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by Kathy Reichs
Award Winning Books
Award Winning Books

Whether male or female, pirates make a living looting from others. Despite their seemingly black-hearted natures, these scoundrels, crooks and liars live by their own rules, and are controlled by their greatest desire–freedom! They lust for life and are willing to do whatever it takes to become rich in wealth and love. The pirate's code of ethics (kidnapping, ravishing and pillaging are acceptable) certainly makes it easy to capture an unlikely heroine. But the question posed in successful romances is whether the pirate is able to steal a few hearts.

What's The Appeal?

When the skull and crossbones flag suddenly appears on the horizon of their favorite book, readers can anticipate what's to come…pirates and privateers, one-eyed adventurers and their dangerous mates with plans to conquer any wench they can lay their hands on and each willing to steal hearts (and much more!).

Romance readers know these lawless men, who live by their own rules, as the "bad boys" of the seas. True entrepreneurs, pirates are out to make a buck even if it means that they must buck society to do so. They set sail, on their own ships or stolen vessels, creating their own microcosm of society.

Brave and adventurous, pirates face starvation and abysmal, filthy living conditions. And, of course, they must live with the sea's treachery and deceit, a force not even a pirate can control!

Scary and scarred, the pirate is unpredictable, fiery and treacherous. And, like all thieves, they are scoundrels and liars at heart!

And what of those damsels they capture and distress? Danger is an aphrodisiac and like all captives, they are forced to succumb. But, these damsels also have a chance to live another kind of life entirely.

Pirates dominate all for the sake of wealth and freedom–for the pirate is a man who can never be tamed.

What a challenge to romance readers! Oh, to tame the ultimate dangerous man.

And yet why are there so many women pirates? The life offers a chance to have a man's strength and freedom of choice without having to disguise oneself as a male.

Do you remember the advertisement for the Hathaway man? A handsome, white-shirted businessman wearing an eye-patch–he was mysterious, alluring and dangerous…yet sexy. He was a renegade businessman with a heart of gold and drawer full of dubloons–who could want more?

-Kate Ryan


(Note: The list below was compiled at press time: Romantic Times Issue #166, January 1998)


  • PIRATE'S ANGEL Marsha Bauer (Zebra)
  • MARIANNE AND THE PRIVATEER Juliette Benzoni (Pocket)
  • DESIRE IN DISGUISE Rebecca Brandewyne (Warner)
  • CAPTURE THE WIND Virginia Brown (Zebra)
  • STORM OF PASSION Virginia Brown (Avon)
  • THE SPANISH ROSE Shirley Busbee (Avon)
  • THE BLACK ANGEL Cordia Byers (Fawcett)
  • ACROSS A MOONLIT SEA Marsha Canham (Dell)
  • THE WIND AND THE SEA Marsha Canham (Dell)
  • PIRATES & PROMISES Anne Caldwell (Jove)
  • RESTLESS IS THE WIND Kimberly Cates (Pocket)
  • THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS Catherine Coulter (Signet)
  • FAIR WIND, FAERY STAR Carole Nelson Douglas (Ballantine)
  • PIRATE Fabio (Avon)
  • GUARDIAN ANGEL Julie Garwood (Pocket)
  • THE GIFT Julie Garwood (Pocket)
  • ANGELIQUE IN BARBARY Sergeanne Golon (Bantam)
  • A PIRATE'S PLEASURE Heather Graham (Dell)
  • BRIDE OF THE WIND Heather Graham (Dell)
  • THE CAPTAIN'S DOXY Lafayette Hammett (Leisure)
  • MY LADY PIRATE Danelle Harmon (Avon)
  • A PIRATE IN MY ARMS Danelle Harmon (Avon)
  • SPLENDOR Catherine Hart (Avon)
  • FIRE AND ICE Catherine Hart (Leisure)
  • ASHES AND ECSTASY Catherine Hart (Leisure)
  • PIRATE'S LADY Robin Lee Hatcher (Leisure)
  • THE PIRATE AND THE PAGAN Virginia Henley (Dell)
  • THE HAWK AND THE DOVE Virginia Henley (Dell)
  • KING OF THE PIRATES Stef Ann Holm (Pocket)
  • WIND ROSE Krista Jannsen (Pocket)
  • SEA STAR Pamela Jeckel (Zebra)
  • SEIZE THE FIRE Laura Kinsale (Avon)
  • PASSION'S RANSOM Betina Krahn (Zebra)
  • FLAME FROM THE SEA Kathryn Kramer (Dell)
  • MISTRESS OF THE SEA Ruth Langan (Harl.)
  • A PIRATE'S LOVE Johanna Lindsey (Avon)
  • GENTLE ROGUE Johanna Lindsey (Avon)
  • WINDFLOWER Laura London (Dell)
  • PASSION'S PIRATE Victoria London (Zebra)
  • WRAP ME IN SPLENDOR Ellen Tanner Marsh (Berkley)
  • SABLE Ellen Tanner Marsh (Berkley)
  • MY LADY VIXEN Connie Mason (Leisure)
  • WILD BELLS TO THE WILD SKY Laurie McBain (Avon)
  • 'TIL DAWN TAMES THE NIGHT Meagan McKinney (Dell)
  • THIEF OF HEARTS Teresa Medeiros (Bantam)
  • CAPTIVE PASSIONS Fern Michaels (Ballantine)
  • CAPTAIN'S PLEASURE Ruth Myers (Ballantine)
  • VELVET CHAINS Constance O'Banyon (Zebra)
  • LADY RELUCTANT Maggie Osborne (St.Martin's)
  • MOTH AND THE FLAME Laura Parker (Berkley)
  • ALWAYS AND FOREVER Gina Robins (Zebra)
  • ISLAND FLAME Karen Robards (Leisure)
  • SEA FIRE Karen Robards (Leisure)
  • LOVELY LYING LIPS Rosemary Rogers (Avon)
  • LOVE SONG Valerie Sherwood (Pocket)
  • SKYE O'MALLEY Bertrice Small (Ballantine)
  • CAPTURE MY HEART Bobbi Smith (Zebra)
  • FORTUNE'S MISTRESS Michelle Stegman (Zebra)
  • PIRATE'S PASSION Molly Anost Straub (Pocket)
  • THE BLACK SWAN Day Taylor (Dell)
  • SILVER AND SAPPHIRE Shelly Thacker (Avon)
  • LADY OF FIRE Valerie Vayle (Dell)
  • BELOVED AVENGER Joan Van Nuys (Avon)
  • LOVE ME, MARIETTA Jennifer Wilde (Warner)
  • SHANNA Kathleen Woodiwiss (Dell)
  • CHELAINE Donna Comeaux Zide (Warner)

Time Travel

  • ONCE UPON A PIRATE Nancy Block (Harper)
  • THE PIRATE'S WOMAN Madeline Harper (HT #476)
  • PIRATES Linda Lael Miller (Pocket)
  • THE PIRATE AND HIS LADY Margaret St. George (HA 462)


  • SKY PIRATE Justine Davis (Topaz)


  • GENTLE PIRATE Jayne Castle (DCE2l)
  • THE DANVERS TOUCH Elizabeth Lowell (SIM18)

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