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The proximity to abundant marine and terrestrial wildlife, and to isolated Arctic locations make Igloolik a popular northern research base. Services at the Igloolik Research Centre are primarily focused on documenting Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, which includes Inuit knowledge, social and cultural values, practices, beliefs, language and world-view. The Centre is also involved in a number of long-term environmental monitoring programs including climatological and seismic data collection.
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Description:   Igloolik is a small island in Foxe Basin, is located in the middle of a narrow passageway between Baffin Island and the Melville Peninsula, of mainland Canada. The waters around Igloolik are some of the richest in the arctic and have attracted hunters and settlements for over 4,000 years. The Inuit culture remains to this day spiritually and economically formed around natural resources and hunting. A traditional travel hub for Inuit, Igloolik is slated to become a regional centre in the new Territory of Nunavut.
Country:   Canada   
State/Province/Region:   Nunavut   
Altitude in feet:  40  
Altitude in meters:  12  
Latitude (Decimal, Degreesºmm'ss") :   69.23º N
69º13'48"" N
Longitude (Decimal, Degreesºmm'ss") :   81.48º W
81º28'48" W
Environment Types Accessible at this Location
Marine, Sea ice, Coastal, Riparian, Lake, Tundra 
Description:   Although the community of Igloolik is surrounded by numerous shallow ponds, there is only one lake on the Igloolik Island that supports a fish population (land-locked char). The nearest freshwater system occurs on nearby Melville Peninsula and consists of the Lailor Lake system which flows from short rivers into Mogg Bay. The island is bounded by Fury and Hecla straits and separated on the south from the mainland by Hooper Inlet. Open water is common in the summer but pack ice usually persists offshore.
Primary Logistics Provider
Organization:   Igloolik Research Centre   
Name and title of contact person:   Mr. John MacDonald, Coordinator   
Address:   Box 210
Igloolik, NU
Canada X0A 0L0
Telephone:   867-934-8836   
Fax:   867-934-8792   
E-mail:   igloonri@nunanet.com   
Contact person or agency web page:   http://www.nunanet.com/~research/igloolik.htm   
Primary Management Agency
Organization:   Nunavut Research Institute   
Web site:   http://www.nunanet.com/~research/   
Availability and Cost
Availability:   Expect to share facilities/equipment with other researchers.
There is a daily charge for the use of the Centre's accommodations (including lab and office space). As available, and based on demonstrated need, field equipment, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc. are rented to researchers at a daily rate. Rates may change without prior notice.
Operating season:   Igloolik Research Centre is open January to December.
User fee:   Fee Schedule from http://www.nunanet.com/~research/igloolik.htm
Daily Use (short term)
Radio Support

Daily Use (short term)
Radio Support

$30/day surcharge
$50/day surcharge
$50/day surcharge
$80/cu. metre

$38/day surcharge
$63/day surcharge
$63/day surcharge
$80/cu. Metre
Advance arrangements:   Accommodation and lab/office space is assigned on a first come, first served basis, field equipment and ATVs on demonstrated need.
Permits and Legal Issues
Permit(s) required:   Depending on the nature of the research undertaken, other permits may be required instead of (or in addition to) the standard Nunavut Research Licence. We require that researchers using our facilities be in possession of ALL required permits to conduct their research (i.e. a glaciology team working on Inuit-owned land requires copies of their NWT Scientific Research Licence and Land Access Permit from the appropriate Regional Inuit Association).
Permit contact person, name and title:   Pam Coffin, Manager, Research Liaison
Nunavut Research Centre
Box 1720
Iqaluit, NU
Canada X0A 0H0
Tel.: 867-979-4108
Fax: 867-979-4681
Email: slcnri@nunanet.com
Permitting agency web page:   http://www.nunanet.com/~research/2000licenceMain.htm or
Courtesy contacts:   Researchers visiting Igloolik may wish to make courtesy calls (as appropriate to their particular projects) to:
-Hamlet Office (Tel.: 867-934-8830, Fax: 867-934-8757)
-Hunters and Trappers Organization (Tel.: 867-934-8807, Fax: 867-934-8067)
-RCMP [Police] (Tel.: 867-934-8828, Fax: 867-934-8723)
-Inullariit Elders Society (Tel.: 867-934-8836, Fax: 867-934-8792)
From time to time, researchers working at the Centre may expect to receive local visitors interested in their work. The Centre encourages openness between researchers and the community at large.
Prohibited items:   All buildings are smoke free.
-No storing of firearms.
-No storing of dangerous goods such as chemicals, they leave with you.
-No alcohol/drugs allowed on site.
-48 hours notice before arrival.
-Facility must be left in the same condition as prior to your arrival (please clean up after yourself).
-Long distance calls by calling card only.
-You must have a valid research license.
Physical Access
Air service, Airstrip, Barge 
Accessibility:   Normally by scheduled or charter airline from Iqaluit or Rankin Inlet.
Airstrip description:   Igloolik Airport, Box 560, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada X0C0G0 (Tel.: 867-934-8973, Fax: 867-934-8955) has a 3800 x 100 foot (1158 x 30 meter) gravel runway. There is a call out charge outside normal operating hours. The airport provides runway lighting, NDB navigation aids, and fuel availability. Credit for fuel must be arranged seven working days ahead of time by calling (Tel.: 867-645-5163).
Commercial air services:   -Air Nunavut, Box 1239, Iqaluit, NU, Canada X0A 0H0 (Tel.: 867-979-4018, Fax: 867-979-4318, E-mail: airnuna@nunanet.com , Web: http://inuit.pail.ca/air-nunavut.htm )
-First Air, 3257 Carp Road, Carp, On, Canada K0A 1L0 (Tel: 613-839-3340, Fax: 613-839-5690, Reservations: 800-267-1247, Fax: 613-738-2133, E-mail: reservat@firstair.ca , Web: http://www.firstair.ca/ )
-Kivalliq Air-Keewatin Air/Nunavut Lifeline-Critical Care International, #15-20 Hangar Line Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3J 3Y8 (Passenger Reservations Toll Free: 877- 855-1500, Air Ambulance 24 hour Flight Co-ordination: 800-563-3822, Air Ambulance Outside North America: 001-204-888-5555, Web: http://www.kivalliqair.com/ )
Barge service:   Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL) provides marine transportation and related services throughout Northern Canada and the Arctic. It is the principal transportation link for the movement of bulk petroleum products and dry cargo to communities, oil and gas exploration sites and defence installations across the North.
Terry Comsill, Box 1240, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada X0A 0H0 (Tel.: 867-979-6825, Fax: 867-979-0099, Email: tcamsell@ntcl.com )
Other Local Resources
Resource:   Accomodation and Dining   
Contact information:   -The Igloolik Inn, Box 120, Igloolik, NU, Canada XOA OLO (Tel.: 867-934-8595, Fax: 867-934-8740)
-Kangiqluk Inn, Box 219, Igloolik, NU, Canada XOA OLO (Tel.: 867-934-8759, Fax: 867-934-8106, Email: igloo@nunanet.com )
-The Tujormivik Hotel, Box 39, Igloolik, NU, Canada XOA OLO (Tel.: 867-934-8814, Fax: 867-934-8816)
Resource:   Outfitting, Rentals, and Area Knowledge   
Contact information:   -Igloolik Outdoor Adventures [large heated tents, 25 ft. boat, 20 ft. boat, four-wheel drive all terrain vehicle, two person kayak, floater suits, basic fishing tackle] Box 219, Igloolik, NU, Canada XOA OLO (Tel.: 867-934-8759, Fax: 897-934-8106, Email: iglooadv@nunanet.com , Web: http://www.nunanet.com/~iglooadv/ )
Running water, Electricity, Heat, Post office, Mail service 
Electricity specifications:   For additional information on electrical needs contact Nunavut Power Corporation (Tel.: 867-934-8845)
Mail service:   Post Office (Tel.: 867-934-8727, Toll Free: 800-267-1177, Web: http://www.canadapost.ca/ ) In Igloolik Co-operative.
Communications and Data Systems
Internet access, Telephone system, Fax send/receive, Radio communications 
Comments:   HF Radio (frequencies: 4554.0 KHZ; 4472.5 KHZ; and 4441.0 KHZ) is available.   
Lodging, Food service, Storage, Off season storage, Sanitation, Indoor unheated storage 
Buildings:   The main building (485 square meters, 5220 square feet) operates year-round and is equipped with three laboratories, a photographic dark room, a reference library, storage facilities, a garage/workshop, accommodation and field equipment for researchers.
Lodging:   Two portable Parcols (insulated quonset-type tents, with heaters) are used, as required, for accommodation during the summer. The facility can support up to twenty researchers during the summer period, and up to six researchers during the winter months. College students and the public are encouraged to contact the Centre coordinator for further information.
Food service:   Cooking facilities and utensils are supplied.
Storage:   There is a large unheated storage warehouse on site.
Special use buildings:   The Centre maintains a heated, two-bay garage with attached workshop.
Laboratory Space
Electricity in lab space, General use computers / printers in lab space, Desk/office space, Library, Wet lab, Microscope, Centrifuge, Balance, Spectrometer, Fume hood, Drying oven, Compressed gases, Workshop 
Lab space:   Three large laboratories, equipped with benches, dissecting tables, gas, vacuum sources, fume hoods, running water, and laboratory equipment glassware.
Other specialized lab space:   The Igloolik Research Centre offers a computer room, darkroom, and a general research library that houses a large collection of traditional knowledge and oral history materials contributed by members of the Inullariit Society.
The Centre also runs a number of ongoing environmental monitoring programs:
-Climate/weather variables have been monitored continuously since 1995. Parameters measured include temperature, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, and precipitation.
-Characteristics of wind speed and direction in the upper atmosphere are monitored daily.
-A seismograph station and a magnetometer take continuous readings.
Science Support Equipment
Field gear available for checkout:   Igloolik Research Centre has floater suits, HF radios, and GPS units available for rental.
Vehicles available:   Sleds, freighter canoes, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are available for rental.
Science Support Personnel Available
Science support coordinator, Science support logistics coordinator, Lab technicians, Long term equipment and data monitors 
Comments:   Services/Support offered through the Igloolik Research Centre include:
-Research and data collection
-Provision of logistical support for Nunavut-based and visiting researchers
-Community liaison
-Identification, promotion, testing and development of technology
-Information on northern scientific projects, research programs and funding sources
-Identification and promotion of science and technology training opportunities
-Promoting awareness of science, research, technology, and traditional knowledge in Nunavut
Long term equipment and data monitors:   -Climate Monitoring and Upper Air Monitoring Program, Doug Whelpdale, AES, Environment Canada, 4905 Dufferin Street, Downsview, ON, Canada M3H 5T2 (Tel.: 416-793-4869, Fax: 416-739-5700)
-NWT Bird Checklist Survey, Victoria Johnston, CWS, Environment Canada, Suite 301, 5204-50th Avenue, Yellowknife, NT, Canada X1A 1E2 (Tel.: 867-669-4767, Fax: 867-873-8185, Email: vicky.johnston@ec.gc.ca )
-RWED: Polar Bear Population Inventories, Mitchel Taylor, Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development, Bag 1000, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada X0A 0H0 (Tel.: 867-979-5412, Fax: (867) 979-6791, Email: mitch_taylor@gov.nt.ca )
Supplies Available at or Near the Facility
Lumber, Hardware, Groceries, Fuel, Electrical 
Comments:   Outdoor supplies can be purchased at
-Aqqigiq Store (Tel.: 867-934-8855, Fax: 867-934-8923)
Fuel:   Aviation fuel, automotive gasoline, and naphtha (""white gas"") can be purchased in Igloolik. Naphtha for camp stoves is sold only at the Igloolik Co-operative.
-Savik Enterprises Ltd, Box 179, Igloolik, NU, Canada XOA OLO (Tel.: 867-934-8903, Fax: 867-934-8704, Email: ihaulli@aol.com )
Groceries:   In season, frozen arctic char and caribou can be purchased from the local Hunters and Trappers Organization (Tel.: 867-934-8807, Fax: 867-934-8067). Traditional skin clothing and hunting implements are occasionally sold there as well.
-Igloolik Co-operative, Box 120, Igloolik, NU, Canada XOA OLO ( Tel.: 867-934-8938, Fax: 867-934-8740, Email: info@arcticco-op.com , Web: http://arcticco-op.com/co-op_location.html?list=0001-2003- )
-Northern Store (Tel.: 867-934-8822, Fax: 867-934-8978)
Hardware:   -Igloolik Co-operative, Box 120, Igloolik, NU, Canada XOA OLO ( Tel.: 867-934-8938, Fax: 867-934-8740, Email: info@arcticco-op.com , Web: http://arcticco-op.com/co-op_location.html?list=0001-2003- )
Lumber:   -Carl's Woodworking (Tel.: 867-934-8767, Fax: 867-934-8650)
Medical Facilities/Services Available
Medivac service, Health clinic 
Distance to nearest medical facility in miles:  0.12  
Hospital:   The nearest hospital is Baffin Regional General Hospital (Tel.: 867-979-7300), 900 km (560 miles) away.
Health clinic:   Igloolik's health centre (Tel.: 867-934-8837, Fax: 867-934-8901) is staffed by four resident nurses. Walk-in clinics are 9 to 11:30 a.m., Monday to Friday. There are special clinics every weekday afternoon. A nurse is on call 24 hours a day. Physicians from Iqaluit visit the community regularly.
Distance to nearest medical facility (km):  0.2  
Medical evacuation information:   -Kivalliq Air-Keewatin Air/Nunavut Lifeline-Critical Care International, #15-20 Hangar Line Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3J 3Y8 (Passenger Reservations Toll Free: 877- 855-1500, Air Ambulance 24 hour Flight Co-ordination: 800-563-3822, Air Ambulance Outside North America: 001-204-888-5555, Web: http://www.kivalliqair.com/ )
-Baffin Regional General Hospital (Tel.: 867-979-7300)
Nearest medical facility:   The closest facility is the health center in Igloolik.
Weather Information and Statistics
Weather information source for the research area:   Weather Information (Tel.: 867-934-8947, Web: www.infonorth.org )
Environment Canada Weather Office has local 5 day forecasts for Canadian communities including Igloolik.
Annual average temperature (*C):  -13.2  
Annual average temperature (*F):  8.24  
Annual average high temperature (*C):  7  
Annual average high temperature (*F):  44.6  
Annual average low temperature (*C):  -31.2  
Annual average low temperature (*F):  -24.2  
Annual precipitation in millimeters:  285.9  
Annual precipitation in inches:  11.26  
Map sources:   For more information about maps in Canada, see the web site of the [Centre for Topographic Information] Centre for Topographic Information.  
Current Projects and Research History
Research sources:   The Nunavut Research Institute maintains a listing of research at http://www.nunanet.com/~research/Publications.htm

Some of the research projects supported by the Igloolik Research Centre in recent years include:
-Seismic Data Collection, on behalf of Natural Resources Canada
-Inuit Astronomy, Igloolik Research Centre
-Igloolik Oral History Project, Igloolik Research Centre
-Aurora Cusp and Cleft Studies, on behalf of Centre for Space Physics, Boston University
-Climatological Data Collection, on behalf of Environment Canada
-Avifaunal Studies in the Northern Foxe Basin, Canadian Wildlife Service
-Role of Latitude on Mating Strategies in Notostraca (Tadpole Shrimp), Trent University
-Inuktitut Interdialectal Dictionary Project, Inuit Cultural Institute
-Genetic Variation Among Lake Trout on the Melville Peninsula, University of Guelph
-Wind Energy Monitoring and Demonstration Project, Nunavut Research Institute
-Igloolik Toponomy Project, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
-Ataguttaaluk School Archaeology Course

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