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Welcome to the CBA LLC!

At the College of Business Administration, one of our primary goals is to help business students access the resources they need to reach their full potential—both within and outside of the classroom. The CBA Living Learning Community (LLC), a partnership between the College of Business Administration and the Office of Residence Life, provides first-year business students with the unique opportunity to live together in an environment that bridges the gap between “book” learning and life outside of the classroom. From study groups and late night conversations with fellow business students to gatherings with faculty, residents of the CBA LLC have at their disposal an array of resources designed to enrich their freshman year experience.

The CBA LLC is located on the 3rd Floor of Sutherland Hall West, which is co-ed, houses mostly freshmen students, and is located near the world-class Peterson Center. There is no additional cost to live on the CBA LLC floor—the price is the same as for all rooms in Sutherland Hall http://www.pc.pitt.edu/housing/halls/sutherland.html . Living on the CBA LLC floor gives students a chance to bond with forty-four other business students while living in a residence hall that also houses a diverse mix of other first-year students from different schools within the University of Pittsburgh.

The CBA LLC floor is led by a Resident Assistant (RA) who is a successful, enthusiastic CBA student and former LLC member. She will work with LLC members to help them adjust to college life, and to guide them to the many academic, social and professional resources available within CBA, the University of Pittsburgh, and local organizations. With input from LLC members, the RA will organize a variety of social, academic, cultural and pre-professional programs http://www.cba.pitt.edu/LLC/LLCprograms.html.

Below is one student’s perspective on the benefits of living on the CBA LLC:

“Life on the LLC was a great experience. When I first thought about applying to live on a floor with all business students, I was a little worried that it would be full of students who did nothing but study. However, I found that there was a great balance between school work, social activities, and community service. I developed many friendships through living on the LLC and created priceless networks with faculty. The LLC exceeded my expectations; I will never forget it.”

-- Les Scales, class of 2007

The Mission Statement of the CBA Living Learning Community :

“The mission of the CBA LLC is to provide a seamless Living-Learning environment for first-year College of Business Administration students that promotes a successful transition to the higher education environment; encourages collaborative learning between students, faculty and staff; and prepares students for the challenges that a career in various business fields offers.”

For further information, contact:

Kathleen Rafferty
Academic Advisor and Liaison to the CBA Living Learning Community
University of Pittsburgh, College of Business Administration

2600 Sennott Square , Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-383-8811

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