Smithville Cemetery

Smithville Cemetery (also known as Summerdale Cemetery) is located just a couple of miles outside of Saskatoon heading west from the city. The first burial is recorded as taking place in 1901. It is currently used as a burial site by the people of the rural municipality, and has just over 300 burials. In the early years of the community of Saskatoon, until Woodlawn Cemetery opened in 1906, people from the town, mostly from the west side, used it as a burial site as well. Smithville Cemetery sometimes had to be used rather than the Nutana Cemetery because of difficulty in getting to the Nutana Cemetery. Access to Nutana Cemetery was not always possible as Saskatoon is split down the center by the South Saskatchewan River which at certain times was impossible to cross. A letter to the editor of The Phenix (Saskatoon's newspaper at the time) of April 28, 1905, from an anonymous citizen, states:

"It is a great pity our people cannot afford to lay our loved ones at rest. A few days ago an old timer passed away and his friends arranged to bury him in Nutana, and on reaching Saskatoon found it impossible to reach the ground where others of his kin were placed at rest, and thus compelled after driving about twenty three miles, to drive out to the cemetary (sic) six miles where the people of Smithville can afford to have a neat little spot for that purpose."
Woodlawn Cemetery had yet to be established though the date of publication of this letter is close to the time of a petition for the new cemetery and also questions the results of attempts by the town to procure land. Smithville Cemetery filled a need until Woodlawn was established.

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The photograph at the top of this page is of the main gates going into the cemetery. The photograph below is a photograph showing the cemetery and the countryside.

Smithville Cemetery

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