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Monday, January 16, 2006


Yu Shyi-kun was elected new DPP chair on January 15, 2006, receiving 54.44% of the 46,872 votes cast, with Trong Chai garnering 36.11% and Wong Chin-chu 9.45%.

Acting Chairperson Lu Hsiu-lian announced that the voter turnout of the election was 19.96%, that Yu received 25,397 votes, Chai 16,846 votes, and Wong Chin-chu 4,406.

At a post-election press conference, Yu said solidarity is DPP's future priority. He emphasized that the entire DPP must implement reform, continue fighting against corruption, transform the party, and work together as a whole instead of relying completely on just one person. He also said that the DPP must strengthen the party by including the advice of experts from different fields.

Both Chai and Wong congratulated Yu, expressing their gratitude to all their supporters and staff who worked so hard in this by-election.

Lu expressed regret that the voter turnout did not meet expectations. However, she did note her happiness that the election was both democratic and clean.


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