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May 23, 2007: Not-so-good Vibrations

Anyone else feel like they were just kicked in the stomach? I'm still catching my breath from the blow. It was a perfect, satisfying balance of triumphant highs, sorrowful lows, suspense and those signature "wha?!?" Lost moments, all helped along by that ever-more-awesome score. I hope I can do this episode justice.

So first we have Charlie being beaten to a pulp by the two Looking Glass chicks and telling them all about Juliet for no apparent reason. You can't play hero and leak secrets at the same time, my boy. But for the benefit of his legacy, I will point out that in the end, that information didn't really affect anything, since Tom and Co. already had their radios off. I'd really like to know the part of Ben's backstory when we find out how he ever gained the trust of all his people. Not only does he lie to them nonstop, but they're always discovering his lies. Why do they still follow his orders? One of the chicks said something about how questioning orders would make their whole operation meaningless. There must be something big behind that kind of blind faith. I knew Desmond would eventually come to Charlie's rescue again, but that harpoon shot was more bad-ass than I expected from a former monk. Right away you had to guess that Mikhail wouldn't stay dead for long, though. Some things about Charlie's predicament were too irritating to be as sad as it would have been last week. I don't get why he decided to enter the "Good Vibrations" code before he had the diving gear on. Also, I think he could have been quicker about getting Desmond to see Penny on the screen. And if Charlie had enough time to close the door, couldn't he have done that from the outside of the chamber? And why didn't he try to take a big breath and swim out of the portal? Anyway, so it's not Penny's boat. Which is possibly enough to make me kinda, sorta believe Ben when he said that Naomi's people might not be the kind of rescue the 815-ers were hoping for.

Moving on to the three Rambos — Sayid, Jin and Bernard. I'm so curious about how Bernard and Jin became good shots. Rose said something about Bernard skeet shooting. But I don't think Jin had much time for target practice in his years as a bellboy or as a thug. That could be why he didn't hit the dynamite, or it could be because he only had a little pistol while the others had nice, long rifles. He was willing to give his life for that bad aim. Bernard, however, caved within two seconds and gave up his wife's whereabouts to save Jin's life. Yeah, you are just a dentist, my friend. Rose really got some of the best lines of the night: "If I told you I'd help with your SOS sign, would you reconsider?" and "If you say, 'Live together, die alone,' Jack, I'm going to punch you in your face." (I guess she doesn't remember all the trite messages of hope she was giving to the gang back in Season 1.)

Sawyer and Juliet made for quite the awkward, unarmed, directionless team. Can't blame them for thinking Hurley would hold them back. But ha! He and Roger Work Man's VW van saved the day! I knew that thing would come in handy sometime. More badassness: Hurley ran over one guy and sent him flying, it looked like Sayid broke another guy's neck with his legs, then Sawyer shot the surrendered Tom point-blank as revenge, he said, for taking Walt. Kate's right: Sawyer's meeting with his namesake seems to have changed him back to the hardened soul he was before the island.

Now, Jack was confusing me left and right. Kissing Juliet one minute, telling Kate he loved her and then walking away, jumping back and forth through time.... Holy crap was that some excellent acting from Matthew Fox when he thought he caused the death of Sayid, Jin and Bernard. (Not quite the same caliber of performance going on with Danielle and Alex's reunion, though; it was all stiffness, punctuated by Danielle's "Want to help me tie him up?") In the end, the biggest showdown was between Jack and Locke, who's been revived by the island and inspired by Walt. Maybe that was actually Jacob, being manifested to Locke by Walt (who seems a good eight years older than he did two years ago). Ben really has a good point about the survivors: None of them has a whole lot to go home to.

And that, of course, leads us to the big "snake in the mailbox": that Jack's bedraggled flashback was actually a flash-forward. Unfortunately, I had a sneaking suspicion all along that that would be the twist because A) I couldn't see any other reason we'd bother going back to revisit Jack's daddy and wife problems, and B) that cell phone he was using looked way too sleek to be pre-2004. Please don't let Jack's beard become a trend in the future (or is that our present?); I had to replay the first scene of the episode because I was laughing so hard at that shrubbery on his face. Wow, was Jack a mess, still trying to make his own problems go away by playing hero, and by downing pills. Also by meeting up with Future Kate, who for once was way more together than her old pal.

Now for the as-yet-unanswerable questions:

Will the show continue on in this post-rescue present/future? Will the rest of the island story become the flashback? Or will they get to have a do-over like Desmond's and end up back at the island? In which case, can Charlie be saved? What are the Others doing at the temple? Who is this person Future Kate is worried about being suspicious of her whereabouts? Who was in that coffin? Who was Naomi working for? What does Penny have to do with anything? And how freaking long do we have to wait until next season?!?

May 24, 2007 1:05 AM
Charlie was my favorite character. RIP, brother. Everything else in this episode blew my mind. Charlie just made me sad.
Posted by thebeetfarm
May 24, 2007 1:07 AM
One more thing about Charlie. He felt he had to die. He had time to get out, but that may have changed the outcome for Claire and Aaron. If he followed Des's flashes, he could save Claire, so he willingly sacrificed himself. That's why I'm sad.
Posted by thebeetfarm
May 24, 2007 1:10 AM
I think continuing the flash-forwards could be very compelling. The writers are smart to realize that after we get a couple of flashbacks under the characters' belts they start to get less interesting (case in point: Jack). I really want to know what happens/would happen post-Island but I'm not sure the show would do well going there in a traditional linear way. If they keep this up, I'll be loving it.

RIP Charlie. That made me sad, although I will also say I freaked out in a big way when I thought they were going to kill Jin. For some reason that man is one of my favorite characters and I nearly blew a gasket when he had the gun pointed to his head!
Posted by londonbaby
May 24, 2007 1:12 AM
ok, in the flashforwards, Jack tells the chief doctor guy to go upstairs, get his father and if he's drunker than his father then he can fire him......... Didn't Jack's dad die??? isn't that why he was on the plane b/c he had to go get his father's body and bring it back to the US?????
Posted by kimberli123180
May 24, 2007 1:20 AM
Yeah, I think Charlie decided he had to die for Desmond's vision to come true. This also seems to be what Lindelof and Cuse imply in Ausiello's interview - that Charlie completed his arc of redemption and became the hero.

I had a feeling about the flash-forward before it was revealed. But I wonder if Jack's comments about his father are a clue or a red herring?

This episode definitely ramped up the tension and I'd say it's easily the most satisfying season finale Lost has had yet.
Posted by tristram
May 24, 2007 1:21 AM
after watching 2 hours of 24 and 2 hours of VMars...lost has restored my faith in television. 9 months is a long time but we have so so much to think about. I would really liek to know why/how Jack's dad is alive and what the flash back formula will be next year. Someone mentioned working out way back from the rescue to tonight finale. I think that would be really good.

When I saw future Kate and Future Jack I felt like I was in teh twilight I was beign Punk'd or something
Posted by momentarything
May 24, 2007 1:32 AM
After I saw Malcolm David Kelley's name in the credits, I was convinced that he had something to do with the snake, so I completely ignored any "signs" (like the cell phone) of it being a flash forward. I saw the phone, but attributed it to bad production design (wouldn't be the first time on the show). I loved this finale. Man. I'm still a bit blown away by it. I can't stop thinking it. Nicely done, writers-who-apparently-don't-know-what-they're-doing-and-have-been-making- it-up-as-they've-gone-along...
Posted by Bacoby13
May 24, 2007 1:34 AM
Wow - best episode ever of the best series ever. I said after Season one, if they keep this up, it's going to be one of the best shows ever, and they've done it.

Can't wait to see what's next...who the heck died in Jack's future? Can anyone blow up the clipping and read anything? How far in the future was it? A few months? Years? Do they get right off the island when Naomi's people come in, or are they going to have years of anguish before they get off? Are the freighter folks saviors or as Ben said, the real bad guys? Will Ben get back to the Others, or will someone else take over? And when will we find out what they are really doing? Why does Ben say he is protecting the island? And why does future Jack say he wants to go back?

Next year we get 18 consecutive episodes, right? There was no teaser at the end, no "join us in the fall." I have a fear that Lost won't come back until January '08....going to be hard to wait for.
Posted by steve7701
May 24, 2007 1:35 AM
Such a great episode. Right up there with the pilot as the best this show has ever done. I'm more than happy to wait until February for some resolution if it means the creative team can keep up this momentum. I wanna know why Jack told Kate he was sick of lying. Lying about what?

I blogged my thoughts at:
Posted by Diana
May 24, 2007 1:37 AM
By far THE best finale of the season bar none. This was 2 hours of excellent TV. I was just blown away at every turn. I cried for Charlie. It was just again, the best TV I've seen in a long time. Bravo to Lost for turning this year into the BEST one yet. Not being quick on the uptake where lost is concerned I had no clue who Kate was supposed to be at the end, when I realized it was the future I was like Whoa! And Hurley... that was just so great for him. The Hero. I was soooo happy!! And Sayid taking that guy down. And is Kate pregnant? Aaaah such a great ep. Sorry to all the Charlie fans who were really invested in him. Let's hope somehow, someway he returns next season. There is always hope on this crazy Island.
Posted by Sonnet53
May 24, 2007 1:37 AM
That was completely predictable! As soon as it showed Jack with all that facial hair I said, "I guarantee this is a flash forward." The only thing I found shocking was how old Walt got and how much his voice changed. I am curious who died in the flash forward, though. Maybe it was Ben and Jack was so upset because it just made him think about what Ben told him and how they weren't meant to leave the island. Like he said, he wasn't a friend or a family member of the deceased and it would make sense for the way Kate reacted. Hmm, just a thought.
Posted by Carli
May 24, 2007 2:11 AM
Absolutely the best finale that I have seen this year! Loved how they showed future Jack and Kate. I really hope they continue that in the coming three seasons because I think the post-island lifes of our losties will be as intriguing as anything we have seen so far. I am very glad that Sayid, Jin and Bernard are still going to be around next season. I have to admit I thought the reason Walt showed up was to get John to save them but never thought Hurley would be the one to save the day. Poor guy needed that boost to his self-esteem after being rejected first by Charlie and then Sawyer.
Speaking of Charlie, I felt all along he was a goner, even though I hoped I was wrong. I knew for sure as soon as he went into that room, before he put the scuba gear on, it was over for him. I'm going to miss him but at least he died knowing he was helping the ones he loved.
Really looking forward to next season.
Posted by evilkitty
May 24, 2007 2:20 AM
I really should get to bed, but heck...I'm so wound up from this amazing season ender that I doubt I would sleep anyways.

It's so weird, I had a dream last year about Jack where it was like five years after they got off the island and he still couldn't get past everything that happened on the island. In my dream, though, Jack had felt horrible guilty about something that had happend to Locke. Weird, huh?

Anyhow, the producers certainly gave us enough incredible stuff to mull over this summer. I never really trusted that Naomi. But that means Penny is also out there somewhere still searching. I really don't like the thought that they aren't supposed to leave. Maybe it's just that they aren't supposed to leave yet. Not until they all resolve their issues. I also don't want Sawyer to go back to being a jerk. I like the newer, kinder, gentler version.

I dug the fact that Aaron started crying when Charlie died. Perhaps Walt isn't the only special kid. How cool was it to see Walt again?

Okay...getting tired. I'll check back in the morning to read all the great theories.
Posted by zaza
May 24, 2007 2:20 AM
I don't think we can post pictures on this board, but on a message board someone blew the article up, I could only make out a few words, the person who died was the something of New York.

It's possible that when Jack said "Why don't you talk to my father upstairs" that he meant "upstairs" to mean "heaven". I don't know though, that would be a pretty strange thing to say.

I completely forgot that Jack said he is tired of lying. I guess maybe the government or something wants him to keep the island a secret?

Anyway, that episode was amazing. I can't believe some people think Lost is losing it's touch. Lost is clearly the best show on TV right now. This finale made up for the crappy 24 and Heroes finales.
Posted by Master Moron
May 24, 2007 2:20 AM
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