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The College is a comprehensive school with an academic focus in the curriculum. It seeks to provide an exciting, interesting and enriching learning environment, suited to the needs of today’s young people.


Our Junior School provides a broad education incorporating a wealth of experiences to enable students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and work habits necessary for success and lifelong learning. This begins at Evandale (Reception to Year 2) with a wide curriculum emphasising early Literacy and Numeracy, set within a nurturing and stimulating environment. Students have the option of applying for entry into the Branxton reception class (for 4 year olds) or Kindergarten. Entry is also available at Year 5.

Challenging and exciting classroom programmes are offered in the six Key Learning Areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development Health and Physical Education

PLC acknowledges the individuality of its students and, as a result, provision is made to extend and support their academic, social, physical and spiritual growth. Specialist extension courses are offered to selected Year 2-6 students with gifts and talents in special areas (SPEC).


In Year 7 and 8, students will study a programme which completes the Stage 4 courses mandated by the Board of Studies.

Year 7: English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, French or Mandarin (depending on the background), Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Music, PDHPE, Computing and Religious Education.

Year 8: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, 2 Languages (chosen from French Mandarin, Latin, Japanese, German), Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Music, PDHPE, and Religious Education.

The Excelsior class is our gifted and talented class where students follow an enrichment programme. In English, the extension is based on Philosophy and in Mathematics it is based on “Maths Challenge” and “Olympiad” activities.


In Year 9 and 10, students study a programme which is comprised of two elective courses and Religious Education as well as the courses mandated by the Board of Studies.

Years 9 & 10: The compulsory core subjects are: English, Mathematics, Science, Australian History and Geography and PDHPE. Electives are chosen from Elective History, Elective Geography, French, German, Mandarin, Latin, Japanese, Commerce, Drama, D& T, T&D;, Music, Visual Arts and Physical Activity and Sports Science.

In Year 10, the Excelsior class begins its study of the 1 Unit HSC course in Studies of Religion. This course covers a broad subject area and requires the students to integrate a variety of skills and ways of thinking into their studies. It develops skills in synthesis and analysis, wide reading and an understanding of the impact of religion on social and cultural issues, both past and present. Students will find significant links to their studies in History, Literature and the Arts.

Having already completed 1 unit of their HSC programme at the commencement of Year 11, the students not only have experience in HSC study but are in a much more flexible position when choosing their study programme.


Preliminary and HSC

The College prepares its students for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate. The scope of our courses is impressive by any standard, although the curriculum has a clear university orientation.

The Board of Studies requires students to study a minimum of 12 units in the Preliminary Year and 10 units in their HSC Year.

English is compulsory and Standard, Advanced and Extension courses are offered. We also offer the 2 unit English as a Second Language Course. All levels of Mathematics are offered as well as Senior Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Modern History, Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal studies, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Indonesian(Beginners), Textiles and design, Visual Arts, Music(Course 1 and 2), Drama and PDHPE.


The College offers a very broad co-curricular programme including: Sports, Public Speaking, Music ensembles, Drama.

Participation In Sport: Saturday sport is not compulsory; however, all students have PD/H/PE and sport lessons included on their Monday to Friday timetable.