ScrewAttack has put together another Top 10 list - this time they've picked out what they believe to be the coolest ten characters in video games, allowing for only one character to be chosen from each series.  I agree with some of their picks, but not with their order at all - bump number eight up a few notches. Here they are:

  • 10. Guile
  • 9. Mega Man
  • 8. King of the Cosmos
  • 7. Earthworm Jim
  • 6. Ninja Ryu Hayabusa
  • 5. Snake
  • 4. Lara Croft
  • 3. Dante
  • 2. Cloud
  • 1. Duke Nukem 

I think their number one pick is pretty good though, I can't think of a better best pick. Maybe Kratos will replace Duke Nukem in another few months.

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02/08/2007 12:17
Michael says
F'ING GUILE? OH COME ON IT'S KEN. Ok sorry about that but who in the hell are these idiots to pick Guile over Ken?
02/08/2007 12:54
Zig says
They messed up with Duke Nukem too, the whole time you go through the game Duke says "I'm going to rip off his head and shit down his neck!"

and thats exactly what was happening in that last scene, he wasn't shitting on his face, he was shitting down his neck.
02/08/2007 14:10
Samuel says
Definitely would've knocked Guile off the list and put somebody better. What about Max Payne? He's Neo without the bad acting. He gets the everloving crap beat out of him in Max Payne 2 by falling down a building THEN he gets shot in the face and he's like "Is that all you got?", has a little hallucination dream, and comes back from the brink of death to kill more dudes.
02/08/2007 15:18
No, seriously. Guile, the Street Fighter whipping boy poster child himself? I guess I missed something. Earthworm Jim? Meh. No Max Payne is a travesty. If you're looking for lesser-known characters, Cap'n Hands from Loaded would have been a good pick. Or what about Leon Kennedy? I hear that guy kicks some ass.
02/09/2007 20:27
Gwenn says
I don't agree with Cloud. Squall was a greater badass.
02/14/2007 15:32
First of all... Squal sucks! Seifer kicks squalls ass any time ^_^

I agree with michael, Guile is no good, Ken rocks...

Duke Nukem being in first place... nah! I guess you can leave that place to Sephiroth... or some other character that deserves the place...

Oh yeah... and Lara Croft... You ain�t hot

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