Wildcat cartoons, by Donald Rooum.

Freedom Press publishes four Wildcat Books, and Donald Rooum's beautifully illustrated works on Libertarian Socialism also appear regularly in other publications by Freedom Press.

Anarchist and other publications are invited by Donald Rooum to reproduce Wildcat material, without prior notice. Just pay what you usually pay contributors. If you usually pay nothing (like this site), then pay nothing. It is however, polite to give fair acknowledgment (right here) and supply a copy of your publication to Donald (he's welcome any time he wants -- if I can find an email address for him, I'll send the URL).

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It is my sincere hope that this page will cause greater interest in Donald Rooum's work, and the publications of Freedom Press. I'm sorry that such a small collection of Wildcat cartoons are presented here, but as the Free Society does not exist, I don't want to compromise Donald's ability to make a living selling his work.

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From WILDCAT: Anarchist Cartoons, by Donald Rooum, published by Freedom Press.

Thrrrrrapp -- Anarchist Cartoons
Arson Rape and Bloody Murder -- Anarchist
Spartapuss -- Anarchist Cartoons
I Wish They Would Legalize It -- Anarchist
Blasphemy -- Anarchist Cartoons

From WILDCAT: ABC of Bosses, by Donald Rooum, published by Freedom Press.

L is for Leaders -- Wildcat ABC of Bosses
O is for Organization -- Wildcat ABC of Bosses
P is for Property -- Wildcat ABC of Bosses
T is for Technology -- Wildcat ABC of Bosses
W is for Work -- Wildcat ABC of Bosses

From Health Service WILDCAT, by Donald Rooum, published by Freedom Press.

I'd like an appointment please -- Health Service
For failing to meet the target?? -- Health
He'd like to make a contribution -- Health
Do you want this hospital to comply with the
patients' charter -- Health Service WILDCAT
Business must come first -- Health Service
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