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DeCSS injunction Reversed In CA Case

DVD CSS Encryption cracked!

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Protecting Trade Secrets.
Precautions must be taken to protect a trade secret against loss; it is protectable as property of the owner only as long as it remains a secret.

Keller and Heckman LLP on their http://www.khlaw.com/protsec.htm page

Silly text doesn't protect a trade secret: all it takes is somebody from a free nation who edits it out, and posts it. Witness this. Other kerbspec mirrors:
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Background info

Read Slashdot for background about what this is all about: Click here for a list of Slashdot article about DeCSS.

Note: All this is not about pirating DVDs, but rather about playing them on a platform (Linux) that has been shunned by the DVD consortium. European law explicitly allows reverse engineering when needed for interoperatibility.

More background links (many from Linux Today): can be found here

Local files (the code, and legal threats)
A brief history, with newsposts and files!


Discussion and examples about the CSS algorithm

The following site contains some good technical documentation as well as more source code that the DVD consorium's lawyers would rather you not see: http://crypto.gq.nu/ (down)
Local Mirror: here. Another mirror here

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News about firmware patches to do away with those pesky region locks.

Lists of mirrors

Even after the original rhythm.cx site, which had a quite extensive list of mirrors, has been shut down, lists of mirrors of the DVD stuff can be still found at the locations listed on this meta mirror list.

NB: Another legal action has been instigiated by the DVD CCA on December 28th. Despite this legal action, most mirrors are still up, and many more new ones have come up.

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In a comment posted to Slashdot, Bradley Uffner lamented about a weird policy at the Lebanon School District which says that " teh school can be held accountable for something on pages with links to our site, or even for mentioning the district". I think, the best way to get such a ridiculous rule repealed is to test it in court... Dear MPAA, please do us a favor, and help poor Brad get rid of that stoopid rule. Thanks for your cooperation ;-) Oh, Brad, and please remove that ugly Internet Explorer 5 icon from your private site. Remember: Windows should only be used for downloading Linux, never for its own sake...

Legal notice

The software (source as well as binaries) offered on this site can be freely redistributed. It was written by authors who expressly permitted and encourage the redistribution of this software and information. The purpose of this software is not, I repeat not illegal copying of DVD disks. It is meant to provide information neccesary to be able to program a DVD player for Linux. To do this, the CSS system needs to be incorporated in the player. Recently the (very weak) content scrambling system was deciphered, freeing the way for a Linux DVD player. The CSS system is not a copy protection system, since it does not prevent copying of the disk. Writing information about the way a certain protection scheme functions is completely legal. The source code and binaries on this site are completely legal too, since they contain no code from the DVD consortium or one of its members. The sources and programs on this site are purely written by 3rd parties using clean-room reverse engineering methods, which is, again, completely legal. This software and information below make it possible for people who legally obtained their DVD movies to view them on their Linux systems.

The presence of protective measures on this site does not constitute an admission of guilt, but are rather due to the realization that fighting through a suit can become a timeconsuming and expensive undertaking, even if winning eventually. Btw, come to think of it, these protective measure could even fall under the DMCA, so beware if you're a lawyer, and are seeing this site...


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