Larry Schulz


Larry Schulz began his Ballroom Dance training in 1949 at Ms. Blass's Dancing Classes held in the basement of the Church of the Heavenly Rest in Manhattan. Classes in the Lindy, Foxtrot, Waltz, and Charleston continued at Staudinger's Dancing School in Montclair, New Jersey. Larry's Ballroom dance training came to a screeching halt in 1960 when the Twist knocked partner dancing for a loop. In 1976, Larry spotted a group of teenagers on a westside street corner actually partner dancing. The dance was the Hustle and Larry resumed his dance training after a sixteen year hiatus. Training continued at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center where Ms. Cameron violated company policy and agreed to socialize with her eager student.

Larry Schulz is also a serious student of dance history. In 1979, he produced and directed the award winning documentary, Partners, on U.S. Ballroom champions Sandra Cameron and Bill Davies. In 1982, he coaxed the great Savoy Ballroom Lindy Hopper, Al Minns, to come out of retirement and teach at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center. Larry also produced a critically acclaimed swing revue, "A Night at the Savoy," at the Village Gate in 1984, featuring Harold Nicholas, Jon Hendricks, Norma Miller, Frankie Manning and others.

Today, Larry is the Business Manager of the Sandra Cameron Dance Center and teaches Ballroom classes on Friday evenings. Little did he realize back at Ms. Blass's Dancing Classes, he would be teaching partner dancing half a century later.