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Research Guide: Irish News & Newspapers

This guide lists news sources for Irish and Irish-American topics in both current and historical Irish newspapers. For more resources, including basic reference sources for Irish Studies, see the Irish Studies General Reference page. For questions or comments, contact Kathy Williams: and Beth Sweeney: .

Irish & Irish-American Newspapers at O'Neill Library
Online News Sources
Historical Irish Newspapers

Irish & Irish-American Newspapers at O'Neill Library

A list of Irish and Irish-American newspapers to which the O'Neill Library currently subscribes, with their respective web site.  For a complete list of Irish and Irish-American newspaper and journal titles at Boston College see Irish Serials in the Boston College Libraries, or check Quest for most individual or series titles.

Belfast News Letter Internet Access: Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe 1/13/1997 to the present.
Published daily Monday through Saturday. The paper was established in 1737 and is the oldest English language general daily newspaper in the world. O'Neill has Belfast News-letter and General Advertiser 1738-1769 in microfilm, and the paper under the newer title, Belfast News-letter, 1769-1800, January 1968-December 1998 on microfilm.
Belfast Telegraph (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area) Internet Access: Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe and  Belfast Telegraph
Published Monday through Saturday since 1869. O'Neill has January 1968- to January 2003 on microfilm.
Boston Irish Reporter (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area) Internet Access: Ethnic NewsWatch and Boston Irish Reporter
Published monthly since 1990. O'Neill keeps only the current year. Past years are archived at the Burns Library. Ask Burns reference librarian about access to past issues.
Derry Journal (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area) Internet Access: online version Derry Today
Published daily since 1880. O'Neill has 1957-1997 on microfilm, and the current six months in hard copy.
Foinse (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area)
A weekly Irish language newspaper that covers topics of national interest. O'Neill Library has the current year's issues. The paper aims to provide high quality Irish language journalism in a manner that is easy to read. It publishes a popular education supplement during the Irish school year, Foinse sa Rang, which serves as a learning or teaching tool for people with moderate skills in the Irish language.
Sunday Independent/Irish Independent Internet access: Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe. Access to most articles from September 13, 1997 -present. ProQuest Newspaper Direct Press Display Most recent two months available.
Irish News (Belfast) (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area; O'Neill Library keeps the current 3 months in hardcopy)
Published Monday through Saturday since 1892.
Irish Times (Dublin)Internet access: Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe. Most articles going back to June 1, 1992 are available in full-text; ProQuest Newspaper Direct Press Display Most recent two months available.
Published daily since 1859. O'Neill holds 1859-2006 on microfilm.
Irish Voice (New York) (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area) Internet Access: Ethnic NewsWatch
Published weekly since 1987. O'Neill keeps the current six months in hard copy.
Sunday Tribune (Dublin) (O'Neill Library: Current Periodicals Area)
Published weekly since 1980. O'Neill keeps the current three months in hard copy.

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Online News Sources

Current News Databases (BC Community Only)

Irish Internet Hub (Irish News and Information)

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Historical Irish Newspapers 

Sources for Irish Newspaper Titles 

British Library. Newspaper Library.   Catalogue of the Newspaper Library, Colindale. (Volume 2. England and Wales: Scotland: Ireland ) London:  British Museum Publications Ltd. for the British Library Board,   1975. (O'Neill Library: Ref. PN4731 .B855 1975a)
Catalogue lists titles of daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals. Irish newspaper titles are from about 1700 onward.
Irish Serials in the Boston College Libraries
This searchable database includes individual titles for newspapers included in different microform series, such as Irish Political and Radical Newspapers, 20th Century and Northern Ireland Political Literature . Each entry in the database displays the titles and dates available at the O'Neill or Burns Libraries.
Legg, Marie-Louise. Ireland : Politics and Society through the Press, 1760-1922 (O'Neill Library: Microforms Ref. Area PN5143.I78 guide)
This guide to the collection lists the Irish newspaper titles and the holdings included on each reel of microfilm.
Legg, Marie-Louise. Newspapers and Nationalism: The Irish Provincial Press 1850-1892. Dublin: Four Courts, 1999. (O'Neill Library: PN5144.L44 1999; Burns Library: PN5144.L44 1999 IRISH)
A listing of Irish Provincial Newspapers in Print, 1850-92 appears in the appendix. This list is especially interesting as it lists titles that are not included in O'Toole's Newsplan.
National Library of Ireland Newsplan Online Database
This searchable database of Irish newspapers lists files currently held by the National Library of Ireland, the British Library, public libraries, universities, archives and newspaper offices.
Online Access to the British Library Newspaper Catalog
The British Library·s Newspaper Library online catalog, including entries for over 52,0000 newspaper and periodical titles, contains many Irish provincial newspaper titles. Among the library's collections are UK national daily and Sunday newspapers from 1801 to the present, and a wide range of UK and Irish popular periodicals.
O'Toole, James. Newsplan : Report of the Newsplan Project in Ireland. London: British Library, 1992. (O'Neill Library: Ref. PN5144.O84x 1992)
Locates archivally known copies of Irish newspapers.
Quest Online Catalog. Search Quest, the libraries' online catalog for newspaper titles, holdings information and location in the Boston College Libraries.

North, John S. The Waterloo Directory of Irish Newspapers and Periodicals. Waterloo , Ont.: North Waterloo Academic Press, c1986. (O'Neill Library: Ref. PN5144.W2 1986)
This is an "alphabetical listing and description of publications in Ireland in all fields" published with varying frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, annually). Includes subject, personal name, and place indexes.

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