linux on the IBM Thinkpad i1410 This page provides information on how to setup the winmodem in the IBM Thinkpad i1410 to work under linux.

Specifications : Processor : Intel Mobile Pentium MMX 266MHz
RAM : 32 MB
Hard Drive: IBM 3.2 GB (Upgraded to 4.6 GB)
Graphics : Neomagic 128XD 2MB
Screen : 12.1'' Active TFT
Modem : Lucent Winmodem (LT Winmodem) 56K
Sound : Yamaha OPL3Sa2
CD-ROM : Teac, 20x
Comms : USB, Serial,PS/2.

Now, if you want to check the model number look at the thinkpad's base, where you will see a barcode. The number after TYPE: represents the model number.

My Story All the distributions I tried (RedHat 5.2, 7.0, Caldera OpenLinux 2.3) installed flawlessly and without much hassle. However, especially with RedHat, it was necessery to have partitions ready and formatted for ext2, the Linux file system. Everything seemed to work fine BUT the soundcard and of course the modem. The Yamaha OPL3sa2 (or x) had some very curious parameters for base, irq and DMA that made it almost impossible to have decent sound with a distribution right away. I did manage to get the soundcard working, using RedHat's sndconfig but I think it was 8-bit sound since the 16-bit base io and the second DMA were out of the range sndconfig was configured for.

As for the modem, thanks to the fact that Winmodems are not real modems but communication cards made to work only under windows, I was up to 3 weeks ago unable to even access the modem. Luckily I had an old PCMCIA modem that did work but, being old, only up to 28K.

Through a site dedicated to Winmodems for Linux, or else and thanks to Marvin Stodolsky who provided a very helpful guide to compiling the driver for the winmodem, called lt_modem I managed to have the LTWinmodem working.

But still no sound. Both cards, the modem and the sound card, were ISA PnP and whenever I configured the one the other would not work...

Now RedHat Linux 7.1 comes in very handy. The kudzu program, loading at startup detected the sound card CORRECTLY and sound was working once again perfectly this time. BUT, something with the ISA PnP Initialization blocked my access to the modem. Then, thanks to Jari Oksanen, who provided a very detailed guide to initializing and setting the correct parameters for the modem, everything now works FINE....

How to setup! Download the ltmodem driver from (the 5.99b version). Specifically that because it has two modules and therefore two io ports which are needed for the insmod command to work.

Make sure you choose to install the kernel-sources and the isapnptools.

Practically everything is easy up to the point of the first reboot. Allow the kudzu to configure the sound card. Then follow the directions listed in the guide by Marvin to compile the driver module for the winmodem....

Then follow the instructions by Jari to set up and initialize the modem...

When done: Happy roaming in the Penguin world and send me an e-mail to announce your success!

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