Chief Victor Buffalo
Councillor Derek Bruno
Councillor Florence Buffalo
Councillor Kurt Buffalo
Councillor Leiha Crier
Councillor Raymond Lightning
Councillor Lester B. Nepoose
Councillor Larron Northwest
Councillor Clarence Okeymaw
Councillor Lawrence Saddleback
Councillor Rose Saddleback
Councillor Robert Swampy
Councillor Marvin Yellowbird

Programs and Services


  • Working with Management
  • Managing community relations
  • Working with other parties, governments
  • To help Council be an effective team
  • To make sure Council focuses on Members long term needs
  • To ensure Peace, Order and Good Government

  • Ensure Strategic Planning is done
  • Hire, evaluate and work with Samson Cree Nation Administrator
  • Openly communicate with Membership
  • Exercise due diligence
  • Ensure Peace, Order and Good Government

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