About us.

Abesha.com® strives to build an online community where emotions make way for logic, propaganda makes way for information and political polarization makes way for the collective inclusion of constructive ideas amongst individuals from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Although they are two of the world's poorest countries, Eritrea and Ethiopia have been at odds for years leading to an incomprehensible situation in which the people who reside within each border have forgotten the humanity of their closest neighbor.

We believe that establishing a discussion forum conducted under strict terms of mutual respect, without curtailing or eclipsing individuals' perspectives is one way to create a common ground where understanding can be nurtured. We realize that some of the issues that may be discussed in the forum have strong emotional roots, so it is our goal to create a forum where the issues can be channeled out without coercing, disrespecting or insulting others. Our aim is to promote the exchanging of ideas open-mindedly and move towards an understanding while avoiding unnecessary debasing and badmouthing.

We refuse to rely solely on the glory of the past. Instead, we recognize that as youth, and as the future of both countries, we should intend to be instrumental in the turning of a new page in our collective histories. We strive to increase awareness about global issues that may directly or indirectly affect us as youth in the Diaspora, and support the causes that endorse human rights and justice throughout the world. Additionally, in the same spirit of promoting understanding between Eritreans and Ethiopians, Abesha.com endeavors to go beyond and show our wish to increase understanding amongst humanity, be it amongst other Africans or the rest of the world.

We recognize that each individual has distinct talent(s), knowledge and perspectives to bring to the table and by providing a space on the site where these individuals can be introduced to each other, we strive to create a networking system. It is our hope that such networking will be a source of inspiration and possible collaborations. Additionally, we are also dedicated to promoting the various artistic and literary endeavors that reflect the plethora of experiences, thoughts, and concerns that are present throughout diasporic communities. We hope that abesha.com will also serve as a think tank from which ideas, propelled by constructive motives, can mortalize into practical initiatives. In essence, it is our dream for abesha.com to become the roots from which actual projects blossom.

An Acknowledgment:

The name of this web page was chosen due to our desire to select a neutral and commonly shared term of reference for both Ethiopians and Eritreans. Since the site's inception, however, we have learned that many in Ethiopia do not associate with the term h/abesha, as it excludes groups such as Oromo's, Somale's, and the many Southern Nationalities And Peoples. We have also learned that there are a number of Eritreans who do not refer to themselves as "habesha" such as Rashaidas, Kunamas and others. Perhaps, the biggest lesson we have acquired is that the term "h/abesha" is a complex phrase that has specific social, geographical and sometimes political connotations and we will reserve it as a name that is quite vulnerable to constant modifications. Consequently, our view of this label is as one that will gravitate us towards a deeper understanding of the complex fabrics that makes a nation and with such gravitation comes many lessons. And with such lessons comes a clearer understanding of ourselves and those around us.

While we sincerely apologize for our ignorance in misperceiving "h/abesha" as a wholistically applicable identity to both Eritreans and Ethiopians, we believe that it has and continues to achieve the essence and spirit we originally intended the word to embody. And the credit for the survival of such essence largely goes to you, our readers, for seeing past our ignorance and understanding our goals.

Special Thanks:

To Phoebe Asrat, Sennai Mussie, Michasel Seyoum, Ellias Fullmore, Robel Kassa, Markos Taddesse, Elenor Awelom, Khalid Hassen, Hendeke Asrat, Awel Gheddai, Tarik Asmerom, Zinawit Damer, Shama Davis, Mike Endale, Selamawit Tegene, Biruk Fekade, Marta M. and B. Tilahun.

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