Who is this one? … they said to him. Reason why I see is a group very united and amused, I am sure that for this new company you need them, nothing better than your colleagues and friends for the support.

    Reason why I have read of you, you are very able and multifunctional, have made other things, besides to act, and with very good critics.

    “The one that does not risk, does not cross a river”

    Sorry my English… I speak Spanish

  45. Comment by Ryan:

    So I take it your character isn’t dead if you’re directing a show at the end of the season :) . That’s good news. Your character is cool, as you are as well.

    You are nice enough to give us these great quotes so I’ll give you one back, to think about during your upcoming challenge.

    “A bit of advice given to a young Native American at the time of his initiation: “As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It’s not as wide as you think.””
    Joseph Campbell

  46. Comment by Shaun:

    Yay! You’re not letting the guys on the show hog all the directing. I think that’s fantastic. I’ll be watching episode 20 on pins and needles.

  47. Comment by Tori:

    From what I have read it seems that U have gone beyond your comfort zone in the past…and with great success!!!
    With your ability to communicate, love for your fellow co-workers, and amazing vision - I cannot imagine that you would be anything less than a spectacular director.
    Don’t stress with the directing tho - just have fun with it…then even if it does not turn out exactly how YOU wanted then at least everyone had fun…and I know I will enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing this news and thank you again for sharing your self with us.
    and everyone at my house agrees with # 33 comment by Ferbs….

  48. Comment by Steve:

    I guess that means Chloe isn’t dead! Or maybe she is, and you’ve got nothing else to do next season except direct!

    You are, and no doubt will remain, the best thing about Smallville.

  49. Comment by Christine B.:

    I am so excited for you I couldn’t believe it when I read you would be directing that is awesome!! As a huge fan of Smallville I love how that show seems to nurture everyone’s creativity giving you guys the opportunity to test yourselves in the director’s chair.
    And please allow me to gush a moment at how you all have blossomed into really great actors. I hope that all goes smoothly and if it doesn’t then I hope that you will handle it with the same grace you seem to exude in your character. Good luck !!!!

  50. Comment by Anthony:

    Im excited to hear about you directing an episode. Im sure you’re going to do an awesome job at it. Cant wait til next season :)

  51. Comment by lethicia:

    hi allison my name is lethicia
    I from Brasil
    eu só queria diser q sou sua fan e adoro SMALLVILLE e nao veria graça alguma em SMALLVILLE sem você

  52. Comment by Ashley:

    I guess you thought it was time to step out of the crowd and into the limelight. It must be scary yet refreshing!! Looking forward to catching this episode!!

  53. Comment by Robin:

    Hi Allison,

    Let me just echo the views of your other fans and say WOW, that’s great news and i’m sure you will do a great job directing an episode of Smallville, just as your fellow cast members Mr Welling and Mr Rossenbaum have done, all the cast and crew members will help out i’m sure, have fun with the experience…remember to wear a baseball cap like all directors seem to!

    Regarding new challenges, any new endeavor we try in life is dauntng at first,for example, I remember being so nervous learning to drive and had many moments of self doubt, but after driving for ten years it of course like all drivers has become second nature.

    I guess we all put mental blocs in our own heads preventing ourselves from trying new things, it just takes some courage and a lot of support to acheive new things in life…EASIER SAID THAN DONE (just wish I could take my own advice at times).

    Anyway, thanks for yet another great blog entry and taking the time to read all our comments.

    Have a great week all and keep well,



  54. Comment by Jussara:

    ola allison macy sou muito sua fã sou do brazil espero que chloe consiga namorar clark
    i love you e i love smallville

  55. Comment by Jussara:

    ola alisson mack I am its fan and of tone welling tambem is happy for its success would be thankful if ja read this comentario is Brazilian lives in São Paulo nao loses one capitulates of smallville has 18 years plus my life is not facil was operated pra to emagrecer and all more more exactly thus I fight against the scale you give of mine 5 years you and all the team of smallville brings me obliged joy happiness for making this serie tao wonderful that it is its fan numbers one

  56. Comment by Lee:

    Hi Allison,
    I have a very inspiring quote for you that is from one of your fellow actors. I have used it to inspire me on more than one occasion. I think it is apt in this situation and I hope it helps you.
    The quote is from Timothy Hutton He said” You are only as good as how bad you are willing to be”. Very deep don’t you think? hope you like it,

  57. Comment by Skittery:

    Good for you for ignoring that voice. I can understand how difficult that can be as I’m experiencing something similar myself at the monent. I’ve realized lately that no oppertunity should ever be wasted. Learning and growing should never stop, and the only failure is never trying at all.

  58. Comment by David Dwight Hayes:

    Hello Again,

    So much to say. How to go about it?

    Part I of II:

    Communication. People can find ways to communicate if they want to. They can learn to extend their willingness to understand and look beyond the words that are used to grasp the ideas behind them. OR … they can choose to discredit the idea because of the grammar or punctuation in the way the idea is stated. I can appreciate quotes because I se what the person is trying to say. But I see the limits to the words as well and fear for those who don’t. Maybe I shouldn’t fear for them because isn’t this part of what this topic is about? If it was all so simple, we could do away with formal education and just take everyone through a Hallmark store and read the cards … or just through the aisles where the greeting cards read themselves. (Now we can get some good Ellen DeGenerus quotes!)

    I firmly believe that fear HAS a purpose in our lives. I love the movie “Defending Your Life” and it has a good message – that life on Earth is a test of how well we can face our fears so we can evolve. But if we are too willing to face our fears, we may move on sooner than we planned. Perhaps Mr. Jenner shouldn’t have faced his fears about joining the cast of such shows “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” and “Skating With Celebreties.” Sometimes it pays to listen to that cautious voice inside your head.

    Modern man does suffer some health issues due to our inappropriate fight or flight responses to things that happen around us, but fearlessness is a quality that has mostly been bred out of the human race by natural selection. So I will counter the quote from Mr. Jenner with one by a man who, by all accounts, lived without fear. I speak of the Neanderthal philosopher named Link. He lived approximately 20,000 years ago. His last known words were (translated for you from the ancient gruntian language), “Here kitty, kitty, kitty ….” At that point, he was snatched up in the mouth of the saber-toothed tiger that he had been approaching and has been missing to this very day.

    But I do want to take this message to heart, so I am planning to face my deepest fears by swimming with hungry great white sharks while wearing a necklace of uncooked pork chops. My wife has reassured me by pointing out that the pork chop necklace wasn’t enough motivation for the dogs to come near me, so I should have nothing to fear from the sharks. Maybe she’s right.

    A story from my brother’s life. He’s the smart one in the family. He got (almost) a free ride scholarship to go to possibly the best college in Cleveland, Ohio – Case Western Reserve University. Despite being a school for brainiacs, there was a Phys Ed requirement for freshmen. His Phys Ed teacher told everyone in his class that to pass the test, a student would have to make his way to the side of the pool after being thrown in the deep end of the pool with his hands and feet bound. My brother is a good swimmer, but the idea of being bound up and thrown in terrified him. He didn’t want his entire future held up because of one stupid requirement. But he knew if he had to watch anyone else struggling in the pool, he wouldn’t be able to allow them to do it to him … and he would fail Phys Ed. So when the instructor asked for volunteers, my brother stepped forward. They tied him securely and threw him in. He struggled fiercely and somehow through his panic made it to the side of the pool. They pulled him out and he laid on his back and looked up at the instructor. The instructor’s face had a horrified expression. He stuttered, “Dear God! … As long as I live, I’ll NEVER make another person go through something like THAT!” The survival swimming requirement was dropped. The instructor made good on his words. My brother was the only one who ever had to face that challenge at CWRU. The moral of the story: sometimes it’s better to let someone else face their fear first!

    Let me try to get back a little closer to the topic. Strangely enough (but not stranger what I’ve said up until this point), I have met a number of people over the years who are blessed with talent but don’t develop it. Why? Fear? No. Almost the opposite. They believe that their talent is so easy for them that they need to try something that will be a challenge to them – in an area where they have no expertise or comfort. In my life, I got that without asking for it. When I got out into the work world, the economy was bad. Every time I learned a job, there was no work in that field. I went to a job shop when the recruiter was … bluntly, a liar. He told employers that I was qualified to work in areas in which I had no knowledge or experience. We I got to the job, I found out what was expected of me and was terrified to be found out to be the phony that I was. Within a week, I had mastered the job. In two weeks, I was training people. In six months the work dried up and I was on another job assignment that I wasn’t qualified to do. I experienced tremendous anxiety … and tremendous growth. Had the economy been great, I would be an unskilled worker rather that someone able to make up quotes from dead Neanderthal philosophers!

    We need experts. We need people that don’t feel the need to move up the ladder of success (we’ll leave the Peter Principle for another day). Stay put. Focus on what you do and become as good as you can at what you do. Then again, knowing how what you do impacts others can make you much better at what you do. The better you serve others, the more valuable you are. BUT … We also need generalists – people who see the big picture. People who can see that the new min-mall that everyone is intent to build is on the proposed route for the interstate highway. So which way should a person go? If they can’t grasp both the big picture and the small picture and have to choose a path, what they need to do is WHATEVER IS RIGHT FOR THEM. Not Mom or Dad or Uncle Sam. A quote may give someone the courage or a framework on how to become who they want to become. Whether the message of the quote is “stay put (grow moss),” “move on (like a rolling stone) or “go west young starlet,” the quote in itself isn’t anything until it meets up with the individual that needs to read it … but don’t quote me on that.

    It just dawned on me that it’s strange for me to debate this side of the fear issue. I wrote a Smallville based story called “Fear Factor” about Chloe’s investigation of a man crippled by fear. OOPS! Forget everything I said.

    Part II of II:

    Allison, I was hoping that you would start directing soon. It was inevitable. You know your craft so well that it is fitting and proper that you go on to teach and inspire others. Since I don’t know you personally, I don’t know how you interact with a group of your peers. I don’t know if you have the ability to lead. If you are surrounded by people who know and respect you enough to allow themselves to be lead or directed, there will be no problem. I hope that is the case. I can tell you have vision and great instincts, but making others see your vision and follow your lead is a talent as well. As you get more opportunities to direct in the future (and I hope that you do), you are bound to run into people that will try to steal your authority and I hope you can find that power within you to hold your ground. I knew it wasn’t easy to direct from watching the last season of “Project Green Light.” I hope you were able to watch at least a little of that series.

    Thanks to the birthday event this year, I got a chance to try my hand at directing last weekend. The result was blue kryptonite. There was a green screen effect, so nothing in the scene could be green. So the green kryptonite became blue and the crew and editor decided “Green kryptonite … blue kryptonite … who cares?” I did. But with the authority I was able to impose, I’m lucky that Superman didn’t end up coming from the planet Parma! I didn’t have the power to get what I needed from the scene. You can’t always get what you want but you should be able to get what you need. Don’t quote me on that either because I think it’s a lyric from a song (Rolling Stones?). My wife pointed out that I just got a taste of what any artist/writer/director experiences when involved in a team effort. Fortunately, I don’t aspire to directing and I do have a day job. But if my team does finish their work on the video and you get to see it, remember why the blue kryptonite is blue. [Editor’s note: In the Superman mythos, blue kryptonite doesn’t harm Superman – only Bizarros. I’ll try to take comfort that my version of Clark is pretty bizarre, so maybe the blue kryptonite was appropriate.]

    Lastly, here is something that might be interesting for you to try as a first time director. Get a friend with a camera and do a rough version of the episode you are going to direct. Play all the parts yourself as you envision them being played. If you can’t find words to describe what you want from the cast, you definitely have the skills to show them. Hmmm. If you prove you can play any part, you can keep the show going no matter who leaves!

    So, who knows, a year from now, you may be known as Allison DeMack, Director!

    Take Care,


  59. Comment by Sue:

    congratulations on progressing…the only way to become great at something is to dive right in and do it…you can read and learn all you can but in the end only hands on experience can give you the confidence and experience you need…plus leaning on your friends and coworkers who have also directored for guidance and advice is a good thing too.

    Again congratulations and you can only get better and better everytime you direct.

    Blessed Be

  60. Comment by Aileen:

    Good luck with your directorial debut. I’m in the process of trying to branch out. But the word is trying. It’s a tough thing to leap from thinking about it to doing it.

  61. Comment by sheryl225:

    I’m coming up for air from HP & the Deathly Hallows–so I’ll keep this short! Aren’t you relieved? Also NO HP SPOILERS! I just want to tell you that you’ll do great. You don’t know what’s in there until you have to reach down & draw it up! You have a vast well of experience inside that you don’t realize is there. You’ll have to learn some of the tech stuff–but you’ve been working with directors for years & you’ve learned more than just acting from them. You’ll do great & Tom & Michael will have lots of good advice, I’m sure!

  62. Comment by marissa:

    congratulations on your directing debut. I just wanna let you know that you are doing a great job acting as chole, good luck to you and can’t wait to see ep 20!!!

    GOD bless you and again goodluck. - marissa

  63. Comment by Mandy:

    This is great news. I remember you mentioning some time back that you were thinking about taking the plunge into directing, and I’m glad that we’ll get you see it this season.

    I wanted to share with you the quote that I have as the signature on my email, because it absolutely relates to what you said in your entry this week:

    Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work, risking, and by not quite knowing what you’re doing. What you discover will be wonderful: yourself. –Alan Alda

    I love this quote because, unfortunately, I am a creature of habit. I tend to stick with what I know, especially with my writing, and it’s a major task for me to go outside of my comfort zone. But when I do, I’m always pleased with the results because I usually surprise myself. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and you’ll do just fine.

    I wanted to also take the time to wish you happy 25th birthday. My birthday is on the 30th (it’s my golden birthday–I’ll be 30!).

  64. Comment by Magie:

    Yay for Allison directing!!! If you direct any where near as good as you do act then we are in for one hell of a treat! I am so excited you decided to go ahead and do it, I have the utmost faith in you! How exciting to be the first female actor to direct, and correct me if I am wrong but will you be the first female to ever direct Smallville? I could be wrong but I can’t think of a regular female director they use on the show or any guest ones. Either way **way to go!!!**

    The quote is brilliant, it is so true when it states you need to look inside yourself not out when you are stuck and need to find a way to conquer whatever task lay ahead. The only place you are going to find the strength you need to go forward is within yourself and your own self esteem.

    Again congrats on the big news, and if we dont’ hear from you untill your birthday… **Happy Birthday Allison!**

  65. Comment by Bernardo:

    I know many people had said this by now, but I have to say it too: congratulations for your directorial debut. Smallville is really creating a school! First John, Tom and Michael … now the girls. Good luck! Wish you all the best

  66. Comment by Keri:

    Congrats :) That’ll be so cool to see Smallville how Chloe would have it. If I were you, I’d work it so there are A LOT of scenes with Jimmy and Chloe, just for fun.

  67. Comment by Abby:

    Hi Allison! I can’t wait to see the episode you direct. You are such an amazing actress and I love your blogs. I have faith in you that you will do an amazing job on the episode. You rock Allison, don’t ever give up. Remember we are all behind you 100% :D

  68. Comment by Kyle May:

    i honestly think im in love with this show, im a jock kinda guy but i teared when you/chloe died and it would be a shame to see you go. i hope you stay. good luck directing P.S. your really hot lol

  69. Comment by RJChasez:

    Oh wow… this is incredible! I am so happy for you, and so so proud of you. This is a wonderful accomplishment. I know in my heart that you’ll do a great job, because you’re great at everything else you do. I can’t wait to see what I think will be your perspective on the characters. That’s how I feel about it- different directors have different looks at and ideas of the characters, and it comes across on screen. I wish you a lot of good luck for this upcoming season, and for your directorial debut.

    And happy 25th birthday! I’ll have a good thought for you that day that you have the best birthday possible. :D

    Hugs and much love until next time. :)

  70. Comment by Lauren:

    Yay! Congratulations. I will be looking forward to episode 20. I am sure you will do an amazing job!

  71. Comment by Knight1:

    I was a corporate training for a large brokerage firm years ago(when I was younger…lol). I was promoted into that position. I had no clue how to even start. So…the stickler that I am got every book/manual out from the library and started to read on how to be a trainer. Heck that was a miracle for me because I can barely write…lol…I digress. I researched on how to teach adults along with teaching techniques. I learned a lot and came up with a plan. I studied for days/nights “visualizing” (this was key) on how to go about this task. I walked myself through the process by acting and memorizing all that I needed to do so that I could pull it off.
    I was good, really good (pats self on back). I even got kudos from my boss but… my down-fall was that I was and still am extremely shy. Basically, I didn’t like being the center of attention (in front of all those people). So I stopped myself by quitting the job because I was uncomfortable.
    I look back now and do have regrets. I met the challenge and I was good at it but I never followed through, I copped–out because it unnerved me. Instead of daring myself to continue, I held myself back because of a silly reason. Doing that to myself that one time has weakened me from challenging myself more. It has now become a brick wall that I have to learn to climb over to overcome that first hurdle that I never finished.

    So put your fears/intimidation aside Allison, visualize that you can do it and learn, learn, learn everything you can to make that episode ROCK! I believe in you… Knight

  72. Comment by Amber E.:

    Amazing thoughts, Miss Allison. This quote speaks to many of us; thanks for going outside your comfort zone. Looking forward to seeing episode 20…

  73. Comment by whitney:

    Helloooo Allison,
    Yay you decided to direct an episode of Smallville whoot whoot this is such exciting news!!! congrats!!!

    i am positive that it will be a great episode. Its so awesome to see you and everyone else in the cast grow over the years and perfect your crafts know matter what your aiming for acting, directing whatever, your so talented and as long as you stay focused, and passionate you can do whatever you want to do. And when you think you just had about enough just count to 10 and remember these words: “things happen for a reason, So don’t freak when things don’t go as planned everything well be ok just have a little faith!”


  74. Comment by Michael-J:

    I’m really looking forward to see what you do with episode 20, so good luck Allison! I have every confidence in you. I like how Smallville allows people to try new things. Michael Rosenbaum had an impressive directing début with Freak.

    Also, I know it’s a little early, but Happy Birthday!

  75. Comment by Malu:

    I can`t wait to see the episode that you`ll direct because I know that, like everything else you do, will be a wonderful job

  76. Comment by whitney:

    oh ya one more then i forgot to say on my last comment…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i know its not until the 29th but just in cast we dont hear from.
    Hope you have a blast and all your wishes come true.
    Mine is on the 30th ill be turning 20 years old yay me!!!=]]

  77. Comment by Fillipe:

    Hey beautiful, =D

    You have no ideia what this quote makes me realize what I need to do right now in my live, thankz!!! Yah sounds absurd but it is true!!

    Congratulations about your new opportunity, I hope and know that will be a great episode!!!!
    Good luck!

    take care! ;)

    ps: a fan from Brazil! =D

  78. Comment by Elizabeth:

    WOW! It has been too long since I’ve left a comment on your blog Allison. College has been kicking my butt!

    Anywhoos, I can really indentify with that quote. As you I find myself sticking to doing stuff that I am comfortable doing. I haven’t really just been the one to just be spontanious and go out and do something that I have never done in my life. Maybe as I get older I should try to get out of my comfort zone and explore things that I’ve never thought I’d do before. And I think that time will come in the near future when I go to San Antonio for my b-day this weekend(it’s on the 30th,BTW I’ll be 19!) lolz, where was I, oh yeah. My oldest sister has been begging me to go bunjee jumping with her and I’m just like…ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! So I will probably do that as a start of getting out of my comfort zone and trying out new things.

    Congratulations on your directorial debut for ep. 20!! I’m positive that you will do a wonderful job.

    I would like to wish you a early Happy 25th fellow Leo! Hope you have a great one. Take care.



  79. Comment by Andrew:

    Wow, i had the same insight on that quote you got there. I think i am going to push my self to do something foreign and challenging. Congratz on the step up to Director for an Episode lol. It must be an amazingly uneasy but happy feeling. I could say you are one of my Most Favorite Characters on the Show. It makes me ecstatic to know what goes on in the head of Allison Mack ^^


  80. Comment by Felipe:

    I am of Brazil, and admire its work very!
    some rumors in Brazil had appeared here of that the Chloe did not die and that already next season was confirmed. I wait that this really happens, as I wait that you it reads this commentary… Of Brazil, Philip.

  81. Comment by Puffy:

    Shall I count the ways that this is much awesome-ly? Besides the nifty feminist light you could throw on it (female directors = yay! need more of ‘em) I just look forward to seeing your interpretation of the show. Your years in the “biz” is sure to have prepared you well for this task, so tell that negative inner voice to get stuffed.

  82. Comment by Cindy:

    It is so awesome that you are taking the chance to direct. As a film student and a female director I am so happy to hear that you will be directing this season, we need more female directors! I have been watching the show form the start and was wondering when one of you talented ladies would step up and direct. Good luck, though I know you won’t need it, you will do a great job.

  83. Comment by Freddy Rashid:

    hey alison i really love your acting i think you are a great actore and i hope the someday i caould be half as good of an actore as you are take care

  84. Comment by giulia:

    hi my name is Giulia, im 13 and i live in Australia. i love your work. i know that you will be a great director for smallville. Both you and Kristin Kruek inspire me in so many ways, i really hope one day i will become as great as you are. It’s been great watching you on Smallville and i cant wait till season7 begins.
    Best of luck for the future and i hope all is going well for you.

    Giulia gulza23@hotmail.com

  85. Comment by Breeanna Lee:

    Seriously Allison Mack, you are amazing. Never ever doubt yourself and never let anyone tell you any different.

    Not too sound too much of a *fangirl* but i read all your blogs and one of the many things i have learnt about you is that you have the ability to do so many wonderful things without even realising it.

    You write beautifully, your so talented (i cried so much during Phantom and Freak Tom’s an awesome actor and i know the show is mainly about Clark but hon you owned those epsiodes!), you inspire people, your so deep and your completely honest and up front. Those are rare qualities to posses, especially in the acting business!

    And i just wanted to say thank-you because you’ve definately convinced me to go after my dream. I recently started university here in Australia and have been playing with the idea of going on exchange to Vancouver to study film (because like yourself i would really like to direct or write for a television show one day). And reading your blog put so many things in perspective for me, “If you want to take your mission in life to the next level, if you’re stuck and you don’t know how to rise, don’t look outside yourself. Look inside. Don’t let your fears keep you mired in the crowd.”

    You can’t make excuses, you can’t hide behind reasons and doubts you have to seize every chance you get and give 110% because even if you fail horribly (which i am certain you won’t) you still win, because you’ll know inside that you took that chance and that you stepped outsite your comfort zone and that is a victory in itself.

    Wishing you all the goodluck in the world (and i have goodluck i work in a tattslotto agency in my spare time hehe) Breeanna Lee xxx

  86. Comment by Lin:

    Hi Allison, we all start to do something that we’ve never done before. This’s why we say that they are new for us, but the more you try, the more you will know. So be confident, just do your best and don’t worry about the result. Anyway, I have to say I’m looking forword to your success.
    ps…”how can I ever grow if I never challenge myself. How can I ever know the depths of me if I spend my whole life skimming the surface and doing what is comfortable.” I wish I can hear someone say it in the new Smallville.

  87. Comment by Dew:

    Hi Allison:)

    I am a big fan from South Africa. I’ve always said you and Anette are the most talented actors on the show.

    About your directoral debut - its so so so awesome you are trying something new. I always pray that I have the strength to do something new - because I ususally avoid it. New things are exciting and challenging! Goodluck - I have faith in you. And if it sucks - at least you know you are an AMAZING actoress.
    Some of us still don’t know what we are good at yet.

    Love and hugs

  88. Comment by Jay:

    Just wanted to send out an early happy birthday wish (from one Leo to another) and congrats on the upcoming directorial debut! Your character has been the most fun to see grow on the show. From nosey, aspiring reporter who wasn’t sure if she could be trusted, to trusted best friend who can keep the biggest of secrets. Pete might come back to Smallvillle and be jealous of Chloe :)

    Congratulations on the development of a great TV character and developing those great directorial skills (you’ll do a fine job).

  89. Comment by Nicodemus:

    I’m glad to hear about your directing adventures, lass. You shouldn’t worry. I’m a director myself, and it aint that hard. Just make good use of the skills of your crew, and know what you want from your actors, and how to communicate it (and considering you know most of the cast personally, that’ll be easy). Sorry if it sounds like I’m being unimaginably pretentious and prideful by talking about all this. I certainly don’t mean to. Good luck with it, and all your other endevors!

  90. Comment by Mary:

    Ciao Allison (sorry for my english but I am Italian) It’s a great news! Congratulation! And don’t be afraid cause you will do a great job I know it! Like Tom and Michael before you ;) Of course we’re human and we are afraid of a lot of things, especially of what we don’t know, but then, when we face our fear we understand that at the end they are better of what we thought. So Do it like you always do and will be a success!

    Ah I must forgot if you can tell to Tom that I love him! ihihih Good luck!! Ciaooo

  91. Comment by Jimmy:

    hey allison this is the first time i see your blog….and honestly i’m surprised how you really are…a friend who met you that i think you definitly don’t remember was right about you….you’re an angel :D ….after this i wanna say to you that here in latin america you have all our support…you are gonna be fine…you are a smart girl so you’ll figure it out besides you got tom over there to help you and michel too….so this is all i have to side on behalf of a LOT of fans here in latin america…i wish to you A HUGE SUCCESS on the directing job ;)

    see ya!

  92. Comment by ClarkandChloe06:

    Hey Allison,

    Yay,your going to direct an Episode. :) Thats great news. Don’t worry you’ll be great. I know it’s not for awhile but I can’t wait to see it.

    You always pick the best quotes for your blogs. I made you a video for your B-Day and hope you like it. I had my 25th B-Day this past February. I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope you get everything you want,you deserve it girl. Take Care :)


  93. Comment by Dnomal:

    Wow! Directing an episode!

    You must be really excited, make sure you put some proper Chlark emotion in it, shame you/anyone doesn’t know the script of the epsiode yet, so you could plan what to do with the episode, who knows maybe other people could throw in some ideas!

    Looking within is a good idea, problem is if you look to long and to deep you can forget the outside world.

    All the best and Happy Birthday!

  94. Comment by Aysha:

    Hey Allison,
    I always look at your blog as a source of inspiration for me. It’s such a great mood booster. I am so glad to know that you are going to direct an episode of Smallville. I wish you all the best!
    Here’s a quote for you from the movie, “Minority Report” that fits nicely with your blog topic of moving past your fears and going beyond your comfort zone: “Sometimes in order to see the light, you have the risk the dark.” I absolutely love that quote!
    You rock, Allison!


  95. Comment by Matty / inLove_with_Chloe:

    Hi Allison,
    congratulations, I am sure your directing job will be success. But why so late in the season??? Well, we’ll have o wait I guess.
    Today we received the sad news that one of the world’s most famous theater directors has died….. Hungarian-born GEORGE TABORI died today in Berlin, at the age of 93. He was a true theater legend and I am really sad right now. :( Himself a survivor of the Holocaust, he wrote and directed many important plays about that dark part of our history, like “Mother Courage”, the story about how his mother escaped the train to Auschwitz.
    I am glad to see that there are young people like you who are interested in directing. Maybe one day you’ll be following in his footsteps.
    Until next time…..

  96. Comment by Necmi:

    Pls, be happy and hopeful always as much as now, and do not die before me. Happy birthday!!!

  97. Comment by letia84:

    I feel so bad I have been so behind on your blog. Wonderful quotes that I have missed and thanks for sharing the amazing pictures from your trip. Congrats on the directorial debut. I really look forward to seeing your episode.

    I have to say this week’s quote really hits home with me. I have been struggling the past few months in grad school. Really working my butt off and this month it all paid off. I’m more settled now and my path here is going to go a lot smoother. I really had to commit to the process and it was no easy task but the reward was great.

    Look forward to all the birthday entries. Hope your having a great summer.

  98. Comment by Monika Inácio:

    Hey Allison,

    The quote is so strong and deep! Makes you stop and just look around you…

    I really admire your courage to direct an episode and I can bet that this will be so rewarding and fulfilling and most important then all the experience will be unforgettable! Plus it will be so much fun…

    Good Luck with everything Allison and remember, “In every corner of night there is always a light, seek it and make it bright” (my philosophy)

    Monika I.

  99. Comment by Carla:

    Hi Allison, I’m from Brazil and we all love your work at Smallville… you are a very special girl and I hope you could do a great job about the direction of the episode… Hugs, Carla

  100. Comment by Kathy:

    This is awesome news! I am sure that you will do a wonderful job with directing the episode.


  101. Comment by CoReY:

    I cant wait to see your work as a director!, Its a very interesting challenge for you, good luck in this work

    greetings from chile

  102. Comment by Andrew:

    Congratulations! Don’t worry - you’ll be fine! If the past 6 years have shown anything, it’s that the entire Smallville team does a great job of nurturing directors, actors and producers - and you’re right - you DO have a great team to pull advice from.

    I can’t wait to see it. So let’s see - (and I can’t recall where I read this but I swear I did) - Tom is methodical, Michael is crazy - I wonder what your directorial “trait” will be!

    As well, Happy Birthday!

    Congrats - looking forward to the new season!

  103. Comment by Hannah:

    You are so inspiring! I’m only 14 and you are my role model! You are the greatest (I mean it)
    Happy Birthday and good luck with Smalliville! I’ll make sure to watch it!

    your greatest fan,

  104. Comment by Clarissa:

    Hola Allsion,

    Better late than ever to congratulate you on accepting the role of being Director for Smallville. You got the supporting cast and not to mention the fans support like myself to wish you the best not that you will need it. Sure like anything new, jitters are present, but that’s definetely a good thing because it means you are mentally preparing yourself. Dont be afraid to use the whip the cast into shape especially Tom (jk). Ull be hearing from us (fans) again in April after it is all over. We will be saying “I told u so”

    Take care
    Claire M.

  105. Comment by Rob:

    Allison- Best of luck directing the episode! You are a total class act and one of the best pieces of a terrific show! I’m sure you will have as much success directing as you have had so far on the show as a fan favorite! Looking forward to another awesome season!



  106. Comment by Leeze Array:

    Hey nice quote, Miss Allison (as always)! :)

    Good luck with the episode, I have faith in you.

    All the best,
    Yours Truly,
    Leeze Array.

  107. Comment by Jessica_M:

    Hey Allison, it’s so great you will get to direct an episode this year. That’s fantastic!!! I can’t wait to see the episode to see how you do, although I know it will be awesome. Good luck and I wish you the best!!!!

  108. Comment by Dunk:

    I don’t usually read your blog, “Chloe”, but I wanted to tell you that what you wrote was really encouraging to me. It’s hard to know what the best things are to pursue sometimes practically. I have good relationships & I know what I like, but as far as what to do to support my family (a.k.a. “my job”), is another thing. It’s important to be willing to step out & do things I’ve never done before!

  109. Comment by Manon Heppell:

    You can do it, girl!

    More power to you!

    Give my best to everyone on Smallville


  110. Comment by Natália:

    Hey Allison :D

    I’m so happy for you!
    Not only because you got the opportunity to direct an episode but also because you found the strength not to doubt yourself :D
    That is awesome. Really ;D

    I know how hard it is to do something new and how intimidated one can be by the thought of not being good enough (I’ve been feeling that a lot lately :/ ).
    I also know challenging it can be to find your inner strength and ignore the annoying little voice inside your head.

    I sincerely hope you abolish all of your fears about this experience and enjoy it.
    After all, you direct your first episode only once ;)

    Since I am going to be away for the weekend I won’t be able to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday (except for my video on you tube, which I hope you like ;) (I’m nataliaprata)).

    Happy Birthday!!

    Hope all of your wishes come true when you blow your candles! ;)

    25 Hugs and kisses,

  111. Comment by Jaime,oburg:

    Allison, you continue to become an even more accomplished and respected performer. I, like many fans, am proud of you. Congrats on taking up the challenge of directing.

  112. Comment by Jessica:

    Good luck on directing your first episode, Allison. You will do great, without a doubt. :)

  113. Comment by carlos:

    Wow. Funny how you read someone’s thoughts and you can see how it applies to your life. I am sure you are going to do a great job with the episode - look forward to seeing the episode - hope you don’t mind but I am going to “borrow” some of what you wrote - its very inspirational - makes you want to get up and grab what you want - if that makes sense - anyways thanks.

    Best wishes,


  114. Comment by Medina:

    You need see the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? (www.whatthebleep.com) about how our feelings ‘drive’ our health and minds.

  115. Comment by Medina:

    Oops sorry,

    your big fan from Amazon


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  117. Comment by PMD:


    I know it’s scary trying something new. Trust me, I know. But to have this uncertainity can be a blessing. And you have people there who love you and will share their experiences in doing it too. You aren’t alone. Not to mention everybody who’s posted here is rooting for you—you can’t fail, sweetie.

    Just remember—go with your heart and you’ll never faulter. Good luck, honey.

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately. Real life has been a real meteor freaking time. But it’s getting better. And bad times for me means a very active muse—which begs the question—when do I sleep.

    Again, have fun and don’t fret—it’ll come out great, just you wait and see. : )

  118. Comment by Lillian:

    I am so encouraged by this! I struggle every day with getting out of my box and “branching out” so much so, i procrastinate everything. I have been a stay at home Mother and Housewife for the past 20 years,(i am still only 39) and it’s so hard to find myself and what I am capable of doing with the rest of my life.
    Thanks Allison, you are a true encourager. I really appreciate your honesty and I am going to make some dreams come true.

    And don’t worry about directing the episode, “you’ll do fantastic” because you know it’s part of your growth and maybe you will become a great director. Hey if it’s what you want- i say “GO FOR IT!”

  119. Comment by Cassie:

    You’re absolutely correct! Go to “the point of no return”. Becuase in reality everything you do has no return to it. Once I press “Say It” after typing this, there’s no return for me. I can’t say I don’t want my comment on anymore it’s not up to me. It’s up to those who run this website. Because you said you won’t go back on your word, you made a commitment to us and all your viewers of “Smallville”. “The commitment level to the point of no return”. You know, actually, I’m wrong. With “said” commitments, you CAN return. But to those who you commit somthing to, you will disappoint someone. Maybe not EVERYONE but someone. The quote is lovely. It really DOES show how much we limit ourselves. It’s amazing. It makes me annoyed now that I realize how much I’ve limited myself. I’m annoyed, but not disappointed. Although I’ve limited myself through somethings, I’m truly and amazingly blessed by God. I didn’t do one thing, I gained more to my life. If I did do what I pushed myself to do I gained whatever comes out of it. Plus the confidence to do more with my life. I guess what I’m trying to say is “Practice what you preach”, “Practice what you learn”, and share your experiences. I know that what you push yourself to do you’ll do it.

    Happy (early? late?) Birthday!


  120. Comment by Dustin:


    Well, if you ever read this, I hope it is an encouragement. From the quote above and the website on microfinance, you sound like a really great person. I am so pleased and thankful to see people in Hollywood really using their influence to do some great things. (Hollywood has a special place in my heart.) To be honest, what your doing with microfinance is quite intriguing. A part of my heart’s desire is to actually do some of the work that your program is funding. I hope to not simply placate the problem but to deal with the underlying foundation that is weak, particularly financial structures and human beliefs. It takes a transformed mind to transform an economic system. Anyways, I encourage you to indeed stretch out of those boundaries and comfort zones, because if there is any gift or any dream that has been dropped in your heart, there is no doubt in my mind that you have been given the resources to do something spectacular! Be blessed! This is a time for doing things that have never been done before!

    Thanks for your time,

  121. Comment by Robert Turner:

    As long as I’ve been a comic book to movie fan, getting a chance to see an actor step into the big chair, is a dream come true. Just something says, those who have potential can do great things. And I think that applies to you as well. Really looking forward to see what you’ll deliver from your heart and minds eye, as we enjoy this interesting journey. From us Smallville, to Chloe fans, thank you.

    Also keep up the great work, thought I’d also add, you’re a very talented soul and individual. hope tomorrow is very promising.

  122. Comment by Fatma:

    Hey Allison

    Wow congratulations Allison, I’m sure its gonna be a great success. Its great to see your gonna try such challenges and commit to them.
    I really am looking forward to another great season and especially your directing debut.

    Yet again your have chosen another brilliant quote and i agree its very inspiring.

    I look forward to your weekly blogs, being able to communicate with a great person, exchange thoughts, its awesome.

    Anyway Allison once again congratulation, good luck

    All the best
    Take care

  123. Comment by mary:

    Dear Allison, I am a big fan of your show (like millions of others). I have always wanted to meet you and Tom Welling. I find all your work so inspiring. You are my favorite female Actress. I wish that *CHLOE* and *CLARK* would hook up. (Everybody everywhere wants that lol). I have always wished that Clark Kent was real.(Like all of us WOMAN). Great job for pursuing your dreams and sticking through the hard times to make where you are now.You are doing a terrific job. keep up the good work. Tell all the cast to never worry about whats gonna happen, cause America IS HOOKED ! :) ! Have a Terrific Day ! And God Bless you !

    best wishes,
    From a Infamous Texas Girl :)

  124. Comment by Oded Goor:

    Miss Alison …
    Hi’ I’m from Israel.
    I can’t tell u,how much I enjoy each and every episode you’re casting in it.
    Thank u, for the last 6 seasons u’ve been at.

    Have a wonderfull week.

    Oded Goor.

  125. Comment by Oded Goor:

    Dear Miss Alison..

    I can’t tell u by words,
    how much I’ve been enjoyed to watch the last 6 seasons, u’ve been at.
    It’s hard from me to get all it’s say up the page, because English - It’s not my mother tounge.

    Anyway’ thank u for the lovely person u are.

    Oded Goor.

  126. Comment by Jennifer:

    dear Allison,

    I just wanted to say that i truly think you’re one of the most inspiring actress. You’re a smart, beautiful and strong women and you are a great inspiration to me.

    This quote mirrors the moment i decided to telk to that guy i was smitten about !

    Thanks to you, i could finally have more confidence in me !

    I am so glad you finally decided to direct an episode ! That’s good news. I just can’t wait to see that episode ! Hi, hi !

    Would you mind saying hi to Michael Rosenbaum for me ? I had the chance to see him in Paris and i had a lot of fun. Your interviewing John Glover was awesome !

  127. Comment by ABBA:

    Hi there allison
    I think your gonna be a wonderful director, you have all my support but don’t be so hard on yourself I think you are doing great things especially with your charity work. THE WORLD NEEDS POEPLE LIKE YOU SIS!!! so good luck I’m waithing to see next season’s Smallville episode 20.
    God bless you bye

  128. Comment by Lee:

    Hi Allison,
    How is your knee? How is the running coming? When do you start filming again? Please let us know.

  129. Comment by sarai:

    hi hi.
    well I’m from mexico, and i have to tell you “i’m your fan” so… i need write in spanish jeje
    te escribo para decirte que aca en mexico somos muchos los q seguimos tu personaje en smallville, sin ti la serie no seria nada, recuerda que estamos esperando una visita de ustedes por lo menos de paseo por nuestro pais recuerda te quieremos allison te queremos

  130. Comment by Melissa Wells:

    Wow, 128 comments, you really are loved…..Anyway, I think that’s awesome that you are going to direct the 20th episode of the season. I am so excited to see it ! I am sure you will do great. And just remember that every director or anyone in general who is doing something for the first time is always nervous. No one goes into the unknown without a spark of doubt or nervousness (well except the people that are to full of themselves to notice the feelings of doubt & nervousness :P ). The important thing is that you threw yourself in there and are doing something that you will probably remember for the rest of your life and that might actually change it.

    I am like that alot. I have a hard time doing something that I have never done before or that is foreign to me. I can only remember doing it a few times in my 28 years. One of the bigger times was last year when I finally got my drivers lisence at the age of 27. That was the proudest moment in my life. If you knew me and the person I am you would understand. But I have never regreted the stress and the worry because the ending made it all worth while.

    I have been in a rut lately. I have been married for a little over a year and I am a housewife. I am at the point now where I am getting very restless and starting to question things in my life. I love my husband but I always wanted so much more for my life then what I have. Don’t we all though at times ? I have always been the type that if I am scared of something I will stay on the safe side and leave things the way they are. I wish just once however, to say ” the heck with it” and just do something that’s completely against my nature. I think what you do for a living is so amazing and seems like so much fun. An adventure…… I often wonder what it would be like to just for one day do what you do. I wonder if I would hate it because it puts me in an unknown zone for me. That would probably be the case I am sure :P

    Anyway, I applaud your braveness. Your post was so encouraging to me. I hope I can someday be as brave as you are

  131. Comment by ana gabriela:

    hola Allison eapero sepas algo de español porque la verdad que yo de ingles mmm voy medio mal. queria que sepas que me encanta como actuas, me alegra que te vaya bien y espero que siga asi en todo lo que agas mucha suerte!!!!!. Haceme el favor y mandale un beso enorme a tom welling que lo amo, es divino, y le deceo todo lo mejor. al igual que todo el elenco de smallville.
    bueno es todo por ahora espero que puedas leer este mensaje te quiero mucho.

    A te cuento soy de Paysandu, Uruguay.


  132. Comment by ana gabriela:

    hola Allison mi nombre es ana gabriela soy de uruguay espero sepas algo de español porque yo no se escribir en ingles. queria decirte que sos una exelente artista. te deceo mucha suerte en todo lo que agas. esta frase siempre me gusto espero te sirva ” has de tu vida un sueño y de tu sueño una realidad” te quiero mucho. Mandale saludos a tom welling que lo re amo es divino, y le deceo lo mejor. al igual que a todo el elenco de smallville.

    besos chauuuuu.

  133. Comment by Bob Beaumont:

    Just a short message this time!!! :D

    Well, that’s awesome you are going to be directing an episode. I can completely understand why you would be nervous taking this new experience on. I am a firm believer in pushing the envelope. To exceed in new areas of life, and by doing so taking on some risk of failure. Nothing Great is ever achieved or accomplished with out a risk taken. Great things are also never achieved by one sitting on the sidelines for fear of failure too. So good on you for achieving something amazing. Don’t let anyone scare you out of this, or persuade you from your dreams. Keep strong and keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to many people. I admire your community work to, to those less fortunate in life.

    Post a link where we can send contributions and I will be the first to help out!

    All the best and Great Success to you,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

    Your Canadian & Victoria Fan
    Bob Beaumont!!! :D

  134. Comment by ana gabriela:

    hello Allisos
    My name is ana gabriela. I am of Uruguay. the truth not to write very much in English, it is that in spanish they were not leaving me to publish the messege, i had to resort to the internet translator and the truth not if he translates what i want to say or any thing jajajaj.You do not know what finding it hard to this me to write this, but it does not matter I want that you know your me.
    You are a great actress, I wish a lot of luck you in everything what
    you do. I like this phrase much I hope that to you also ” Is of your life a dream and of your dream a reality” side that everything will go out for you well.
    Give an enormous kiss to tom welling of my part, I let´s delight, and that I wish a lot of luck him as to the whole index of smallville.
    I want that you have my msn(ana5_ms@hotmail.com) and write to me(if you can and want). I admire a heap

    kisses. chao

  135. Comment by Rebecca:

    Allison, I’m so glad to hear the news of your Smallvillian directorial debut!
    You’ve shared so much with us in your blog, especially, about your fears and doubts about yourself and it’s so wonderful to hear of your new opportunity to face those right in the face!
    I have absolutely no doubt in MY mind that your effort will produce a quality episode and I am looking forward to seeing the result at the end of the season!

    I’m incredibly impressed with your dedication to your work and how you handle yourself when things get you down and this is just another example with which to inspire others.

    I hope you will be able to continue sharing your experiences in this new territory and thanks for sharing the news to give us something to anticipate in the next year!

  136. Comment by SmgFan:

    Trop bonne nouvelle :) ))

  137. Comment by Felipe:

    Hey Allison! I am twisting for you in this new “career”, probably episode 20 will be optimum…;) Here in Brazil it goes to delay one very to be shown 7ª season, better luck, that God illuminates its life….
    ps…and also illuminates mine pra that I have patience to wait I tie year that comes to attend the next season, more probably I I will go to lower in net, I am not a problem…! ;) kiss:)

  138. Comment by Tino:

    Hey Allison!
    I’ve been watching a lot of Smallville lately and I agree with some of the other people, if you can direct a show half as good as you act it will be awesome. I’ve always been a big fan of your’s. Good luck with the directing, and continue rockin on =] God Bless

  139. Comment by Ron:

    Good luck with the ep! You’ll do wonderfully I’m sure. You’ve been going to director school on this and every project you’ve worked on in the past…you’ve likely learned things you actually never even realized- that’s the fantastic side effect of being around talented people. The fact that you’ve also got a loving, support system of collaborators who want you to succeed will help as well. Congrats for taking this step!

  140. Comment by Jose:

    Allison, i need to tell you something….you are a special woman, with a natural charm, pretty good actrees………you are the power of the story, you are a Real Supergirl…..and the nexty step in your life will be The SuperDirector……..you are pretty smart girl, beautiful, ….i want to tell you something in spanish…im from Sonora, Mexico……”Allison eres una chica preciosa e inteligente, la novia que todos quisieramos tener” = (Allison you are a beautiful girl and pretty smart, the girlfriend that all man dreams).
    God Bless you Niña bonita.

    Jose C.

  141. Comment by Matteo:

    Hi, Allison,

    I’m so glad you will be directing an episode! You obviously know characters and emotions very well, and you can portray intensity, yearning, and comedy all in one episode (sometimes all in one moment). With such gifts as an actress, I’m sure you will be able to filter that talent for character emotion into directing. I myself am an indie film director, and have worked on my first full-length movie for the past four years and finally completed it; in so doing, there were a few things that I learned that may be helpful to you (some things I actually learned from paying attention to the directing on “Smallville”): 1.) when there is raw character emotion throughout an episode, it makes the action-oriented scenes much more exciting because we care about what is going on, 2.) symbolism is really thought-provoking and it’s cool when it is done in the style of film-noir and or comic-book style (such as the half-shadow on Lex’s face or sometimes on Lionel’s to represent their duality, etc.), 3.) balance is key: balancing fun with dramatic often times makes for the best episodes (although some of the best are just intensely dramatic the entire episode, such as “Memoria”).

    I’m sure you’ve read up on your directing tips all ready, or you’re prepared to, and since I’m humbly a mere indie director, I don’t know the Hollywood tricks of the trade, but those are just some tips you may want to think about. I hope that helps, and I’m sure you will do absolutely exquisite in your directing debut. Good luck, Allison. :)

  142. Comment by Tomnbecky:

    Hey, I’m glad to hear that you will be stretching out your wings and trying out directing! That seems like a really cool job(and a tad stressful!)! I always thought that it would be neat for me to go back to school for something in that field. But right now I am content to be taking care of my family of 6 (4 kids ages 4 weeks to 6 1/2 years). I have enjoyed watching you on Smallville, and am looking forward to any future projects you have in the works :) Please let me know if you will be heading to NH, as it would be fun to meet you in person.

  143. Comment by Tony:

    Hi Beautiful Allison,

    Congratulazioni! (Italian)

    “So I am raising my “commitment level to the point of no return”!”

    Careful not to over-do it. Don’t over-reach, rather let it come to you gradually, in a natural sense. Your brain needs time to process the different knowledge/aspects. This actually occurrs durring sleep, catagorizing and placing relevance on the absorbed information you’ve aquired during the day. So get plenty of good sleep. Nobody expects you to learn it all in one day. Bits and pieces until, eventually, fitted / understood (like a puzzle). Over time, when saying aaACTION!, you’ll feel the lived experience / learned knowledge / desired passion and end results unfold before your eyes.

    Remember, everything in moderation. Try to moderate your 1) Learning 2) Directing. Giving equal time / attention to both.

    Being humble is key. You don’t want directing (being the boss) going to your head (too much). The people you are directing may reflect negitively. And you don’t want to be too nice either, they may not precieve you as effectively as you’d like them to. Try remaining in the middle.

    Everything in moderation.

    I also agree with Jimmy Valentime - July 23, 2007 @ 10:12 am.
    “I really enjoyed reading your stuff, you are a really good writer, I am surprise you didn’t go to college your writing has a very solid structure and your very good at convey your point of view and having a “voice” that is distinctive.”

    You already have abilities to produce excellent posture. In both your acting and writtings. Shines in your acting, the attetiveness towards your character’s personality. Shines in your writings, how you construct, phrase and perceive. This will give you a very positive attribute towards directing. The ability to spot and dipict, bringing your thoughts to life.

    You’re going to be a natural Allison!

    @ Allison

  144. Comment by Tony:

    Allison, I made comment previously about Italian greetings.
    I’m an American/Sicilian, but not fluent in Italian. I might have been off just a little bit on my past post, forgot a letter. Thought I’d re-post to clear up the mistake. (not really an issue)

    Ciao = Hello / Goodbye
    a = to
    tutti = everyone (pronounced - 2tea)

    Ciao. (singular)
    Ciao tutti. (plural) - Hello / Goodbye everyone.
    Ciao a tutti. (plural) - Hello / Goodbye to everyone.


    Salute = Cheers, Good Health / Living (singular)
    Salute a tutti = Cheers, Good Health / Living to everyone. (plural)

    You probably won’t hear them say Salute a tutti or Ciao tutti on the Soprano’s when addressing a group of people. But it’s for sure the more accurate way. More Sicilian. :) (don’t forget to add a slight accent)

    Arrivederci (bye, goodbye or so long)

  145. Comment by Jason:


    First and foremost “Happy Birthday!”. Year “25″ is a huge milestone in one’s life (reduced insurance rates). Joking aside I hope you have/had a wonderful birthday!

    Being stationed overseas I am reduced to waiting for each season to come out on DVD before being able to watch. Of course this means “Smallville” marathons soon after release. I just picked up Season 5, and love it!

    As a talented actress your next step in life is to become a talented director. If you apply yourself, as I am sure you will, then you have nothing to fear.


  146. Comment by maroon-snapple:

    though i cannot really compare myself to this blog, i understand where you are coming from, and i really support you in all of you goals and accomplishments. i, on the other hand, have always been one to leap out and try anything new that i could. i love the excitement and rush that comes from it and i almost always have my friends with me (or atleast their support) that comforts me. though i have embarassed myself many a time, ive learned that everyone has, and it really is nothing to be ashamed of, although i do admit that there is still that jab of humiliation… or is it more of a sting? i dont know except that it is painfull at times. but as i said, just like in this quote, you cant let that break you down. you must fight your fears and whatever else that gets in the way of your hopes and dreams.

    continue to shoot for the stars, and good luck with the 20th episode. ill be looking forward to it!

  147. Comment by litew8:

    OOPS, sorry about the italic font! I must have forgotten to close a tag, now changing everyone else’s text to italic. You can’t see it, but I’ll fix it here —— ! Text should be back to normal.

  148. Comment by Jason Richards:

    Heya Allison… Thats awesome that you are taking a step outside your comfort zone. It will be an awesome experience. Me and my friend were big fans of Smallville. Because we live in New Zealand we are quite a way behind in the series. God bless the internet and TVR cards lol. We watched the season finale on a projector it was awesome. But back to your director debut. You will be fine. My friend is a director well amatuer i guess lol. But he tells me that what makes whatever your directing unique is that your touch is present in it. Im not sure if that came out exactly right but I think u know what i mean lol. Apply yourself and you will do fine :) . You are already a very talented actor so I know you will do great… Im rooting for ya!!!

  149. Comment by Gemma:

    Hi Allison

    I just wanted to say how much I admire you. I am so glad that your staying in Smallville and I very much look forward to watching your directorial debut I’m sure you are going to absolutely great at it :)

    I would also like to say how much I love Chloe and the way you play her, she is such a strong character and much loved by everyone. I do think Clark should wake up and realise what he is missing out on though but I’m sure he’ll get it into his big beautiful head one day

    Reading your blogs you really are an inspiration. I have always been the kind of person to just sit back and watch others succeed and then wish I could do what they do but I have recently decided I’m not going to be like that no more, so come October I am coming over to Canada (Vancouver to be exact) and spending a year living away from home before I start a counselling degree. I too have not longed turned 25 and I look to you and all you have acheived and I know that with hard work and determination I can do what I want in life.

    Thanks for entertaining us all and have a great day


  150. Comment by ChloeFan07:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON! :) Thats great news,your going to direct a Smallville episode. I hope they give you one of those little director chairs with your name on it. HeHe. Don’t worry your gonna make an awesome director :)

  151. Comment by Yamilet González:

    Soy de Chile, y quería felicitarle por su actuación en Smallville la seriel que rompió esquemas aquí en Chile. Ya estamos es la 5ta. Temporada claro que en televisión abierta y ha sido por petición de la gente que ha enviado muchos mails, solicitando la continuación de la serie, incluso ya la han repetido como 6 veces y nunca la han sacado de pantalla por el rating…Bueno mis felicitaciones a Ud.y a todo el elenco, es bueno saber que es un gran grupo humano, además en los bloopers se nota, muchos besos y miles de abrazos desde el último lugar del mundo luego de la cordillera….Cariños Yami….. Felicitaciones.

  152. Comment by Yamilet González:


    Srta. Allison:

    Soy Yamilet nuevamente disculpe…pero no escribo español.

    Saludos a todo el elenco en especial a TOM…..


  153. Comment by Taty:

    Hi… I am of Brazil and I found nice this very blog… and I passed pra to give the congratulations to you for its work in Smallville. Smallville makes success in Brazil sufficiently! Much success! Always! Very nice the citation! more nice still what it wrote!
    It forgives my English! It is horrible!

  154. Comment by David Dwight Hayes:

    Hmmm. Maybe you’ll get to direct that new pilot I heard about. You know the one? Of course you do. Really? Okay. All I know about it was what I read in the press release:



    New to the CW beginning the fall of 2008 from Albert Gone and Moles Molar, ”NAZARETH!” Young Jesus Ben Joseph prepares for his later life while his parents struggle to make a go of their small carpentry business. In the Pilot episode, young Jesus is by the river. He sees a group of boys fishing and he tells them, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of boys!” The boys tell him to go away, but the popular girl Mary Magdalene (MM) comes up and says, “I wouldn’t mind netting a few boys!” Jesus is tongue tied. He doesn’t know if they are meant to be together or not because he’s only half finished reading “The Da Vinci Code” in school. He cringes a little when he sees the Crucifix on MM’s necklace. Before he can say anything, MM’s boyfriend Whitaker hauls her off. When everyone else is gone, Jesus hears a strange noise and sees a young man racing a chariot high above on a newly built aqueduct. Suddenly, the chariot is airborne and plummets into the river! Jesus walks across the water and pulls Pontius Pilot (PP) to safety. Pontius pledges undying friendship to Jesus saying, “I think our friendship will be the stuff of sermons!” After Pontius leaves, Jesus’ best friend Peter the Rock comes up and warns Jesus not to trust Pontius. Jesus smiles and they walk off down the river.

    We are sorry to announce that John the Baptist will NOT be making an appearance on “Nazareth” at this time because John is to be featured in a movie currently in development which has been tentatively titled “Baptism Begins.”

  155. Comment by bryant:


  156. Comment by Melissa:

    Gua!Alisson that`s a great ews for you and all your fans in the world.When I read it,I was awesomed because I really like Smallville,specially because is Chloe Sullivan(you)in Smalville.This is fantastic,actually I ant to see that episode jeje.Well I hope that my English be good,because I`m from Peru,and I’m studyng english this year,I have 1 year studying it,so I’ts great.Well,congratulations Alli.Take Care.Cuidate mucho.Bye.Chau.Meli.

  157. Comment by Will:

    i wish u luck on ur debute, i’m sure u will do as gd a job with the directing as u do playing Chloe

  158. Comment by Amanda:

    Your, awesome! I just love your determination and hard work you do! If you need any help with the directing, go ask Micheal Rosenbaum, he’s soooooo funny and he directed the episode “Freak” too! Good Luck, and I’m positive it will turn out awesome!!! :)

  159. Comment by Ashley:

    Good luck Allison!!

    You will do an excellent job!


  160. Comment by BOUROUX:

    Hi Allison.
    I am happy for you, it’s a new challenge.
    You know the Smallville family after six fabulous years.
    It’s something new for you but you have have several months to observe the others director.
    Try something new create some fears. It’s funny, I lived this situation during the last weeks and it was for you. For your birthday I decided to offer to you a video response. At the beginning I was so intimidated. I never made something like that.
    I had no experience in the showbizz. I had two possibilities of videoresponse. The confortable music videoclip and the less confortable clip of me talking to you. I decided to do 2 videoresponses. In the first, I present me, I sing , I speak to you and I present somes funny clips. I hope that the clips will make you smile because I adore to see you laughing and smiling . In the second videoresponse, it’s musical videoclip ‘ I beleive in you’ . I am happy of my choice because beleive in us is the only way to progress when we try somthing new.
    Happy birthday Allison and I hope you will like the two videos.

  161. Comment by yannig:

    Hello Allison,

    I know that you will succeed !
    Just make just the things as you usually do them.



  162. Comment by Caroline:

    Dear Allison,
    I am excited to hear you are going to direct an episode this season and I am looking forward to it. However, I don’t know how you can say that you don’t challenge yourself. As a former sprinter who is trying to work up to her first 5K after having two kids, I know how challenging running is. I know that you have participated in marathons and that is not easy work! Give yourself a break and recognize all the things you do accomplish.
    Maybe I’ll see you at a race one day. Keep up the good work.

  163. Comment by Jose:

    Hello Allison, I am from Cali, Colombia (South America). I admire you so much, you performance as Chloe is great. It is very interesting your decision on directing a smallville episode, and your concern about it. Just remember, it doesn’t matter what will happens… you win! Because you are going to gain a lot of experience, not only about your career, You will learn about yourself too. I wish you the best in this new challenge and a very happy birthday. With affection, Jose

  164. Comment by Kal:

    Hello my dear Allison! A few years ago I took a photo with you, I do not believe that you remember me, but I never forget of this day … I hope that the message is translated well, since I am from Latin America and am translating my message of Spanish into Englishman. I want to wish all the LUCK of the world you in the Chapter that tendras the Direction. I am a FANS of your person, can say to you that I LOVE YOU ALLISON, you are VERY BEAUTIFUL.


  165. Comment by Daniel:

    i love jazz!

  166. Comment by Rachel:

    Dear Allison,
    I just read the blog you wrote about your new inspiration to direct. I loved Bruce Jenner’s quote….so true for all of us. Fear gets in the way of our forward movement. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Our family has enjoyed watching Smallville since its premier…..and can’t wait for each new episode. What a great show…..cast, crew, writers, directors…..awesome job. Last season’s finale was exceptional. You are indeed an amazing actress. I love your spirit, passion, courage and heart. These qualities shine through every word and expression. Chloe’s tears of healing love that revived Lois from the dead touched my heart so much I started really crying. There have been a few other moments like this over the years, but this one was special. Your character has such an amazing heart of unconditional love and loyalty. For these healing tears to be Chloe’s gift/power was perfect and precious. It reminded me of Jesus’ heart. I pray for you every day. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and add your new endeavors to the list. God bless you richly!

  167. Comment by Priscilla:

    It’s so great news!
    You’ll do a grood job =]
    Happy Birthday!!
    I loooove yooooooou so much!

  168. Comment by Ivan Barbosa dos santos:

    http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=14355661563987524674 My page

  169. Comment by Ivan Barbosa dos santos:

    My home is São Paulo Brazil.

  170. Comment by emilia:

    That sounds like such an amazing opportunity! Before you know it you’ll be a natural! =D

  171. Comment by Thomas Mora:

    Wow Allison! That is really inspiring to here you say that. You have been a great inspiration to me. You’re a very gifted and talented friend. I know from your work on Smallville that I can only expect to see something only you can provide, and that is unique to your personality. Your work is a reflection of you, so remember to only give it your best. That way when you look back, you can say, “Yeah, I did that. Me, Allison Mack. ” You will see the fruit that will grow and flourish from your hard work. I applaud you Allison. Bravo! Conquer your fears and you can achieve anything.

    your friend,


  172. Comment by bourdieu:

    On the quote from Bruce Jenner, it sounds like a little Michel Foucault is in order: His phrase “Look inside” frames life outcomes in terms of the the individual, the subjective, the emotional and the personal, and it is a key message of this website. However, understanding life in this way is a “discourse” (to follow Foucault) that masks the importance of the structural effects of social and political power. In this way, it can produce what is ultimately a conservative politics. If individual “success” or “failure” is understood in purely personal terms (without even considering the question of what counts as “success”) then one sees less clearly how race, gender, class, even celebrity, continue to structure inclusion and exclusion from power in contemporary societies. Seeing this clearly is at the centre of any progressive or radical politics, because it enables one to understand individual actions not in terms of personal emotional development but instead fully conscious of their political and moral implications towards others, as responses to power in one’s relationships with others. “Empowerment”, then, can be understood not as a subjective emotion, but as a strategy of real contested power in these structured social relationships - professor/student, manager/employee, male/female, celebrity/fan, director/actor(?), politician/constituents, corporation/local community - and can be experienced in social practices (following Pierre Bourdieu) in the way we speak, the clothes we wear, the products we consume, and so forth. Empowerment is first class instead of economy. It is the presumption to speak and the expectation to be listened to. It’s what you are able do, not what you feel. I wonder in a television production where power lies. Is it with the prop-maker, the make-up artist, the gaffer, the actor, the director, the writer, the producer? And then higher still through the corporate structures of the television network, and then through the multinational corporation that owns the network. What kinds of people move up through these multi-billion dollar corporate structures? How is power practiced and how is it performed on a film set or in a boardroom, or through the media (even through a website), and, most importantly, how is it resisted - or not - by those who are excluded from it as it is exercised over them? “Keep thinking”.

  173. Comment by MissLane:

    Hiya Allison!!! firstly… happy b-day for tomorrow.. from spain!!! heey hehe.
    I am sure that you will do an amazing job with the episode number 20!!!! and please…. please plase… be a superman fan an do an amazing episode related with superman’s story!!! we beg ya hehehe!! and I HOPE to see more chloe and lois, and chloe and lana of course!!! you are really adorable!!!.. so… GOOD LUCK AND TRUST IN YOURSELF!!!
    Hasta luego!!!!

  174. Comment by Rhain:

    Happy Birthday Allison :D

  175. Comment by Chlana:

    Hi Allison!
    I just want to tell you “Happy birthday” Do you know my birthday is in the same day? 29 July is special I think so hehehehe
    I hope you enjoy the day with your friends and your family just like me hehehehe
    And if it’s possible please in your 20 episode… 3 words…. 1º Superman 2º Chlana episode, please… 3º I believe in your work so I know that the episode would be perfect!! Good luck Miss Mack!!!!
    Ana (in Spain)
    P.D: Eyyyy if you want… visit Spain in your next travel!!!! I can show you very beautiful places!!! hehehehehe I have a website too and I want to tell you some things sometime… in the future!
    Good luck in your life sweet girl!!!!

  176. Comment by vanyi:

    dear allison,

    I have to say that YOU are inspiring. at least for me…
    you are a great person, actress… and you will be just a… I dont know how to say it…. you will be the best director, I dont know…
    just follow your heart… and whatever your head is telling you… dont hear it…

    this was the first time I comment in your blog and I am reallly happy to know that you read it and participate of it yourself.

    so, Good luck, all my best wishes and kisses from Argentina…

    DoN t Be AfRaId, I m HeRe FoR YoU.

  177. Comment by vanyi:

    I forgot to say that I have this kind of blog… its not like this one, of course
    so I just leave it here:


  178. Comment by resol:

    Hi. I think it’s awesome that you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things. Good luck. I know you’ll do well.

    I think it takes a lot of courage to step up and do things that are not the norm for us. I wish I could be that courageous in my life.


  179. Comment by Charlie:

    Have a great time!
    With a lot of gifts! :D
    I think you are a fantastic actress!
    I love you! :D
    I love this entry´s quote!
    If you are always afraid of do something new you just stop living because you never grow as a person ;)
    I m sure you will do a great job directing!

    Au revoir! :D

  180. Comment by Ahmed:

    Hi Allison,

    I’d like to say “Happy Birthday” to you. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    God bless you. I hope all of your dream n wish come true..

    Ciao… Friend…

    Semarang City
    Central Java

  181. Comment by John:

    Happy Birthday Allison! According to my clock, it’s slightly past midnight (Central Time), so it’s July 29th! Hope you have a great time. 25 is a milestone, when I had my 25th birthday, my sister joked with me that I’m halfway to 30. :)

    So, I haven’t commented in a while, but have been reading your blogs, and I think it’s great you are exploring new territory and finally acquiescing to your castmates’ requests for you to direct. Branching out to another level, especially in an area you have such a familiarity with has to be simultaneously exciting and nerve racking. I am about to go through something similar, and while I am incredbly excited about the opportunity I could give myself, I am honestly terrified of the same opportunity… my friends and family remind me of why I want to explore this opportunity and that I am skilled enough to, and I know your friends and family are doing the same. You can add my name to that list, as I think you’ll be fabulous…(to borrow one of your favorite words)
    I have been looking inwardly and outwardly for inspiration, and thought I would share two quotes that have reassured me in some small way.

    It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. –Alan Cohen

    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. — Pablo Picasso

    Have a great season on Smallville, and Happy Birthday!


  182. Comment by DANIELA:



    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  183. Comment by Carlos Eduardo:

    Dear Allison, I think that feeling intimidated for directing an Smallville episode is what anyone could feel, it’s a huge challenge. A deal, specifically designed for someone special: for you.

    I feel proud of you, because you are daring to explore new horizons. Besides you felt intimidated, you took the decision. It’s interesting to realize how much a conversation or some seconds in the life can draw new perspectives and paths.

    If you see difficult moments coming, please don’t’ let them stop your will. Remember that if you give up you will never know which was the result of the experience and you will always ask yourself: how would be my life if I had done that on the right moment…? In contrast of the other side, where you will smile remembering episode 20 as part of your list of successes.

    I’m sure you will be the responsible of Smallvilles’s most watched episode. That night millions of TV’s wil be turned on CW and the ratings will reach the heaven.
    Yes, go ahead!, never give up!, fight for your dreams!, I can bet anything for your success. You can do all you want because you are alive.

    Happy birthday Allison!!!, I wish you the best and I send you a huge hug that will fly through the kilometers.

    Carlos Eduardo

  184. Comment by Carlos Eduardo:

    Moderator, please erase my last comment, i just wanted to insert an ASCII drawing of a cake, and seems that your web page didn’t support it. Please do it.

  185. Comment by Stone:

    Hello there.

    I am new to this site.

    However, I have been a sticky fan of Smallville.

    Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    It has always been nice having Chloe in Smallville.

    Surely, you have did a piece of quality work in the show.

    Now, it is even better that you will become a director yourself.

    I can’t wait to watch episode 20.

    Wishing you all the success, Allison.

    Look at the best in people.

  186. Comment by Dylan:

    Hi, I’m a really big fan of yours. Just stopping by to say hi and good luck with everything to do. ^-^

  187. Comment by João Rômulo Negri:

    Hey Allison what´s up? Is so great to see that you´re challenging yourself. This is a huge thing we can do. First of all we have to notice what we are doing (and i see that this first step you have already done) and after we have to accept the challenge and don´t return to our decisions.

    I have done something like that and it´s amazing! You can pass through a lot of bad moments but in the end you´ll feel happy because you can see that you did something good.

    Oh and there´s other thing: when you need help, don´t hesitate to ask because i know that somebody will help you. We have to be humble and ask for help (i know you are). It´s amazing to have all the crew at your side to help you.

    Well, i think i have sayed a lot of things.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

  188. Comment by Zoey:


    Firstly i have to say that you are one of my favorite persons in smallville, i admired you, no only for the personage its you. you are a magic person, and know that i have the oporttunity i want to tell you.

    For dont do this to long and because i dont know xpress my self to well in english, i have to say goood bye. ohhh you like me sends the opossite sex. was a good serie too. but smallville is the best of all the times… I love you, sincerily,


  189. Comment by hugesmallvillefan:

    hi Allison,
    i can’t wait for the episode you direct it will probably be amazing.
    i think you could probably be the best director there is if you work hard enough. i love reading your blog it is amazing. I just got back from vacation so l’m sorry i couldn’t read it sooner.

    hugesmallvillefan (Craig)

  190. Comment by Kiran Qamar Mufti!:


    This is my first time here! Got the site from the Krypton site!

    Happy Belated Birthday girly girl! :) And many happy returns of the day! I hope this is a kick ass year for you! :)

  191. Comment by Lauralea Sharra:

    Alright, i don’t know much about life yet.. i still got a ways to go.. but that quote really got to me.. I totally agree with it 100%

    & i am so totally with you on it being inspiring!!

  192. Comment by Superneo:

    Hey Alli
    Awesome Blog, I was also once in that same boat where fear kept me in my comfort zone, almost like the expression “frozen with fear” cos really I accomplished nothing. My fear controlled me. But then one day I though, I dont want to look back at my life and think I did nothing great with my life for fear. So now I control my life and fear has taken the backseat, glad to say.
    But yeah I think It’s great when we can come to the realization that we don’t need to live like that, and can better help the world when we step out of our comfort zone and pop the bubble we’ve been living in.

    see ya Alli & Happy Birthday again.

  193. Comment by Donovan:

    Happy Birthday Allison!
    I’m a huge fan Smallville. Your going to be a great director, and after reading many of your blogs I think you could be a great writer too. So that would be three careers to have…Huh? Oh! And I remembered reading one of your interviews, and you said you were a huge Harry Potter fan. Well I just finished the final book and it was awesome. Hope you enjoy it, I won’t spoil it for you. Thats all I have say. LOVE YOU! And Happy Birthday Again.

  194. Comment by babe:

    Hi! I’m a great fan of you and I love chloe in smallville,she is by far my favorite character of all.
    happy birthday allison! I wish you the best! you’re awesome!

  195. Comment by Priscilla:


    I’m your fan ^^

    So cute ;]

    Happy Birthday agaain :}

    amo você! =p

  196. Comment by Rhonda:

    Girl, I swear we were separated at birth. You’re freaking me out! Ha! (Ok, well, except that I look nothing like you. At all.)

    Every quote you choose seems to parallel my life and what I’m trying to do with it. I’m starting to tick people off with my motivational speaking, I think. In fact, only a few hours ago, I got a little miffed and blogged about it. I just get infuriated with the no-getters. My gosh, people, this is YOUR life, get up and DO something!

  197. Comment by Kasey:

    I slightly disagree with the quote.
    It’s awesome to look inside yourself for strength, but something that I’ve learned recently is that I’m just not strong enough to deal with somethings on my own. The only choice I have is to look to Someone greater than myself.
    That might sound weak and pathetic, but I actually find it humbling and hard to do. I want to know how to handle situations on my own and to have the strength by myself, but the truth is I can’t do it. I’m grateful for an amazing God that cares for my needs and gives me strength and for amazing friends and family that rally around me when the going gets tough!

  198. Comment by Ace:

    So many great news! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Allison :P !!!! I am so happy of your important decision which can means positive break in your career. You’re such a fantastic actor and i hope you will be as well good director as actor ;) . Good luck!!!

    Your BIG fan from SLOVAKIA

  199. Comment by marcos( Brazil ):

    i jst wanna tell u that im big fan!!
    i can say that i love u ..u r so beatifull..many things…but everybody does that!!!so i just tell you that a live for u..couse my life is so numb and see u in the tv make me fell live !!!please dont forget me dont forget my words couse is like if i never lived…..and i live for see u…
    big hugs in ur soul !!!!
    send me a hy..please

  200. Comment by Yamilet González Terra:

    Feliz Cumpleaños…Allison

    Desde el último lugar del mundo…Chile…un abrazo gigante y los mejores deseos para este año y los que vendrán…

    Felicidades y muchas bendiciones.

    Yamilet G.T.

  201. Comment by Audrey:

    Hey Allison. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with directing an episode of Smallville. You do an awesome job in front of the camera and I’m sure you will do great behind it. If Tom can do it, so can you..lol. You have some great people such as Tom and Michael to get advice from and I’m sure things will go great. With all the time that you have ahead of you, means time to prepare. Relax, take it easy and go with the flow. Have fun with it and can’t wait to see the episode and all the other Smallville episode. The season to come sounds great! Can’t wait.


  202. Comment by Erika:

    Again, I can relate to the thought of venturing out into the unknown. There are many things that I am involved with in my life and I find myself sometimes getting a little stagnate and just fading off into the background, not ever really stepping up to the challenge of being in charge. Sometimes it’s because the job is being handled, but most times it’s because I don’t feel like I am qualified to take the lead and go for it. It’s a daily battle, but reading little things like your blog post, help me to further let down my guard and take the plunge, so thank you for your inspiration. Happy Belated Birthday and good luck with your directorial debut, I hope it turns out better then you could have ever imagined that it would.

  203. Comment by Eduardo Daolio:

    Oi Allison, meus parabéns por seu trabalho, você tem muitos fãs no Brasil. Estamos torcendo por você em Smallville.

    Hello Allison, congratulations for your job in smallville, you´ve too many fans in Brazil. Good Luck!


  204. Comment by mikah smith:

    hey allison, wow i’ll be sure and watch that episode! not that i don’t watch every episode anyway….you’ll do great you have nothing to worry about good luck!!!


  205. Comment by Rene:

    Hi, Allison.. I actualy just wanted to say That I’m a big fan also an aspiring actor , And your quote by Bruce Jenner is inspiring, well I just wanted to say that I think your great and would like to see more of your work..

  206. Comment by JENNIFER SOMANI:


  207. Comment by Fable Fox:

    Thanks for the great quote and blog Allison!

    I will be succesful one day and thanks to you

    By the way, I love you

    Keep on smiling, you have the most beautiful smile ever.

    - Fable Fox

  208. Comment by Deon S.A.:

    Happy Birthday on 29th of July.

    I’m a bit late, a couple of days, but still I hope you had a good one.
    Good for you for taking on the directing.
    We should try to do at least one thing a day that scares us.
    And what a feeling we get when we covered that milestone.

  209. Comment by Josh Macelli:

    It has been so incredible to watch you grow these last six season, and not just your character, although I am glad that they moved you from Clark’s sidekick to a character with her own story lines, but in all that I have seen you grow personally. Again you have inspired me by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on a task that is daunting and not just about you. I have NO doubt that you will shine as brightly as a director as you do an actor. I can’t wait for you to prove me right. Great music by the way, kind of a mix between Etta James and Harry Connick Jr. If you like good blues, try Louis Jordan, He is amazing.

  210. Comment by Lorena:

    hi allison you`re awsome really I don`t know what to say about you you`re an exellent actress I wish you the best really and I die to see the episode that you`re going to direct because I know that that episode is going to be the best and please this season you have to stay with clark you`re an exellent couple really haha well that`s it and if you can send me an e-mail I will be appreciate and very very happy :) hahaha loren_mmm@hotmail.com
    take care byebye

  211. Comment by Denise:

    I am sure you’ll do fantastic in the director’s chair. It’s fun to step out of our comfort zones. Remember it’s not a mistake if you learn from it. I wish I had taken a few more chances in my life.

    Best of Luck!!

  212. Comment by Marco:

    hello, my name is Marco ,I’m from Chile and this is my first e-mail in your web, not the last I hope,well a wants to said good luck on your directorial debut.I know it will be great.and you are beatiful and my favory character. my e-mail is marco_riveros79@hotmail.com is you want to know about my country Chile. bye and GOOD LUCK. sorry by my english.

  213. Comment by Marco:

    Happy birthdays allison
    feliz cumpleaños a ti
    feliz cumpleaños a ti
    feliz cumpleaños allison feliz cumpleaños a ti.
    make a wish.

  214. Comment by Jace:

    Hi Allison! U have a great blog, i find it by accident.. U are great in writing, is inspiring. Thanks for sharing, its awesome, as i learn something from u, i guess u are right, we should not do something we alway comfortable of, we should try out thing and should not limit ourselve, if not we will not be able to break through ourselve..

    Happy Birthday to you! Have a great time with your love ones and friends.. Good luck, i will be waiting Smallville Season 7 to be air =)

  215. Comment by timothy Kaz:

    Then, without realizing it, you try to improve yourself at the start of each new day; of course, you achieve quite a lot in the course of time. Anyone can do this, it costs nothing and is certainly very helpful. Whoever doesn’t know it must learn and find by experience that a quiet conscience makes one strong.
    -Anne Frank

    So inspiring just because Anne Frank went through so much yet looked at life in a positive way. She was an old sole for such a young bright person. Allison you seem like a really down to earth chica, i thought you might appreciate this quote, even though you will probably never read this message. Take it easy girl.
    -Timmy Kaz

  216. Comment by Knight1:

    I had to post another comment in this blog after just seeing the rerun of “Freak” directed by Michael Rosenbaum.
    They really put you through the ringer in that episode, by strapping you down on that cold table with these things in your mouth. Good lord that had to be difficult to get through, I would think.
    I think its payback time and Michael should get a little bit of that medicine in return. I say when you direct your episode, turn the “tables” on him… lol …literally… and don’t forget to include all that uncomfortable hardware in his mouth. lol
    That would be a fun little twist… lol …anyhoo good luck in your new endeavor.
    Peace, Knight

  217. Comment by Paul:

    I realy appreciate that quote, Im gonna have to try and remeber it for the times when I realy need it. I mean its easy to feel inspired when things seem to be going smoothly but when the road gets rough….. but than that reminds me of another quote, from Napolean Hill:
    ” Every adversity carries with it the seeds of a greater benefit.”

    Im confident your gonna have a blast directing,and you may even find a few “seeds” at the same time.

    Lookin forward to critiquing episode 20!

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