Forth Congregational Cemetery

Listed Alphabetically - most information is taken directly from the headstone inscriptions. This may be in some cases inaccurate. Some of these inaccuracies are noted.

There are a number of un-marked graves in this cemetery.

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Berry Sarah 18-08-1881 56yrs

Berry Joseph (reg. 1/11/1880 aged 71yrs) 13-11-1880 70yrs

Broad Stephen Edmond 08-09-1904 57yrs

Broad Theresa

Brumby George 19/04/1916 81yrs

Brumby Emily S. 23/08/1923 89yrs

Brumby Madeline 01-05-1928 39yrs

Carruthers Annie Florence (wife of W.A.Carruthers) 23-05-1919 64yrs

Crosby William Morgan - Nova Scotia b.1836 - d. Leith, Tas. 1916

de Dassell Charles Henry - (grandson of Charles Christopher) 17-04-1854 1mth

Digby E. - b. Norfolk, England. d. Forth Beach 05/07/1897 89yrs

Filluel James William - b. Jersey. d. "Vercult", Forth 26/05/1913 79yrs

Filluel Jane Margaret 31/08/1935 91yrs

Foxton Charles Christopher 11-12-1852 73yrs

Foxton William Alexander (son of Charles Christopher) 11-04-1854 11yrs

Gardiner Alexander W. 26/01/1911 73yrs

Gardiner Margaret 02-03-1920 82yrs

Gibson Peter (Scotland) 06-11-1862 57yrs

Grainger Emma Amelia (wife of Walter E. & dau. of J.W. & J. Filleul,) 3/12/21

Grainger Emma Elizabeth 05-03-1935 90yrs

Grainger H.T. (son of the late Capt. A. Grainger, London) 16/10/1913 74yrs

Hardy Mabel 10-01-1901 7yrs8mths

Hays Elizabeth 24-07-1915 80yrs

Hays Frederick Henry - b. Wiltshire, Eng. d.Forth Beach 12/1/13 73yrs

Hays G.E. 26-07-1908 66yrs

Hays Harriet Rebeckah - b. Launceston 06/05/1845 d. Forth Beach 12/8/16 71yrs

Heazlewood Florence Alice 24/12/1926 79yrs

Heazlewood Francis Henry 27/09/1941 74yrs

Heazlewood Keith Walter (son of F & F) 08-09-1918 9yrs

Hollingsworth Frederick (Blacksmith by trade) reg. as 60yrs of age at death 08-11-1884 70yrs

Jones Harriet Susan 13-03-1955 71yrs

Jones Joseph Moses 02-07-1936 56yrs

Jones Mary Ann 25-06-1865 54yrs

Jordan Charles W.L. (hb. of Hilda Jordan) 27-10-1946 71yrs

Jordan David 07-06-1909 64yrs

Jordan Emily 03-08-1923 70yrs

Jordan Hilda (wife of C.W.L. Jordan) 30-01-1966 83yrs

Jordan Malvina 03-03-1899 1yr

Lillico Helen Telfer - d."Hindly", River Don 18-10-1878 82yrs

Lillico Hugh - late of Scotland - d. River Don 06-11-1862 75yrs

Logan Alexander 25-07-1914 89yrs

Logan Alexander Robert 05-04-1924 65yrs

Logan Clarice R. 19-04-1943 55yrs

Logan Elizabeth (wife of Alexander) 17-05-1875 40yrs

Logan David 17-04-1941 80yrs

Logan Jane 03-01-1943 79yrs

Mathison Mary Isabella (dau. of Rev. Walter Mathison) 13-06-1864 15yrs

Monds Benjamin Wickham b.27-03-1835 drowned, Sunday 2/3/1845 in Forth River

Monds Henrietta 12-05-1872 19yrs

Monds William

Onions Elsie 6/7/1877 3yrs 9mths

Onions Margaret 11/11/1889 70yrs

Parker John William 1/11/48 85yrs

Parker Mignonette (daughter of Sarah & John W.) 18/04/1919 29yrs

Parker Sarah 1/1/26 68yrs

Perrin Charles Frederick (Melbourne) - 2nd son of Richard Perrin , Dublin, Ire. b.02-05-1842 15-12-1861

Pleas John 23-02-1885 73yrs

Pleas Mary 01-07-1864 53yrs

Raymond Letitia (wife of Joseph) b. 25/6/1816 10-07-1889 83yrs

Raymond Joseph 10-12-1892 76yrs

Riggs Dorcas 10-07-1886 66yrs

Riggs William (hb. of Dorcas Riggs) 10-02-1891 71yrs

Risby Hannah Maria (dau. of Andrew F. & Louisa) b.12/08/1842 04-04-1851

Risby Andrew Frederick snr. 30-08-1895 81yrs

Risby Louisa snr. (wife of Andrew Frederick Risby snr) 08-12-1883 70yrs 7mths

Rooke Lalah (Sarah Jane) - wife of a Chemist - dau. of J & L Raymond 11-06-1877 36yrs

Smith Cathline (wife of Capt. R.E. Smith) 24-05-1917 28yrs

Smith James "Westwood", Forth b. 1/07/1827 15-06-1897

Smith Mary Jane (wife of James) - b. 06/10/1841 09-01-1928

Smith William 18-10-1939 73yrs

Stones Ann (2nd wife of Robert H.) - reg. as 63yrs at death 19-12-1881 68yrs

Stones Charles - (2nd son of Robert & Sarah) 04-03-1874 26yrs

Stones Edward Lewis (son of Joshua & Louisa Stones) b. 12/02/1878 16/08/1899

Stones Robert H. 25-10-1883 62yrs

Stones Sarah 09-07-1861 42yrs

Tait Catherine - wife of Capt. Tait - d. River Forth 28-10-1856 45yrs

Telfer Mary 24-08-1877 76yrs

Tolcher Joseph J. 17-06-1876 44yrs

Vertigan Eliza Etheline (dau. of Thomas & Jane) reg. Elsie Etheline d.25/11/1887 20/11/1887 2yrs6mths

Vertigan Eva Blanch (dau. of Thomas & Jane) 15/09/1894 1yr 6mths

Vertigan Eva Jane March 1887 7mths

Vertigan Florence Mary (dau. of F.H. Hays) 14/10/1908 43yrs

Vertigan Jane Margaret (wife of Thomas) 01-11-1906 36yrs

Vertigan Thomas Yaxley & Ada 26/03/1937 76yrs

Vertigan Thomas Yaxley & Jane Margaret

Walker George Cooling (son of Jane) 29-11-1867 53yrs

Walker Henry (son of Jane) d. Mt. Bishoff 22-04-1876 50yrs

Walker Jane - formerly of Berlaeevedev, Wales 20-09-1867 53yrs

Whiteroad Benjamin 20-02-1870

Whiteroad Elizabeth - reg. date of death 16-10-1883 16-10-1890 55yrs

Williams Anne Jane - reg. 29/3/1891 26-03-1891 68yrs

Williams Archie (son of John)

Williams John 04-10-1897 81yrs

Williams John (son of John)

Yates Elizabeth V. 8/10/41 82yrs

Yates Samuel 25/02/1937 83yrs



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