Papermachine images as cropped from the Papermachine Virtual Reality World  
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This is the complete paper machine as it appears in the Virtual reality world about 1/10 size--X closes window.
headbox / former section---X closes window press section- 1st press / 2nd press / 3rd press---X closes window first dryer section---X closes window 1st dryer section / breaker stack  / 2nd dryer section---X closes window 2nd dryer section / size press section / 3rd dryer section---X closes window 3rd dryer section / calender stack / reel section---X closes window extended rails / unwind / winder section---X closes window





Presidents of Beloit Corporation
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Paper Industry Active "X" calculators

The paper industry active "X" calculators are designed for papermakers and engineers.  Drag your mouse cursor over the icons to identify the calculator and click to view.




Caliper / density conversion Trim loss at winder
Paper characteristics conversion Weight of wound roll
No. jumbos / day Density from roll weight
Web length in roll Time to reel jumbo

The calculators can be downloaded free at the active "X" download page. 

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 Paper Industry 
SI Metric Convertor
Examples in bold face.

SI Convertor - top half SI Convertor
SI Convertor - bottom half SI Convertor

  Download the SI Convertor at this link: Paper Industry Program  





The EXBeloit Book is now available. The ExBeloit  book is authored by Luigi Bagnato, a former Beloit Corporation employee of 29 years.  The ExBeloit Book is a collection of articles, photo essays, images and graphics concerning  the history of Beloit Corporation from 1848 to the present with a major focus on  the critical years of the "bankruptcy period" from the filing for Chapter 11 by Harnischfeger Industries June 7, 1999 to July 3, 2001  documenting  the aftermath of bankruptcy which resulted in the closing of Beloit Corporation   For details  about the book and instructions for ordering the book click  the book image at left.

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This section of the Paper Industry Web contains information about the
various free download programs that are available on this web site.

Links are associated with the SI Convertor, The Active "X calculators and the
typical winder study illustrated in the
Anatomy of a winder program below.


Anatomy of a Winder Program.


(This program and 8 others are available for download
free at the Paper Industry Program download page)


Click an image below to project an enlarged legible view.

General worksheet layout Worksheet layout & elements:
1. Data input.
2. Real-time grid.
3. Chart display.
4. Tutorial.
Real-time grid The real-time grid:
The values in the grid change as data is entered. The grid displays the inputs calculated at 500 FPM winder speed intervals and plots the curve slope.
Data input section Data input area:
Data is inserted in the white cells. To enter new data simply high light the value to be changed and type over with new data. The gray cells summarize information.
PM vs winder speed chart Winder speed chart:
This chart plots the winder speed vs equivalent paper machine speed. The slope change can be observed in  real-time as data is entered. 
Trimmed tons vs winder speed chart Tons vs Winder speed chart:
This chart plots the trimmed tons through the winder at plotted winder speed. The slope change can be observed in  real-time as data is entered.

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