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Cormack, Lesley

Dr. Lesley Cormack

(Professor & Chair, Department of History & Classics)

Ph.D. University of Toronto
M.A. University of Toronto
B.A. Hon. University of Calgary

2-41 Tory Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB T6G 2H4
Tel. (780) 492-2588

Research Projects

As an historian of science, I am interested in the cultural and social connections between science and society, especially in the period often called the 'scientific revolution'. My first book, Charting an Empire (Chicago, 1997), looked at the teaching of geography at Oxford and Cambridge in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century, arguing that conceptualizing the globe was a first step towards the British imperial enterprise of the next century. I am presently interested in the interconnection between science and technological practice, the so-called scholar/craftsman debate, and its impact on the changing structure and content of nature studies. I am working on a SSRHC-funded project entitled The Molyneux Globes: Mathematical Practitioners and the Scientific Revolution and an edited book called Mathematical Practitioners and the Transformation of Natural Knowledge in early modern Europe. I am a co-applicant on the SSHRC-funded MCRI project, Making Publics.



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  • History of Science Society
  • Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science
  • Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies
  • British Society for the History of Science