Sprent Methodist Church Cemetery.


Cemetery Transcriptions:

Bishop Mary 25/11/1915 57yrs
Cox Eric (son of Joseph H. Cox)    
Cox Joseph H. 02/03/1934 63yrs
Cox Mary Louise (wife of Joseph H. Cox) 23/02/1965 91yrs
Crawford Harriet (wife of William Cash Crawford) 09/06/1905 69yrs
Crawford William Cash (hb of Harriet) 18/08/1879 42yrs
Dobson Charlotte Elizabeth (wife of George) 20/08/1942 86yrs
Dobson George (hb. of Charlotte Elizabeth) 25/08/1922 72yrs
Dobson Morton C. 07/02/1920 42yrs
Dobson Pte. Herbert W. 40th Bat. AIF 07/16/1917 21yrs
Dolbel Christina 25/05/1899  
Dolbel Clement 31/01/1908  
Dolbel Florence (dau. of H.P. Dolbel) 23/06/1890 14yrs *
Dolbel Henry P. 08/09/1903  
Dolbel Jessie 15/07/1897  
Dolbel Mrs. H. P. (wife of H.P. Dolbel) 10/09/1905  
Dolbel John 31/05/1907  
Dolbel Katherine 31/05/1896  
Dolbel Margaret 12/01/1899  
Dolbel Thomas, Col 16/04/1877 15yrs
Jacklin William Miles 29/10/1909 80yrs
McPherson Alexander (son of Duncan McPherson) 10/01/1895 32yrs
McPherson Angus 22/10/1931 70yrs
McPherson Angus 20/10/1944 12┬Żyrs
McPherson Catherine 23/01/1904 70yrs
McPherson Christina (sister of Alexander) 27/08/1877 19yrs
McPherson Colin 23/09/1944 11yrs
McPherson Donald (brother of John Coll.) 07/12/1877 8yrs
McPherson Duncan 03/01/1896 67yrs
McPherson H. A. 24/12/1918 28yrs
McPherson James 31/07/1933 7yrs
McPherson Janet M. 18/04/1916 50yrs
McPherson John Coll. (brother of Donald) 21/12/1877 20yrs
McPherson Leslie John (nephew of John Coll.)   5 weeks
Wright Sarah H. (wife of Thomas) 04/07/1902 70yrs
Wright Thomas (hb. of Sarah) 26/10/1896 76yrs

* registered as 1891.

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