St. Andrew's Church of England Cemetery, Sprent


Unfortunately some of the early records of the Sprent Church have been lost by the incidence of fire over the years. By 1867 the Sprent district was inhabited by several families including the McLarens, Goolds, & Moores.

The first church was erected as a result of working bees, and the initial service was held within on Sunday 3rd January, 1875. This Building was also used as a school.

The present building, St. Andrew's was consecrated by Bishop Montgomery of October 3rd., 1890, and the Rector, the Rev. Humphrey Davies was present on this occassion. St Andrew's possesses an elaborately carved baptismal font which was presented to the church as a thanks gift by Colonel Andrew Crawford to commemorate his 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1890.

Cemetery transcriptions:

Anderson Max 02/01/1930 11months
Andrews Elizabeth (mother of Walter Andrews) 21/04/1891 80yrs
Banfield Edgar Reginald 01/01/1933 23yrs
Chamberlain Henry James 07/06/1901 82yrs
Crawford Andrew - Lt. Colonel, 3rd Bombay European Regiment 07/02/1899 *
Crawford Matilda Frederica (wife of Andrew) - b.9/02/1824 13/05/1916  
Dennison Mary Jane 06/10/1935 73yrs
Garland Henry Williams (son of John) 14/03/1939 41yrs
Garland John 10/07/1941 77yrs
Goold Albert (hb. of Beatrice) 01/01/1946 79yrs
Goold Beatrice (wife of Albert) 12/12/1938 79yrs
Goold George (hb. of Maria) 11/02/1924 71yrs
Goold Maria (wife of George) 30/08/1930 73yrs
Marshall Edward 13/09/1914 48yrs
Marshall Vida Gwendoline 16/05/1912 3┬Żyrs
Moore Jane (wife of William) 06/12/1906 67yrs
Moore William (hb. of Jane) 13/12/1906 87yrs
Nicolle Christina Louise 17/09/1934 71yrs
Nicolle Thomas Shaw 18/09/1932 73yrs
McLaren Alex (hb. of Ellen) 03/09/1934 81yrs
McLaren Ellen (wife of Alex) 21/06/1940 85yrs
Pedley Isabel E. (Mabel) 06/09/1902 29yrs
Rodman Leonard Norton (hb. of Sadie Victoria) 18/12/1952 59yrs
Rodman Sadie Victoria (wife of Leonard Norton) 16/03/1982 86yrs
Rodman Thomas C. 23/12/1932 75yrs
Stevens John (hb. of Mary Ann) 15/10/1950  
** Stevens Mrs 14/06/1905  
Stevens Mary Ann (wife of John) 16/09/1938  
Stevens Reuben Alfred (son of John & Mary Ann) 06/03/1920 19yrs

* died at his property "Deyrah" Castra.

** It is only assumed that this person is buried here as other members of the family are known to be. The grave remains un-marked and place of burial is only listed as Sprent.

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