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English Sole

Family: Pleuronectidae

Pleuronectes vetulus



Right-eyed. Eyed side usually uniform brown to olive brown but may have white speckles. Dorsal and ventral fin edges dark. Blind side white to pale yellow tinged with reddish brown. Body elongate, diamond shaped. Small head is slender and pointed. Caudal fin nearly square with slight point at center. Lateral line nearly straight with slight curve; long accessory dorsal branch. Mouth small and asymmetric. Jaws stronger on blind side. Maxillary extends to anterior edge of lower eye. High, narrow ridge between eyes. Anal spine strong. Scales smooth at anterior part of body and rough at posterior.


To 61 cm (24 inches). Average size in commerical catch (mostly females) is about 14 inches and 3/4 pound.


Bering sea and Aleutian Islands to San Cristobal Bay, Baja California.


On sand bottom from 0 to 300 fm. Young are intertidal. Commercial quantities caught at 15 to 80 fm.


Important commercial species caught by trawl. Good flavor. May have iodine flavor that is acceptable and even desirable in some markets.

Other common names

lemon sole, California sole, pointed nose sole


Picture: Bill Barss, ODFW
Text: Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Bulletin No. 47