frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho

Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu

The Mercury Press
ISBN 1-55128-112-0


Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu's seamless collaboration has resulted in frogments from the frag pool: haiku after Basho. This collection of poetry mixes joy with rigour, playfulness with contemplation, and the absurd with pure poetic passion. Barwin and beaulieu have created poetry that is wise, witty, and wry. Filled with translations, responses, remixes, and new takes on Matsuo Basho's famous frog haiku, frogments from the frag pool exuberantly ripples genre, expectation, and meaning.

"Delightful surprises lurk within these pages as Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu examine the old pond, the frog, the splash, and the mind of Basho. From the microcosmic "old pond / universes rise & fall / a single splash" to the anthropomorphic "pond holding / its breath..." to the subjective "mind ponding" to the conceptual "splash as a hole in silence"--it's all here. This book is a grand addition to the reverberation of Basho's splash."--Nelson Ball

"Who says you can't teach an old frog new tricks, new licks? Here b and B take on B, with echoes of bp, in a way that honours Basho and that does yes "teach the mind again to leap." Their jubilant transribbitations don't inhibit, they inhabit--visual, bounding, unbound, unwound. Does the frog jump into water, or into the sound of water? Both of course, and when the ripples touch us, the joy and anticipation is catching: our hearts jump too."--Erin Mouré