Caleb stands in the hall of epiphany the only evidence of Techernobogs foul presence
the spent bullet casings scattered on the floor, an emaciated man staggers out of a 
passage way draped in ragged clothing "you've saved us" Caleb empties the last of his Tommy gunís
drum into the man and turns away dropping his weapons as he heads slowly back to the ancient
doors that lead out, as he reaches them a noise stops him an ominous rumbling that seems to
draw towards him from all sides, the sound gathers into a scream that tears into Caleb throwing him
to his knees then silence, then from the darkness faces blank and cold appear and fade away a relentless 
torrent of the dead each the face of a victim to Caleb, the pace increases and increases until they 
blur into one.....Ophelia. 

Caleb lets out a tortured cry and the world goes black he no longer feels the cold stone beneath him
nor the breeze against him even the sounds of the torches have been engulfed by blackness 
"Caleb" a voice like wind through long dead trees "Caleb?" it ask's again "what!" Calebís voice is harsh
and clear in the darkness 
"do you know who i am Caleb" 
"should I?"
"perhaps....but perhaps you don't want to know"
"where am i?"
"did you see them Caleb? the ones you've killed"
"Everybody dies!"
"indeed, but those ones died by you...well most of them"
"where am i!?!"
"they are all the innocents all the crossfire victims all the ones that "got in the way"
Caleb tries to move or feel his surroundings but he finds he doesnít appear to have a body 
"Caleb when you rid the world of that wretched repulsive thing Techernobog you did a great
service to many but most importantly you freed me"
"Techernobog??" Caleb asks with some surprise
"Ha! no I Caleb am you....well a part of you, a part you tried so hard to destroy
with the help of The One that more, Caleb I am your soul"
"oh really? well i think you've got the wrong guy"
"I'm sorry Caleb but thatís not possible you see i am bound to you but my bond
has almost been broken and Iím not about to let that happen so...... Caleb
i'm coming back"
"you can try!"
"Caleb i know you, i know that your stubborn and cold, but I am also 
and i'm going to make sure you can't refuse. You'll be made to Suffer
then you will be Punished then you will Despair and be Redeemed and then
we will be one again"
"Hmmm torture eh? maybe you are me"
"don't think of it as torture Caleb....just justice you see there's a lot of
lost souls that have you to thank for their lack of existence, and you shall
have to face them all during your sentence"
"Well come on then bring'em on"
"very well Caleb" 

Caleb once again can feel his body although blackness still surrounds him,
the noise start's again slowly at first then it hit's in a rush knocking Caleb
to his knees as the faces flash before his eyes Caleb starts to feel heat then
he fall's forward and down, light, heat and the sound of flames greet him.




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