Ulink — new buses this September

A comprehensive intercampus bus network...from just 50p a day

From September 2007, all students and staff will be able to use a new network of bus services called Ulink. Passes will be available that will give unlimited travel from just £3.60 a week. Most students staying in UWE managed accommodation will be able to use the buses free of charge.

Calling at all stops on the following routes:

U1 and U2

Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Filton Road, Station Road, Filton Avenue, Gloucester Road, Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft, Bond Street.
U2 continues as Tower Hill, Counterslip, Victoria Street, High Street, Wine Street, Broad Weir.
U1 continues as Broad Weir, Wine Street, High Street, Victoria Street, Temple Gate, Clarence Road, Coronation Road, Clift House Road, Brunel Way, Clanage Road, Kennel Lodge Road, Bower Ashton Campus.


Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Stoke Lane, Park Road, Broomhill Road, Blackberry Hill, Manor Road, Fishponds Road, Stapleton Road, Trinity Road, West Street, Old Market, Tower Hill, Counterslip, Victoria Street, High Street, Wine Street, Broad Weir.

All services return the same route.

View all routes in Google Maps.

Route Map
Route Map

Week-day times

U1 and U2: From Central Bristol to Frenchay

U1 and U2: From Frenchay to Central Bristol

U3: Glenside and St Matthias

U1: Frenchay, Central Bristol, Temple Meads and Bower Ashton

Questions and Answers

Q. How late will the buses run?

A. We are aware of the needs of many students who travel to use libraries and sports facilities, especially at Frenchay. We will run services later than we do at present and will work hard to provide as late a service as possible. UWE will financially support additional buses that will run until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights from the centre for a modest extra fare.

Q. How frequently will the buses run?

A. We are aiming for at least every 40 minutes between all campuses. Frenchay will have up to five buses an hour and we have timed arrivals as best we can to coincide with lectures.

Q. Why not run services direct along the M32?

A. The experience of bus companies over many years is that the M32 is no quicker than Stapleton Road, because of congestion at motorway junctions. Additionally our research shows that large numbers of students live in the Gloucester Road and Fishponds Road areas, and we need to provide a new service for them. These extra passengers mean we can justify a more frequent service between the centre and Frenchay, meaning less waiting at bus stops, a choice of routes and a better quality journey.

Q. Can't we have a more frequent service / more routes?

A. The routes above are intended to be the start of a bigger network. If we can encourage enough people to use them then we will invest in increased frequency, or additional routes.

Q. What about the quality of service?

A. We are investing in new, quiet, ultra-low emission vehicles and specialised driver training that will mean a significant improvement in quality.

Q. Will I need the correct change every time?

A. It will be much better value for money if you use an annual travel card. These will be available from the start of term for staff and students from the Students' Union. We will ensure cash fares are round figures and are relatively low. All this will help reduce the time spent at bus stops.

Q. What if I only travel occasionally?

A. We will offer a range of tickets, from annual passes down to one-day travel tickets.

Q. Teaching for my course is split between Frenchay and St Matthias. Will I still be able to travel for free between them?

A. Yes — special passes will be provided between Frenchay and St Matthias for students who are required to attend lectures at both campuses.

Q. I'm a member of staff — can I use these services for business travel?

A. Your Faculty can apply for travel passes which can then be loaned to staff for business travel purposes. These will need to be returned to the Faculty once you have completed your journey. This should help Faculties reduce their travel expenses.

Q. Will buses run out of term time?

A. Buses out of term time may initially be at a lower frequency. However after Christmas we intend to run the same frequency throughout the year.

If you have any further questions, contact the Travel Planner (travel.plan@uwe.ac.uk).

Current services at UWE

UWE FlyerUWE Flyer - travel free between campuses!

The UWE Flyer will continue to provide a free weekday service between Frenchay, Glenside and St Matts until new buses arrive in September.

Commercial bus services

Find out how to get Frenchay campus:

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Service supplied by Transport Direct.

South Glos Bus permits staff and students to use most of their services listed below for just £1. First offers student discount passes.

Frencahy and Bower Ashton routesRoute maps

Find out the services that go where you want!
Download a map of routes for Frenchay and Bower Ashton or Glenside and St Matthias.

Frenchay Departures Board

Click here to see the next 12 scheduled departures from Frenchay. This service has been provided by the Information Systems School of CEMS.

Timetables - commercial services

Click on the service number for timetable information from First Bristol and South Gloucs Bus.

Service From To
N2 City Centre - Night Flyer Fishponds for Glenside and St Matthias
5 St Matthias, Glenside (from Manor Rd) Centre
24/25 Lockleaze (for UWE Frenchay) Ashton
48/49 St Matthias, Glenside (from Fishponds Rd) Centre or Emersons Green
N61 City Centre - Night Flyer Frenchay Campus
70 UWE Frenchay Centre
X84 UWE Frenchay Centre
99 UWE Frenchay Centre
312 UWE Frenchay Bristol Parkway, Thornbury
318 UWE Frenchay Cribbs Causeway or Kingswood and Keynsham
319 UWE Frenchay Cribbs Causeway or Kingswood and Bath
342 St Matthias, Glenside (from Fishponds Rd) Centre or Yate, Chipping Sodbury
517 UWE Frenchay Emersons Green or Avonmouth via Parkway
518 UWE Frenchay Emersons Green or Shirehampton via Parkway
581 UWE Glenside and St Matts UWE Frenchay, Bristol Parkway, Yate
584 Lockleaze (for UWE Frenchay) Kingswood or Westbury
680 UWE Frenchay Filton College
689 St Matthias, Glenside (from Fishponds Rd) Centre or Yate