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The following links lead to the online homes of production companies, films and web projects created by UCF FILM students and alumni. We encourage you to visit and explore their efforts, however UCF FILM is not responsible for the content on these pages. If you'd like to suggest a link, send us a URL.

Current Students

45 Year Old Productions
Home base of UCF's Ryan Pomeranz along with two of his filmmaking friends.

Candlefish Pictures LLC
A production house whose mission is to support and promote filmmakers by fostering their unique ideas and inspirations into festival-bound final cuts and beyond. Features UCF FILM projects like: NAKED (Andrew Gay), THE TRAVELER (John Wright) and LIFE TO GO (Erin Kitzinger).

Dastoli Digital
Since 2000, James and Robert Dastoli have created an array of action/adventure, sci-fi and comedic shorts films. This site houses them all, including "Evasive Maneuvers", "Automated Assets", "Southwestern Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers" and others. Check out their streaming video or order a DVD.

Psychosomatic Productions
Founded by Brett Ryan Bonowicz and home to a multitude of shorts and docs, including "Pun in a Million," "The Banana Shell," and "The Last Days of Ki."

Alumni Projects

Aaron Brownlee Productions
Producers of "Water Resistance," "Courier," "All that Remains," and "Inheritance."

Airwolf the Website
Clark Van Hoten (Class of '94) maintains this website with cast and crew reunions.

The official film website for the latest Haxan feature, a horror epic.

Ambrosia Films
Projects of Laura Lopez.

Big D Pitchas
Home of UCF's Diego Kontarovsky's film shorts.

Blacklist Film
The production company founded by Tims Johnson and Kim Simonetti.

The Blair Witch Project
Haxan's indie horror classic that sent shivers up the world's spine.

Cat's Bad Hair Day
The official website of Debby Wolfe's award-winning short film, "Cat's Bad Hair Day."

Category 5 Films
A company that creates music videos, concert films, and EPKs.

Casey Saxon's dance/film project, based in Orlando.

Dora Media
Project created by graduate students Danny Daneau and Laura Lopez to create a connection between existing technology and personal expression.

Michael Thomas Dunn
Actor, director, and writer Michael Thomas Dunn. His new film: Alone and Restless.

Farm Force
An action-packed animated comedy series about three ordinary farm animals.

Haxan Films
Makers of the Blair Witch Project, Altered, and much much more.

Ben Hershleder
Ben Hershleder is a a Producer, Director and Avid Editor in Los Angeles, CA.

Keyframe Entertainment
An independent multi-media production company established by Chris Flynn.

Michael Lapointe
The online home of filmmaker Michael Lapointe.

The Last Romantic
Director Aaron Nee's film, playing at South By Southwest ("SXSW").

Merge Studios
Embracing technology to surpass the boundaries of creativity. Founded by Julian Diaz and friends, creators of "All That Remains, "A Hole in Fun", "Interview With An A**hole," and more.

Nightlight Pictures
Danny Daneau's website, featuring his shorts and upcoming feature A Monster In The Attic.

Pinkus Films
A long time collaboration between UCF grads, Debby Wolfe and Solange Morales.

Que Lindo Films
The online home of UCF FILM's tallest student, Drew Lindo, creator of "Pink Slip", "Losing Toby" "Cape Chaser" and more.

Rodrigo Rocha-Campos
Orlando based cinematographer specializing in motion picture photography.

Alan Ronay Productions
The featuring clips from Alan Ronay films, samples of his artwork, and information about his upcoming productions.

Russell The Movie
Javier Mayol and Maverick City Animation's feature-length 3D-animated film.

The Strand
Dan Myrick's webisode project spotlights the slightly-surreal city of Venice, CA.

Say Yes Quickly
Gregg Hale's feature about a writer who logs onto the internet and out of her life.

Scott Uhlfelder
Website for cinematographer Scott Uhlfelder.

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