McCulloch Family Cemetery, Upper-Gawler Road

Listed Alphabetically - most information is taken directly from the headstone inscriptions. This may be in some cases inaccurate. Some of these inaccuracies are noted.

There are a number of un-marked graves in this cemetery. Originally the site of a Presbyterian Church, since removed.

Anderson Arthur Ernest - h/b of Hester - father of Hilda, Margaret, Neil, Neville, Ruth, Allan, George, Wallace. 06/06/1981 71yrs
Anderson Neil James - son of Arthur & Hester Anderson 05/10/1937 9mths
Burt Harriett    
Burt Henry    
Burt Henry A. b.26/08/1850 - hb of Rosana 1931  
Burt Henry A. 29/06/1938 62yrs
Burt Rosanna, b. 02/08/1856 - wife of Henry A. snr 04/06/1890  
Burt Ruby X. 06/06/1969 62yrs
Lawson Cyril (Sid) 18/12/1953 51yrs
Lawson Mary Ida 26/07/1975 69yrs
McCulloch Agnes Gordon 21/04/1933 79yrs
McCulloch Andrew 11/08/1904 57yrs
McCulloch Andrew - late A.I.F. 24/06/1959 80yrs
McCulloch Bernice - wife of James Bruce, b.11/04/1897 15/08/1980  
McCulloch Elsie - b. 15/05/1885 - wife of Ernest 04/08/1960  
McCulloch Ernest - b. 11/04/1886 - h/b of Elsie 07/10/1973  
McCulloch Frank - son of Bernice & Bruce   6yrs
McCulloch George Gilbert - twin son of J.H. & S.M. McCulloch b.26/2/1911   6days
McCulloch Herbert 17/04/1942 52yrs
McCulloch Horace 09/05/1897 13mths
McCulloch James 04/04/1892 83yrs
McCulloch James - h/b of Mary Eliza 19/11/1918 78yrs
McCulloch James Bruce, M.M. b. 22/09/1896 - h/b of Bernice, father of Dorothy, James, Frank & Dale. 02/08/1966  
McCulloch James H. 22/07/1964 91yrs
McCulloch Jane 22/03/1891 79yrs
McCulloch John 22/06/1896 61yrs
McCulloch John G.G. hb. of Kathleen, died from wounds at Tobruk - son of Susan & J.H. McCulloch 18/05/1941 29yrs
McCulloch John William - twin son of J.H. & S.M. McCulloch b.26/2/1911 27/02/1911 1day
McCulloch Kathleen - wife of John G.G. - b. 1912 1939  
McCulloch Leslie J. - hb of Louisa A.S. b.1883 - mother of Lance, Agnes & Lily 1947  
McCulloch Louisa A.S. b.1889 - wife of Leslie J. - mother of Lance, Agnes & Lily. 1976  
McCulloch Margaret 08/01/1906 73yrs
McCulloch Margaret - wife of Peter 03/01/1948 84yrs
McCulloch Mary Eliza 23/07/1919 75yrs
McCulloch Peter - h/b of Margaret 18/05/1926 74yrs
McCulloch Rosanna 05/04/1873 64yrs
McCulloch Ross - baby son of Bruce & Bernice    
McCulloch Susan M. wife of J.H. McCulloch 03/10/1928 55yrs
Stones Agnes 06/09/1952 75yrs
Stones Charles H. 04/02/1943 69yrs
Stewart Donald Simon - grandson of John & Mary Ann - accidentally killed. 23/06/1950 24yrs
Stewart Herbert Colin b.27/05/1936 - h/b of Geraldine, father of Tnya, Colin, Karen - accidentally killed. 01/09/1974  
Stewart James Simon - h/b of Myrtle 07/04/1964 73yrs
Stewart John - h/b of Mary Ann - b.1858 1916  
Stewart 4027 Sergeant John H., M.M. 47th Batt. A.I.F. b.02/02/1893 27/02/1964  
Stewart Mary Ann b.1869 - wife of John 1900  
Stewart Myrtle 06/02/1982 90yrs
Tripp Eliza Margaret 07/04/1966 78yrs
Tripp William Percival 21/03/1956 78yrs

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