Star Wars figurines
  From: Sanders, Joseph
Sent: Monday, July 29, 2002 6:38 AM
To: Unix Team MSP; NT Support; Network Support
Cc: Selzler, Galen
Subject: Star Wars figurines


To those of you who this doesn't apply to, I apologize in advance for including you in this e-mail.

To the person (or persons) who finds it funny to repeatedly position my star wars figurines in
inappropriate positions, please stop. The note I put there requesting this to NOT be done was not a
challenge for you to do it again, or to see how grotesque and inappropriate you could get. In all
seriousness, I ask you to stop. I find this extremely inappropriate, distastefull, offensive, and
in no way, humorous. If this continues, I will report this to HR. Please, understand that I don't
take this lightly and ask that you respect my wishes on this.

Again, to those of you who are receiving this, and have had nothing to do with this, I apologize.
I believe the perpetrator(s) is a member of one of these teams, based upon previous actions of this

Joe Sanders
Navitaire Unix Team
Direct: [phone number removed]
E-Mail: [email address removed]

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